foster family care 中文意思是什麼

foster family care 解釋
  • foster : n. 福斯特〈姓氏,男子名〉。vt. 1. 養育,撫育〈但並不在法律上認作繼承人,與 adopt 有別〉。2. 鼓勵;扶植;促進(發育)。3. 懷抱(希望等)。
  • family : n 1 家,家庭;〈集合詞〉家庭成員,家屬,子女;親屬。2 氏族,家族,親族。3 〈美國〉閣員,(特指國...
  • care : CARE =Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere 美國援外合作組織。n 1 憂煩,憂念;掛念,思念;...
  1. The social welfare department provides foster care services to children under 18, whose parents cannot adequately take care of them due to family problems or emergency situations

  2. To my sheer luck, i have the bliss of the foster family ' s loving care in my short stay in this world

  3. Family education where a stable and settled family environment is lacking and when community efforts to assist parents in this regard have failed and the extended family cannot fulfil this role, alternative placements, including foster care and adoption, should be considered

  4. When children cannot be adequately cared for by their families due primarily to various family problems or crisis such as divorce, hospitalization or death of both or one of the parents, they may need foster care service through which they are placed in approved foster families and able to continue to receive family care till they can return to their own families or are arranged to receive other long term care

  5. More than 100, 000 american children are currently in foster care, and they wait an average of three years to find a family willing to adopt them