日軍飛行員 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jūnfēihángyuán]
日軍飛行員 英文
japanese pilot
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (太陽) sun 2 (白天) daytime; day 3 (一晝夜; 天) day 4 (泛指某一段時間) time 5 (日...
  • : 名詞1 (軍隊) armed forces; army; troops 2 (參加某種活動的許多人) army; contingent 3 (軍隊的...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (鳥、蟲等在空中活動) fly; flit 2 (利用動力機械在空中行動) fly 3 (在空中飄浮遊動) fly...
  • : 行Ⅰ名詞1 (行列) line; row 2 (排行) seniority among brothers and sisters:你行幾? 我行三。where...
  • : 員名詞1. (指工作或學習的人) a person engaged in some field of activity 2. (指團體或組織中的成員) member Ⅱ量詞(用於武將)
  • 日軍 : imperial japanese army
  • 飛行員 : pilot; flier; flyer; aviator; [口語] birdman (pl birdmen)飛行員報告 aircraft report; pilot repo...
  • 飛行 : flight; flying; aviate; voyage; volitate; hop
  1. Naval aviator and avg " flying tiger " flight leader : captain moot would be shot down on january 8, 1942 by ground fire while attacking a japanese airfield in thailand

  2. Discovery and its crew landed on the edwards air force base, california, dry lakebed runaway on monday, october 3, ending a flight that the u. s space agency hailed as "successful in every way. "

  3. Much depended upon the handful of pilots who rose day after day and night after night to meet the flocks of nazi bombers. the pilots in the raf reached the limits of exhaustion and then went beyond those limits, still fighting

  4. President vladimir putin donned navy uniform to watch a missile launch at sea yesterday, hours after dressing as a pilot and flying in a supersonic bomber

    昨天( 8月17) ,俄羅斯總統普京先客串了一把「」 ,乘坐超音速轟炸機發射導彈。結束幾小時后,他又穿上一身海制服在海上觀看導彈發射。
  5. The following day, august the 14th, would see the first large scale clash between chinese and japanese aviators, when a large force of japanese bombers raided the city of hangzhou and the chinese air training field at jianqiao

    第二天( 8月14) ,當大量轟炸機群襲擊杭州筧橋的中國空訓練場地時,中國和之間發生了激烈的戰斗。
  6. On october the 4th, 1997, some sixty years after his first aerial combat, and one month and one day after his death from a long illness, arthur chin - the kid fighter pilot from portland, who traveled half - way around the world to defend his father ' s homeland, was posthumously honored as one of the first seven american aviators ever inducted into the american combat airmen ' s hall of fame

  7. The first woman to ever fly a u. s. combat mission sued defense secretary donald rumsfeld to challenge a policy that mandates islamic dress and customs for u. s. military women based in saudi arabia when they travel off - base

  8. Jaaf had trained only 1, 700 pilots in 30 years ; losses at nomonhan crippled it. by december 1941, army flight schools graduating 750 pilots a year

  9. The aggressive young fighter pilot led the chinese air force ' s first successful interception of a major japanese air attack

  10. Alarmed by japan ' s growing military aggression in north china, portland ' s chinese - american community decided it could best help chinese resistance by supplying china with a pool of potential military aviators made up of young american men of chinese ancestry

    隨著益增加對中國北方的事侵略的警告,波特蘭的中美團體決定通過向中國提供一批由年輕的美國人? ?他們的祖先是中國人? ?組成的有潛能的來幫助中國抗
  11. Additionally, while supporting the day - to - day operations of american and chinese airmen, and maintaining china ' s fragile life - line to the allied world, another 1, 500 american and chinese airmen lost their lives while shepherding overloaded transport planes along the notorious " hump " air route that led across the daunting himalayan mountain range

  12. That s why secretary don rumsfeld, finishing a trip to nato and the persian gulf, will head tomorrow into the region to continue our consultations with both india and pakistan in order to bring this situation down to a point where serious de - escalation can start, where the mobilization of the indian forces can now go in the other direction, as well as the mobilization of pakistani forces

    我們無意于以口水戰來回應中國非常激烈的口頭批評,但在我們的人被扣留在中國十一天後,我們不會事一切照舊。北京必須明白這一點。我們已透過外交管道使機組人返回,並爭取早歸還我們的ep 3機。
  13. From the spring of 1942 until the war ended in august 1945, pilots ' skills were tested as they crossed towering mountains in abysmal circumstances ? violent turbulence, japanese airfire, dreadful weather, malfunctioning airplanes ? and with little sleep

    從1942年春直到1945年8月戰爭結束,崇山峻嶺及險象環生的環境中? ?強勁氣流、炮火、惡劣天氣、機故障? ?們忍受著睡眠不足,一次次的接受考驗。
  14. Following world war ii, saburo sakai the imperial japanese navy ' s ace pilot who shot down 64 american, australian and dutch fighter planes made more than two dozen trips to america, meeting and befriending many of the pilots he had once tried to kill

  15. In addition, another five initiates from the jakarta center flew from medan to lhokseumawe on january 1, and divided into two groups, one of which went straight to banda aceh to help the previous group of jakarta initiates with the aid effort. another group targeted the northern coastal area starting from lhokseumawe. together they distributed clothing, cookies and medicine to the needy, along with masks and gloves to the soldiers and other workers removing lifeless bodies