衡重式擋土墻 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [héngzhòngshìdǎng]
衡重式擋土墻 英文
balance weight retaining wall
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (秤桿) the graduated arm of a steelyard2 (稱重量的器具) weighing apparatus3 (姓氏) a...
  • : 重Ⅰ名詞(重量; 分量) weight Ⅱ動詞(重視) lay [place put] stress on; place value upon; attach im...
  • : 名詞1 (樣式) type; style 2 (格式) pattern; form 3 (儀式; 典禮) ceremony; ritual 4 (自然科...
  • : 擋Ⅰ動詞1 (攔住; 抵擋) keep off; ward off; block; resist 2 (遮蔽) cover; block; get in the way...
  • : 名詞(磚、石等築成的屏障或外圍) wall
  1. As the balancing platform tends to make the barycenter move backward, a more balancing stress distribution under the wall, a higher and steadier wall can be achieved. furthermore, the resupine back of the downward wall not only works reasonably, but also can reduce the amount of excavation and filling obviously. so gravity retaining walls with balancing platform are applied heavily

  2. Consequently, the optimum design of gravity retaining walls with balancing platform are of great engineering significances and potential economic effect

  3. By applying th e system to the design of an engineering project, the comparison of results of optimum design with that of routine design shows that the test results are reasonable and economic

    0高級編程語言利用面向對象技術開發出衡重式擋土墻輔助優化設計系統brwcad 。並以該系對一工程設計實例進行了應用與驗證,效果良好。
  4. Then, combined with the accumulated experiences, proceedings to be paid attention during design and construction and the necessities of optimum design as a result of the shortcomings for common design are pointed out for the walls

  5. Based on the known theoretical research at home and abroad, common theories of earth pressure and their adaptabilities are discussed in this paper, and emphases are put on the methods of earth pressure calculation and checking of strength and stability for retaining walls with balancing platform, especially under the condition of cohesive filling soil and over loading

  6. According to an analysis of the current various optimum methods, a new mixed type of genetic algorithm are proposed, which overcomes some typical limitations such as the decrease of hunting efficiency lack of hunting competence near the optimal solution. with a model for optimum design setup, the system brwcad are worked out with the advanced language visual basic6. 0 and the object - oriented technique

  7. With the help of this program, this paper does research on the moved backwards of the slide surface, lengthening the anchor section, the soil nail ' s total force, gets conclusion about relations between the soil nail ' s length and the slope ' s grade, height, soil ' s mechanical parameter ; relations between soil nail ' s total force and coulomb soil pressure. with the help of the large multiuse finite element program ansys, this paper analyzes the soil nailing in one - step ' s slopes, in two - steps " slopes, puts the emphasis on the axis force ' s distributing along the soil nail at each rows, the effect of both the excavating mode and the original slope figure to the axis force of the soil nail, the one another effect between the upper - step slope and the nether - step slope in the soil nail ' s axis force, gets conclusion about the design of soil nail at the first low, different slope body is the same with different excavating mode, the original slope figure has more effect to some than others because of the slope body, the reasonably design of the step width in two - steps slopes, the two - steps excavating and retaining has more virtue than the one - step ' s. through soil pressure analysis this paper does research on the differences and the links between the coulomb soil pressure theory and the rankin ' s, the vertical pressure at the slope surface when the slope surface is inclined and the retaining wall is rough, the soil pressure ' s distributing behind the panel, gets conclusion about the effect of both the slope body inner stability and the slope surface local stability to the soil pressure