entrance flume 中文意思是什麼

entrance flume 解釋
  • entrance : n 1 進入;入場;加入,入會;入學。2 開始,著手。3 就業,就職。4 (演員的)出場。5 入場權;入場費...
  • flume : n. 〈美國〉1. 斜槽;渡槽,流水槽,滑運溝。2. 峽流。vi. 利用水槽,建造水槽。vt. 用水槽運送(木材等)。
  1. In this paper, we study the most serious damming section of the east - one main canal, which is from the entrance of the hao wan flume ( chainage12 + 123. 6 ) to the exit of shang tian yuan tunnel ( chainage24 + 091. 1 ). the main content is analyzing the flow characteristic of the canal, setting up mathematical model of the discharge condition of the east - one main canal, according to the survey section and actual roughness factors, building, bend and so on, we divided the canal into more than loocaculation segments. each segment is calculated by microsoft excel electrical table through computer as permanent transition flow of non - prismatic channel

    本論文研究的渠段為陸渾灌區東一乾渠壅水最為嚴重的渠段,從郝灣渡槽進口(樁號12 + 123 . 6 )至上天院隧洞出口(樁號24 + 091 . 1 ) ,其主要內容是,分析渠道水流特徵,建立東一乾渠輸水狀況的數學模型,根據測量斷面及實際糙率、建築物、彎道等因素的不同,將渠道劃分成120多個計算段,每段按非稜柱體恆定漸變流,運用microsoftexcel電子表格進行編程計算。