新平臺保護 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xīnpíngtáibǎo]
新平臺保護 英文
new flat roof protection
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (剛出現的或剛經驗到的) new; fresh; novel; up to date 2 (沒有用過的) unused; new 3 (...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (沒有高低凹凸 不頃斜) flat; level; even; smooth 2 (高度相同; 不相上下) on the same l...
  • : 臺名詞(指臺州) short for taizhou (in zhejiang province)
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (保衛; 保護) defend; protect 2 (保持) keep; preserve; maintain in good condition 3 (...
  • : 動詞1. (保護; 保衛) protect; guard; shield 2. (袒護;包庇) be partial to; shield from censure
  1. Aiming at the function and performance limitations of traditional special cnc or current pc - based open - structure cnc, a brand - new cnc platform designing scheme of multi - layer open - architecture is presented, based on embedded - mcu calculation and management core, and three kinds of expanding mode of software, hardware and interface. by using double system working ram and boot rom technology, an independent re - development interface is set on the hardware platform to realize customized function ’ s simulations and verifications online, which makes all the expanding or re - configuring on basic cnc platform are all safe and restorable

  2. This thesis chooses b spline wavelet that adapts to the analysis of power system signal, and uses the wavelet transformer to analyze the magnetizing inrush current and inner fault current. a transformer microcomputer protection was designed in this thesis, and in the base of intermission angle principle, a new criterion was established, which pierces through the traditional method with accurate measurement of intermission angle, but analyses the wave by wavelet transform. this criterion is lower in hardware, so it will be realized in the existing hardware

  3. On the basis of analyzing the existing problems of scientific research management in local agricultural colleges aid universities, several proposals are put forward, such as realizing the scientific researches ' promoter actions to the teaching, building talents ' mechanism of knowledge, improving administrative staffs professional quality of scientific research, constructing the innovative management system meeting the needs of modernized agricultural development, putting up the platform for transforming scientific research achievements, strengthening intellectual property protection and so on

  4. By the research, it is put forward that our country at present stage should firstly modify the present law and rules to make preparation for making credit data known to the public, secondly should work out the regularized new law to use credit data as quick as possible, during modifying and working out the law, should pay attention to the scope to open regularized credit data to guarantee the fair and just of the credit investigation report of credit managing trade, and pay much attention to protecting personal right of privacy, meanwhile, should establish the punish system to those of breaking their promise

  5. In order to accelerate the research on genetics and breeding of bamboo, the authors suggested that the new technology on bamboo germplasm conservation should be integrated, flowering mechanism and flower induced should be strengthened, molecular breeding and traditional breeding should be integrated and new technological basis of tissue culture should be established

  6. Under the help of the successful experience of the industrialized countries, chinese government takes some actions to promote the smes ' technological innovation such as promoting the implementation of technical innovation projects ; establishing a sound national technical innovation system of laws and regulations ; increasing the protection of intellectual property rights of the smes ; deepening the investment and financing and the reform of the taxation system ; establishing a public technology platform and improving the service system ; promoting industrial clusters for the technology upgrading of smes and establishing an effective mechanism for the innovative talents

  7. With the development of microprocessor relay protection, many new relay principle and project, especially some relay principles based fault wave character and high frequency, or some intellective projects based ann and inkling put forward more higher requirment for the design of microprocessor relay protection. based on broadly collecting the documents about hardware platform, this paper bring up new microprocessor relay protection hardware platform ' s project and design. the main work includes these : 1

    本文在廣泛收集了有關微機硬體資料的基礎上,提出了微機繼電裝置硬體的方案與設計。本文的主要內容包括以下幾個方面: 1 .本文廣泛收集了有關微機硬體的資料,並查閱了國內各微機生產廠家的產品說明書,明確了開展本課題的意義,提出了本文研究的主要內容。