numerical argument 中文意思是什麼

numerical argument 解釋
  • numerical : adj 數字的;數值的;用數字表示的。 (a) numerical order 號數。 a numerical statement 統計。 the ...
  • argument : n 1 爭論,辯論,論證。2 論據,論點。3 (書籍等的)梗概,摘要,大綱;(劇本等的)情節。4 【數學】...
  1. The argument about "conceding" numerical inequality was due either to a misunderstanding or to demagoguery.

  2. 4. with visco - elastic boundary of soil considered, the eigenvalue equation in frequency domain of soil dynamic equilibrium equation falls into a complex transcendental equation. in course of seeking its solution, based on argument principle and contour integral, with the aid of matlab, two numerical algorithm combined with the corresponding procedures for solving transcendental equations in a complex plane is developed by the author

    4 、由於考慮了土體的粘彈性支承邊界條件,使得其動力平衡方程在頻域內的固有值方程為一復數超越方程,為了求解該方程,筆者基於幅角原理和閉合曲線積分,結合matlab ,提出了復平面上超越方程的兩種數值解法,並編制了相應的程序。
  3. This article discussed and designed the particle - tracing numerical algorithm of groundwater flowline, which would supply argument for visualization of flowline data and groundwater age calculation, and finally made a case study

  4. The numerical argument pushed onto the stream immediately after the instruction

  5. Puts the specified instruction and numerical argument onto the microsoft intermediate language msil stream of instructions

    將指定的指令和數值參數放在microsoft中間語言( msil )指令流上。