brilliant polishing 中文意思是什麼

brilliant polishing 解釋
  • brilliant : adj 1 明亮的,輝煌的,燦爛的;漂亮的。2 英明的;卓越的;極好的;(聲名)顯赫的;才氣煥發的。3 聲...
  • polishing : 安裝
  1. This product to dongshi kong, white sand getting cream - coloured density loose, high marble renovate and polishing treatment when maintaining of absorbing water etc. speciality, treated, can form the brilliant hard mere membrane layer on this kind of marble surface, improve the density of stone material surface and wear - resisting degree, the color and luster is even, and the luminance keeps time long, the professional stone material to turn over and maintain personages special - purposly

  2. Product compound newly, black without being suitable for especiallied renovate not maintaining the granites ( such as sand not gold not wicked, not have the dark fengzhen, brazil the dark, mongolia the dark ) there aren ' t polishing and the piece not brilliant when, can make black one all kinds of spend the rock resuming natural color and luster and reaching bright like result of mirror rapidly

  3. As in polishing a diamond, the sole purpose of polishing is to create brilliant high gloss