degrees above zero 中文意思是什麼

degrees above zero 解釋
  • degrees : (罪行的)輕重
  • above : adv 1 在上面;在頭上;【宗教】在天上。 in the room above 在樓上房間里。2 上級;(河)上流;以上。...
  • zero : n (pl zeros zeroes)1 【數學】零;零號。2 零位;零點,起點;(溫度表的)零度,冰點;座標原點;無...
  1. The electrical resistivity of some metals seems to vanish altogether at temperatures a few degrees above absolute zero.

  2. " today in islamabad it is about 15 degrees above zero

  3. The universe is being bathed in an extraordinary uniform microwave light which translates into a frigid average of 2. 73 kelvin degrees above absolute zero, or - 273 c

    宇宙萬物其實皆沐浴於一種微波輻射之中,它代表著平均只有2 . 73絕對溫度絕對零度即攝氏- 273度的冰冷空間。
  4. Cirrocumulus clouds are high clouds, generally with a cloud base at above 6000 metres where the temperatures are several tens of degrees celsius below zero. they are composed of tiny ice crystals and are thin and translucent

  5. The temperature is two degrees below ( above ) zero centigrade

    氣溫是攝氏零下(零上) 2度。
  6. From there the antiprotons go into a " catching trap, " where most of their remaining energy is absorbed and radiated away by electrons swirling in a magnetic field, lowering them to a temperature of about 15 degrees above absolute zero and speeds of a few hundred feet per second

    從那裡反質子進入一個「捕獲線圈, 」在一個磁場中它們中的大多數以能量被吸收而且以電子渦流輻射掉了,降低它們的溫度為絕對零度上大約15度且速度為每秒數百英尺。