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  • hardware: 1 五金器具;金屬製品。2 (計算機的)硬體;(電子儀器的)零件,部件;(飛彈的)構件;機器;計算機...
  • component: adj 構成的,組成的,合成的,成分的。 component motion 【物理學】分運動。 component part 組成部分...

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  1. Because it ’ s hard to get radiation - harden hardware overseas, so the software fault tolerance techniques are significant for our national space enterprise. the computer platform of 863 plan project ” micro intelligent free - flying space robotic system ” consists of cots component. the orbit and the radiation environment of the robot are similar to ones of the argos satellite, and the system is required to have high reliability. therefore it ’ s necessary to applied the software fault tolerance techniques into the system to improve the anti - radiation capability after the techniques been verified valid

    因為我國很難從國外獲得輻射加固的硬體,所以,這項軟體容錯技術對我國航天事業的發展具有較大意義。 863計劃項目「小型智能飛行機器人系統」所用的計算機平臺採用商用器件,其衛星的運行軌道與argos衛星軌道近似,面臨的輻射環境與argos衛星相似,要求具有高可靠性。因此,小型智能飛行機器人系統有必要在驗證sihft技術有效的基礎上,應用軟體容錯技術,提高其空間抗輻射能力。
  2. The algorithm principle, hardware design and software design of the scheme are proposed and experimentally demonstrated ; the main contents of this thesis are as follows : firstly, we study the principle of the fiber optic weak magnetic sensor based on magnetostrictive effect. after analyzing the characters of the magnetic field sensing signals, we know that the magnetic field sensing signals ’ fundamental component is proportional to input dc magnetic field

  3. We specialize in making the standard hardware components and non - standard hardware component by the automatic lathe and multi - function machine

  4. The protector makes the over - current value, zero - phase - sequence component, negative - phase - sequence and so on as protection criterions, in protection theory ; it makes atmel 8 - bit microprocessor at89c55wd as the core, with which the lattice lcd is linked, in hardware

  5. Every hardware component was a cots - commodity off the shelf

    每個硬體組件都是一個cots 「貨架上的日用品」 。