private ruling 中文意思是什麼

private ruling 解釋
  • private : adj 1 私的,私人的,個人的,私用的,專用的。2 秘密的;保密的;非公開的;(信件等)親啟的。3 (財...
  • ruling : adj 統治的,支配的,管轄的;主要的,主導的,優勢的,有力的;普遍的,流行的,一般的,平均的(價格...
  1. " criminal procedural law " the 180th regulation : the accused person, private prosecution person and their legal agent, refuse to obey the place is various the court decision of people court first instance, ruling, authority uses book account oral perhaps up court of one class people appeals

  2. It can easily be removed and is not fixed to the ground, " kyodo news agency quoted the osaka high court as saying in its judgement. " under the city parks law, it is not permitted for a private individual to use a park as their address. " kyodo said the city office had appealed against the original ruling, concerned that it would encourage other homeless people to move into the park

    它可以被輕易的挪來挪去而並非完全固定在某一塊地面之上。按照現行城市公園管理法規的規定,將公園當做私人通信地址的做法是不被允許的。 」推翻了以前的判決只要是為了防止該判決會鼓勵其他無家可歸的人也到公園來安家。
  3. Emphasizing the ruling perspective between the interaction of government and society, the government has changed its role. it ' s no longer a controller that is independent from the society, it ' s a participant in the bigger structure that interacts between the government and the society, and plays one of the push hands which the society evolves together. the private division is not only the passive receiver of technical development, but the active creator who becomes the partner of improving the job of public service in the government

  4. It reflects one ' s growing and the other ' s declining between the interaction of international relationship and ngos, and the behind predictions should be the third sector ' s operating logic because the interaction between nations has to be zooming under globalization. that is, the interaction between international relationship and ngos which only shows each other ' s, but their interaction is under the logic of global operation, so we should include other related rules about global operation, then we can see the general shape of whole pattern. this study has bold predictions about the ruling patterns of future government by partnership, that is, the interaction patterns among different kinds of public or private divisions