scan protection 中文意思是什麼

scan protection 解釋
  • scan : vt ( nn )1 細看,細察;審視。2 〈口語〉大略一閱;瀏覽。3 按韻節念,按句調讀,標出(詩)的格律(...
  • protection : n 1 保護,保衛,防禦,掩護,包庇,照顧 (from; against)。2 保護者,防護物 (against); 〈美俚〉...
  1. For you own protection, please update your anti - virus software and scan the file before downloading

  2. Close down the software and run a full scan, using the latest updates to your virus protection program

  3. Your operations are constantly threatened by failed security initiatives, information leakage, lack of protection of confidential data and unsecure workflow processes. th fuji xerox docucentre - c4300 c3300 c2200 is powered with multi - tiered, security functions from hard disk overwrite, secure watermark, zero clear to private charge print, giving you greater peace of mind. these security features are integrated into the print, copy, scan and fax processes, making your day - to - day running of operations safe and secure

    富士施樂docucentre - ii c4300 c3300 c2200的多層安全功能集密碼加密硬盤改寫安全水印硬盤清零到個人列印等於一身,讓您可以高枕無憂地處理從列印復印到掃描傳真的各種作業。
  4. In order to improve the defense capability of the online security, making the network safe protection system occupying the initiative position in the face - off of attacking and protecting, besides using the safe tool of passive type ( the fire wall, loophole scan etc. ), the initiative type safe safeguard procedures are needed