strategic air transport operations中文意思是什麼

strategic air transport operations解釋

  • strategic: adj. 1. 戰略(上)的;(戰略上)重要的。2. 為戰略計劃用的。
  • air: n 1 空氣,大氣。2 天空,空中。3 微風,和風。4 態度,樣子,風度,氣派;〈pl 〉高傲的架子。5 傳播,...
  • transport: vt 1 運輸,運送,輸送。2 【歷史】處流刑,流放。3 殺死。4 〈常用被動語態〉使心情極度激動,使欣喜若...
  • operations: 操作設置

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  1. In international air transport, if the carrier carries the checked baggage without a baggage check having been delivered, or if the baggage check does not include the notice required by sub - paragraph ( 3 ) of article 110 of this law, the carrier shall not be entitled to avail himself of the provisions of article 129 of this law concerning the limit of liability

  2. Developed by iata - international air transport association

  3. It is only through this process of methodical active involvement that our mutual goal of sustainable progress in safety management can be assured in air traffic control, aerodrome operations, commercial air transport operations and compliance with airworthiness standards

  4. Three operations officers with suitable training and expertise are deployed to perform the duties of regulating the air transport of dangerous goods ( dg ) and munitions of war ( muw )

  5. Article 203 where a person, in violation of the provisions of article 35 of this law, is engaged in the activities of production and maintenance without obtaining production certificate and maintenance certificate or, in violation of the provisions of article 92 and paragraph 2 of article 147 of this law, is engaged in public air transport or general aviation operations for commercial purposes without obtaining a public air transport operating licence or a general aviation operating licence, the competent civil aviation authority under the state council shall order him to stop such production, maintenance or operations