message weight 中文意思是什麼

message weight 解釋
  • message : n 1 通信;口信;問候;祝詞;訊,消息,情報,電報,通報;【物理學】信息;【生物學】遺傳密碼單位〈...
  • weight : n 1 重量;體重;求心力,重力,(地心)引力。2 斤兩,分量,衡,計重單位。3 (壓東西的)重物。4 砝...
  1. Losing that extra weight is one thing. keeping it off requires a lifetime of counting calories. that ' s the message from a more than two - decade study of monkeys conducted by barbara hansen of the university of south florida, tampa

  2. You can customize the number of " spam points " required to identify a message as spam, create new rules, and re - weight existing rules

  3. In fact, when our facial expression or tone of voice conflicts with our words, the listener will typically put more weight on the nonverbal message

  4. Developers of message - oriented applications have a choice they must make early on in the development process - pick a commercial messaging product, or roll their own cheaper, lighter - weight solution

    面向消息的應用程序的開發人員在開發過程的初期就必須做出選擇- -選擇一個商業消息產品,或者構建自己的更便宜的、更輕量級的解決方案。
  5. The relationship between separation and the set of minimum distance message pairs is discovered, which leads to a theorem of sufficient and necessary condition of unequal protection. based on the definition of separation of code symbols, the large weight error patterns correction criteria of a given code is derived