cumulative poison中文意思是什麼

cumulative poison解釋

  • cumulative: adj. 1. 累積的,蓄積的;漸增的;累加的,附加的。2. 【法律】(證據等與同一事實)相重的;(判刑等)加重的。
  • poison: n 1 毒;毒藥。2 毒害;弊病;有害的主義[學說、風氣(等)]。3 〈俚語〉劣酒。4 抑制劑。vt 1 放毒于;...

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  1. Proponents of an accession normally argue that it should be levied at progressive rates on the lifetime cumulative amount of gifts received.

  2. Is that antidote strong enough to expel the poison ?

  3. The arkansan replies, “ oh, yeah ? yesterday a 15 - foot rattler came at me, so i grabbed it, bit its head off, and spit the poison into a spittoon 15 yards away

    阿肯色牛仔回答道, 「噢,是嗎?一條15英尺的毒蛇向我撲過來,我抓住它,把它的頭咬下來,然後把毒液吐到15碼外的痰盂里。 」
  4. And he must have a fire in the middle of summer ; and joseph s bacca pipe is poison ; and he must always have sweets and dainties, and always milk, milk for ever - heeding naught how the rest of us are pinched in winter ; and there he ll sit, wrapped in his furred cloak in his chair by the fire, some toast and water or other slop on the hob to sip at ; and if hareton, for pity, comes to amuse him - hareton is not bad - natured, though he s rough - they re sure to part, one swearing and the other crying

  5. Determination of diarrhoea shellfish poison bioassay