cool exchanger 中文意思是什麼

cool exchanger 解釋
  • cool : adj 1 涼,涼爽。2 沉著的,冷靜的,慎重的。3 冷淡的,薄情的;不動感情的,冷酷的。4 〈口語〉(價格...
  • exchanger : n. 交換器。
  1. In the project hong kong international wetland park phase ii, we take the initiative to install the first geothermal heat pump air - conditioning system and utilize the wetland around as a source of heat and a heat sink. through 468 pairs of vertical geothermal pipe heat exchanger buried in the wetland, heated water from water - cooled refrigeration plants and cool water from water source heat pump are circulated in a common condenser water loop to exchange their energy directly

  2. When using the urban original sewage as cool and heat source of heat pump, the effect to heat exchanger is unavoidable and not disregarded about the formation of soft dirt

  3. After carrying out a period of testing in which gshp system operated for three months and then turned off for same period of time, that energy stored in soil and rocks around buried pipe - in - pipe heat exchanger can be used in anti - season manner, that is, winter cool could be used in summer and summer heat could be used in winter, has been proved by calculating temperature distribution in soil and rocks around buried pipe - in - pipe heat exchanger