acousticoptical microphone中文意思是什麼

acousticoptical microphone解釋

  • microphone: n. 話筒,傳聲器,麥克風〈略 mike〉。 microphone capsule (電話)炭精盒。adj. -phonic

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  1. The microphone has very selective directionality - we use the term ' hyper - cardioid ' to describe the directional characteristics of the unit

    麥克風已經非常有選擇性的方向性-我們用 '超心 '來形容定向結合本單位的特點。
  2. His accident with the microphone bring some welcome comic relief to a very dull party

  3. 7. has high quality loudhailer and own 32 grade electron volume and liquid crystal display 8. capacitance microphone with roll, match the changed hurricane lamp cover

    10 .內置高保真揚聲器,並具有32級電子音量調節及液晶顯示
  4. Acoustics - determination of sound immission from sound sources placed close to the ear - technique using a microphone in a real ear mire technique

  5. I set up to persuade the admiralty to carry the development costs of the new microphone.