airfoil lift 中文意思是什麼

airfoil lift 解釋
機翼升力, 翼型升力
  • airfoil : 【航空】機翼;翼形,翼剖面。
  • lift : vt 1 舉起,使升起,提起,抬起;提高;提升。2 使高尚;鼓舞。3 運送,搬運;空運 ( = airlift) 4 ...
  1. Many test cases are calculated to verify the above study. the cases are either real or standard testing models, including multi - element airfoil, wing - body configuration, cone / cylinder missile model and 3 - d high - lift systems, etc. the results of present calculation are in good agreement with experiment data, and show flexibility and accuracy of the approaches. base on the cartesian grids, this thesis has targeted the development and integration of many algorithms and techniques such as adaptive refinement, omni - tree data structure, hybrid grid method, etc. an analysis software and research methods are designed and developed for the steady - unsteady and viscous - inviscid flow complex systems and configuration

    7 .運用上述研究成果和結論,進行了大量算例的實驗驗證,外形范圍包括多種標模與型號,涉及多段翼型、 m6機翼、細長體模型、翼身組合體、兩段機翼增升標模、帶縫翼和襟翼的三段增升翼身組合體等復雜外形,計算結果均與實驗吻合良好,充分說明了本文發展的各種演算法、流場求解、網格生成方法的正確性和魯棒性。
  2. Lastly, previous vane are analysed by fluent, we calculate the pressure distribution chart and report chart of each wing form, then alter the torsion angle and the airfoil form of the vane respectively, finally ascertain the influence curve of the torsion angle and the airfoil form of the vane on which act the lift power

  3. Numerical simulation shows that, at small and medium c, multi - slot circulation control can increase the lift of the airfoil and reduce the amount of the energy expense, and that it can improve the aerodynamic performance of cca at higher mach numbers by avoiding the “ compressibility stall ”

    結果表明,多噴口環量控制方法可以在中、小c吹氣時提高翼型的升力和減小能耗,並能改善環量控制翼型在較高來流馬赫數下的氣動性能,避免「壓縮性失速」 。
  4. The aerodynamic objective function is described as some aerodynamic parameters gained by reynolds - averaged n - s equations, such as : the lift, the drag, the ratio of lift to drag or the pitching moment, etc. the optimum process is started by a base airfoil

    本文採用基於n - s方程的流場計算程序來求解流場,得到升力系數、阻力系數、力矩系數等氣動參數,並以其中某個或某些參數構成目標函數。