新元物產公司 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xīnyuánchǎngōng]
新元物產公司 英文
shin won mulsan co. , ltd
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (剛出現的或剛經驗到的) new; fresh; novel; up to date 2 (沒有用過的) unused; new 3 (...
  • : 名詞1 (東西) thing; matter; object 2 (指自己以外的人或與己相對的環境) other people; the outsi...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (人或動物的幼體從母體中分離出來) give birth to; be delivered of; breed 2 (創造財富; 生...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (屬于國家或集體的) state owned; collective; public 2 (共同的;大家承認的) common; gen...
  • : Ⅰ動詞(主持; 操作; 經營) take charge of; attend to; manage Ⅱ名詞1 (部一級機關里的一個部門) dep...
  • 新元 : category:new age
  • 物產 : products; produce
  1. In order to make up the deficiency, the science workshop datalogger made in the u. s pasco company has been used in this dissertation. the advantage of the datalogger has been extruded by the research of experiments for verification, inquiring experiments and application experiments which worked in the catalogue of the new physics courses for teaching. as a result, a fine acuity perceptional and observational ability of student will be developed, a cognitive framework will be improved, the space for investigative learning will be enlarged, multiple intelligences will be optimized and brain memory structures will be consolidated if the datalogger has been used in teaching physics experiments

  2. Finally, because of the great investments of a company ' s gene chips project and long investment cycle, with analyzing advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of financing methods, we will elaborate the possibility of the five financing methods - - - innovative security, venture lease, trust products, achievements in scientific research and equity transfer

  3. " the group will continue to pursue its business focus in advanced technology and information industry and will be actively on the lookout to identify businesses with innovative capabilities, profitability track records, good management and development prospect, through different forms of cooperation and investments, to further expand, extend and develop our business operations. " said mr gong hanbing, director of dawning, executive director and president of shenzhen high - tech

  4. Ltd wtae was founded in september, 1998, md is located in me export processing zone in kaohsinng. the comply is a joint venture for hun hsin li - hua s semi - conductor operation, who owns 60 parcent of shins ; winbond electronics corp, who owns 15 polcent of stocks ; and a sub - comply of japan s teco, who has a 5 percent share in the company, with 26 billion nt in capital. it is a professional ic packaging and testing plant

    華東先進電子股份有限walton advanced electronics . , ltd , wtae ,成立於1998年9月,位於高雄加工出口區,由華麗華旗下半導體事業華先進60華邦電子15 %及日本東芝20 %三井5 %共同合資,總資本額26億,為一專業ic封裝測試廠。
  5. Zonk drug r d limited, located in guangzhou, in the south of china, near hong kong, is a share - holding company, comprises of 20 young chinese people

  6. The wellcome trust, one of the world ' s biggest research charities, has granted a new company called population genetics technologies 1. 1 million pounds ( $ 2. 1 million ) to develop the method that could improve understanding of why people react to drugs differently and how to tailor medications to suit an individual

    威爾康信託基金會世界上最大的研究資助組織之一已經同意向一個名為「種群遺傳技術」的提供110萬英鎊( 210萬美)的資金來開發一種的方法,以便研究者們能夠進一步了解為什麼人們會對同樣的藥生不同的反應以及如何開發適合不同個人的藥治療方法。
  7. Beijing hai kang dna chips limited bjhkdna refers to our satellite offices in china, wholly owned by hong kong dna chips limited hkdna. bjhkdna specifically focuses on guaranteeing that growing demands for worldclass dna - based products and services are met

  8. Based on the theoretic frame of asc, the paper carries out the integrated design of logistics system for engineering machinery enterprises transversely and longitudinally, and provides lots of new ways in the fields of organizing plan, layout of working units, management of standard parts, mass custom, supplier management, etc. combining with the inland notability manufactory enterprise - - sy company, real analysis is laid out and the benefit and shortage are also put forward

    本文在敏捷供需鏈理論框架下,對工程製造企業流系統進行了橫向和縱向一體化設計,提供了組織設計、生布局、標準件管理、定製服務、供應商管理等方面的一些思路,並結合國內著名的工程機械製造企業? ? sy進行了實證分析,給出了設計系統應用中的效益和不足。
  9. Urban group : the only property and facility management group in hong kong to receive 3 overall champions in 3r recycling campaign

  10. Guangzhou youbao biotech co., ltd. ( gzyb ) is a sino - foreign joint venture high - tech enterprise, which combines the development, production and trading of bio - products, medical material, food antioxidants , anti - staling agents and food supplement

    廣州優寶是一家從事生降解材料(環保品) 、食品抗氧化劑和食品配料、醫藥中間體的研發、生、經營的高技術企業,注冊資本為1000萬
  11. To this end, the company intends to apply approximately hk 566. 2 million, out of the total net proceeds of approximately hk 936. 8 million based on a mid - point offer price of hk 6. 85 from the issue of new shares, to expand production capacity of laminates and upstream component materials at fogang and lianzhou in guangdong province, and in jiangyin, jiangsu province

    因此計劃從發行股所得款項凈額約9 . 368億港以發售價中位數6 . 85港計算中動用約5 . 662億港,在廣東省的佛網及連州,以及江蘇省江陰,擴大覆銅面板及上游料之生能力。