高超聲波學 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gāochāoshēngxué]
高超聲波學 英文
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (從下向上距離大; 離地面遠) tall; high 2 (在一般標準或平均程度之上; 等級在上的) above...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (越過; 高出) exceed; surpass; overtake 2 (在某個范圍以外; 不受限制) transcend; go beyo...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (波浪) wave 2 [物理學] (振動傳播的過程) wave 3 (意外變化) an unexpected turn of even...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (學習) study; learn 2 (模仿) imitate; mimic Ⅱ名詞1 (學問) learning; knowledge 2 (學...
  • 高超 : excellent; exquisite; superb
  1. The result shows that with the addition of rare earth elements, ultrasonic irradiation and magnetic field, the chemical component, surface configuration, microstructure and properties of electroless co - ni - b and co - fe - b alloy changes remarkably. such kind of change can be described as the followings. firstly the depositing speed of electroless alloy bath is raised while the polarizability and cathodic overpotential are reduced ; secondly the surface quality of the alloy coating and adhesion of the coating and matrix are improved ; thirdly in the coatings the content of the elements in the transient group increases, but the content of cobalt decreased ; fourthly the amorphous structure is transformed to microcrystal structure and polycrystal structure ; fifthly the microhardness and wear resistance of the coating are enhanced ; sixthly coercitive force is reduced, and magnetoconductivity of the coating is increased ; lastly the magnetic intensity of the coating increases with the addition of energy and light rare earth elements such as ce, la and decreases with the addition of heavy rare earth elements such as y. on the other side, when the alloy coatings passes through the heat treatment under the temperature of 250 or 500, their properties will change

    結果顯示化沉積co - ni - b 、 co - fe - b工藝在稀土元素( ce 、 la 、 y 、 dy ) 、能量(、磁場)介入后,沉積過程、合金成分、鍍層形貌結構和性能都有顯著變化,表現在:鍍液的陰極極化過電位和極化度降低,沉積速度提;鍍層的結合力、表面質量改善;鍍層中過渡族元素的含量增加,輕元素硼的含量降低,同時證實了稀土元素與過渡族元素共沉積的可能性;鍍層的顯微結構由非晶態向微晶和多晶態轉變;鍍層的顯微硬度與耐磨性提,力性能優化;鍍層的矯頑力降低;磁導率提;鍍層的磁化強度在能量(、磁場)和輕稀土元素ce 、 la介入后提,重稀土元素y介入后降低。
  2. Although a dual - mode scramjet ' s configuration is simple and mainly consists of inlet, combustor and wake nozzle, its working process is complicated, especially in the combustor, involving a lot of subjects, including hypersonic aerodynamics, combustion chemistry, etc. the inner flow of a combustor is three - dimensional and complicated, including the interaction of shock wave, deflagration, vortex and boundary layer, and so on

  3. Combining this information with data from the optical, video or ultrasonic devices greatly improves the accuracy of the tracking

  4. In the present dissertation, five commercial metallic materials ? tungsten alloy ( 93w ), oxygen free copper ( ofc ), titanium alloy ( tc - t ), pure aluminum ( al ) and magnesium alloy ( mb2 ) were chosen as the composite system of the flier - plate with graded wave impedance, and their acoustic and mechanical parameters were measured. the thickness of each material was controlled so that flier - plates with a parabolic or cubic wave impedance distribution were designed

    依據實現準等熵壓縮和速發射對梯度飛片體系的理論要求,論文首先在一個較寬的阻抗變化范圍內,確定鎢合金( 93w ) 、無氧銅( ofc ) 、鈦合金( tc _ 4 ) 、工業純鋁( al )和鎂合金( mb _ 2 )五種綜合性能良好的金屬和合金材料作為阻抗梯度飛片的復合體系,並測量了材料的相關和力參量。
  5. The objective of the paper is to get nano sisn ^ co composite powder of high quality by electroless plating at normal temperature. the rules were researched that the composition of electroless plating solution and reaction condition had an influence on the reaction of electroless plating of nano - si3n4 with ultrasonic wave. the best composition of electroless plating solution was obtained

  6. To obtain the ultra fine atc ceramic with fine, uniform grain and high mechanical properties and solve the problem of brittle of ceramic, the technique of electroless cobalt plating under low temperature and ultrasonic was used to get a cobalt deposition on nano / micro al2o3, tic ceramic. the nano / micro al2o3 - tic - co composite powder with different cobalt content was prepared by changing the load. the composite powder was then hot - pressed into a ultra fine composite ceramic

    為了得到品粒細小、均勻,力性能優異的co - al _ 2o _ 3 - tic ( atc )復合陶瓷,解決陶瓷的脆性問題,本文在化鍍鈷制備性能atc復合陶瓷的基礎上,採用鍍方法,以提鈷在陶瓷粉末以及al _ 2o _ 3與tic陶瓷顆粒之間的分佈均勻性,以期進一步提atc陶瓷的力性能。
  7. Ultrasound is a kind of high frequency mechanical wave which can effectively improve mass transfer and heat transfer, change physical - chemistry phase equilibrium, fasten chemistry reaction rate

  8. The mechanism, parameter design and application of a new type of high frequency electromagnetic anti - scaling equipment based on frequency scanning technique are discussed

  9. Review of the status quo and progress on treating methods of dyeing wastewater were presented, especially the advanced techniques were introduced, such as membrane extraction, ultrasonic processes, high - energy physical processes, advanced oxidation processes, electrochemical processes, photochemical degradation and efficient bacterium processes

  10. In recent ten years, on the basis of development of high - speed digital signal processor and microprocessor, on the basis of research for new - style probe material and technology, on the basis of research for acoustic channel configuration and flow mechanic, the ultrasonic flow measurement technology has obtained a great advancement, showing its strong technical advantage and becoming an important flow measurement technology