白河車 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [bái]
白河車 英文
omoto ni onlily rhizome
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (似雪的顏色) white 2 (清楚; 明白; 弄明白) clear 3 (空的; 沒加他物的) pure; clear; ...
  • : 1 (天然的和人工的大水道) river 2 (指銀河系) the milky way system; the galaxy 3 (特指黃河) t...
  • : 車名詞1. (中國象棋棋子的一種) chariot, one of the pieces in chinese chess2. (國際象棋棋子的一種) castle; rook
  • 白河 : bai he
  1. The milky way sparkled in the sky ; a crystal carriage driven by crystal white horses came toward me from afar. overflowing with love, master appeared in a crystalline white lace gown

  2. Set off to five great chain lakes by bus, have lunch after arriving, visit old - aged volcanic lava volcano : underground ice river, snow world, frost flowers, ice and snow art, enjoy the winter in summer ; ice cave ( appreciate ice crystal, ice art, ice light ) ; visit famous cold spring : long life garden ( springs, mineral spring shower, sun shower, wild animals, spring square, etc. ), yishen garden ( yishen pavilion drinking spring, go fishing, go boating, see butterflies, lilac garden, etc

    早乘赴五大連池,抵達后午餐,游覽老期火山熔巖洞:地下冰:參觀雪世界,熔巖洞內欣賞霜花,冰雪雕,體驗夏季里的冬天;冰洞(盛夏時節,地下熔巖洞欣賞冰晶奇觀,冰雕,冰燈) ;游覽世界著名冷礦泉:長壽園(世界名泉、神泉舊址、棄石丟病、礦泉浴場、日光浴場、花卉濕地、野生動物展示園、泉之韻廣場等) 、益身園(玄武巖牌樓、益身亭、北飲泉、長廊、藥泉湖垂釣、北苑賞葦、熔巖臺地、泉湖蕩舟、泉湖浴場、火山絕蝶棲息地、丁香園等) 。
  3. Upon arrival at london in the morning, we start our sightseeing tour immediately with a visit to the state apartments of windsor castle, one of the oldest continuously inhabited royal residence in the world and the weekend home of queen elizabeth. after lunch, well have a panoramic tour of the city including the parliament building, big ben, trafalgar square, and piccadilly circus. photo stops in front of the buckingham palace and westminster abbey will also be arranged

    離開溫莎小鎮后,至?中心的中國城享用午餐,午後沿著泰晤士,乘游覽水馬的匹卡得利大街特拉法加廣場議會制度起源的英國國會議事廳,以及首相官邸唐寧街十號,最後來到英國女皇的寢宮金漢宮前,攝影留念,充分體驗這個曾經顯赫一時的國際性大都? 。
  4. Two years ago the city started lending 500 bicycles for free, but in less than a year there were fewer than 100 usable left, because people either borrowed and never returned them, abused, or even dumped them in the river

  5. We have a railway for mineral oil, a canal harbor and a truck team. the mineral oil delivery has a special tank, railway and car. the mineral oil can not be polluted in transportation

  6. Study of the parallel composite seismic isolation technology

  7. Carnarvon road south of its junction with granville road, hau fook street, cameron lane, humphreys avenue, prat avenue, hart avenue, mody road ( between nathan road and chatham road south ), hanoi road, bristol avenue, minden row, minden avenue and blenhiem avenue will be closed

    加拿芬道以南與加連威老道交界、厚福街、金馬倫里、堪富利士道、寶勒巷、赫德道、 (介乎彌敦道與漆咸道之間的)么地道、內道、碧仙桃路、緬甸臺、棉登徑及蘭軒道將不準輛行駛;
  8. Carnarvon road south of its junction with granville road, hau fook street, cameron lane, humphreys avenue, prat avenue, hart avenue, a section of mody road between nathan road and chatham road south, hanoi road, bristol avenue, minden row, minden avenue and blenhiem avenue will be closed to traffic ; - northbound chatham road south between salisbury road and granville road will be closed

  9. Shuguang flexible shaft plant was built in 1985, is specializing in the production of motor vehicles, medical, architectural, mechanical assembly soft enterprises and filled gaps in hebei province, the provincial science and technology commission for funding support

  10. Lai also offers early morning bicycle tours that allow guests to take in the splendor of the lotus blossoms as they open. as you meander among the fragrant lotuses, listen to lai s discourses on local culture, industry, birds, dragonflies, bees, and edible wild plants. in the evenings, watch as the egrets return to their nests, and marvel at the beauty of the unfolding water lilies

  11. The hotel embraced by a breath - taking environment enjoys very convenient transportation : 10 minute s bus ride to pazhou conference and exhibition centre, 20 minute s bus ride to the famous cbd of tianhe district of guangzhou and to guangzhou eastern railway station, and 40 minute s bus ride to the new baiyun international airport of guangzhou

  12. The front area of the project region is a white stone road designed with six traffic lanes, joined with shahe east road and qiaocheng east road, and which leads to shennan avenue and binhai avenue

  13. Guangzhou, the capital city of guangdong province, is southern china s biggest city with an urban area of over 3, 700 square kilometres and a population of about 6 million. ten pairs of through trains run between guangzhou and hong kong daily, a trip of only 1 hour and 45 minutes. famous for its history and culture, guangzhou has had ten emperors from three ancient dynasties establish their capital here

  14. Guangzhou yuanyang hotel is a 3 stars hotel invested by cosco guangzhou. yuanyang hotel is situated in the prosperous commercial - financial center. it s only 25 minutes driving distance to baiyun airport, 5 minutes to the guangzhou east station, and 10 minutes to the new exhibition center. our location is in close proximity to cinema of tianhe, teem plaza, guangzhou friendship store, tianhe national hi - tech industrial development zone