writing while read 中文意思是什麼

writing while read 解釋
  • writing : n. 1. 寫,寫作,執筆;習字,書法。2. 文件,契據;銘。3. 〈pl. 〉著作,作品。4. 筆跡,手跡。
  • while : n 一段時間;一會兒;(所需、所費的)功夫。 Rest a while 休息一會兒。 A long [good] while 長久。 A...
  • read : vt 1 閱讀,朗讀,誦讀;【議會】宣讀(議案);照譜唱[奏] (aloud out off)。2 辨讀,辨認(暗號等)...
  1. We intercept and capture the read and write system calls via putting the nvram on the request queue. then observing the capacity of the " dirty " data, we redirect the writing direction to the hard disk while detecting the proportion of the " dirty " data exceeds the limit

    通過文件系統對數據讀寫操作流程的分析,在系統的request隊列中將其讀寫的對象置換為nvram ,從而實現數據讀寫的截取和轉向,然後對nvram的臟數據容量進行檢測,當其到達nvram容量的一定比例后,調用相應的程序把臟數據對外設回寫。
  2. He often read or re - read a chapter at a time, during such pauses ; and he consoled himself that while he was not writing the great things he felt to be in him, he was learning composition, at any rate, and training himself to shape up and express his thoughts