salvages 中文意思是什麼

salvages 解釋
  1. Wude answered : “ buddhist heart is the divine and fair heart, like yours and mine, which can forgives anything and salvages human beings

    無德禪師道: 「禪師就是你我一樣的心、聖凡平等的心、包容一切的心、普濟眾生的心。 」
  2. On late night tv from the comfort of her couch, while wong tracks down lee s distant relatives in western cinema, carl theodor dreyer and ingmar bergman. michael lam enters lee s costume - drama world under full license - distant childhood memories intertwined with present day viewing experience - and salvages long forgotten cinema classics from the musty closet

  3. At present, there are some system obstacles of the disposal to the imperfect small and medium financial institution, mainly in annexation, bankruptcy, internal control, credit. so we should adjust equity and internal control regulations, strict credit regulations, build up the regulations to the disposal of assets, institution salvages, and then to dissolve the risks reasonably, defend finance safety, promote the financial efficiency, finally to improve the competitive ability of finance in our country