日間治療 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiānzhìliáo]
日間治療 英文
day treatment
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (太陽) sun 2 (白天) daytime; day 3 (一晝夜; 天) day 4 (泛指某一段時間) time 5 (日...
  • : 間Ⅰ名詞1 (中間) between; among 2 (一定的空間或時間里) with a definite time or space 3 (一間...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (治理) rule; administer; govern; manage 2 (醫治) treat (a disease); cure; heal 3 (...
  • : 動 (醫治) cure; treat; recuperate
  • 日間 : in the daytime; during the day日間列車 day train; 日間跳傘 daytime parachuting; 日間游覽 day excursion
  • 治療 : treat; cure; remedy
  1. Hold the dead sea salts and tea - tree oil. an israeli health and beauty spa has introduced a new treatment to its menu - snake massage. for 300 shekels 35 pounds, clients at ada barak ' s spa in northern israel can add a wild twist to their treatment by having six non - venomous but very lively serpents slither and hiss a path across their aching muscles and stiff joints

    據路透社1月25報道,對于那些光臨位於以色列北部的阿達巴拉克溫泉養地的遊客來說,他們只要花35英鎊便可享受到這種看上去頗顯狂野的方法, 6條雖然無毒但卻活潑好動的蛇會在那些人身上感到酸痛的肌肉和僵硬的關節之爬來爬去且口中不停的噝噝作響。
  2. As reported in the journal of the national cancer institute for january 17, the researchers assessed the outcomes of 497 patients who were randomized to receie conentional or dose - intensified cisplatin / doxorubicin

  3. The study has also found that platelet activation can be reduced by nasal continuous positive airway pressure ( cpap ) treatment. although the major indication of cpap treatment is to relieve symptoms such as disabling daytime sleepiness, the reduction in platelet activation should be regarded as a bonus benefit especially with the growing evidence of cardiovascular consequences related to osa. it is important to treat symptomatic patients with osa early, with the potential advantage of preventing cardiovascular complications such as stroke

    該研究同時指出,使用鼻腔式正氣壓( continuouspositiveairwaypressure , cpap ) ,能有效減低血小板的活躍度, cpap經已獲證能紓緩阻塞性睡眠窒息癥的病情,例如減少渴睡的情況;長遠來說,可以預防和減低患上阻塞性睡眠窒息癥出現心血管並發癥的風險。
  4. To cope with the increased burden, the report ' s authors suggest nurse practitioners, physician assistants and hospices pick up some of the workload ; primary - care doctors monitor patients who ' ve finished treatment for recurrence ; older oncologists delay retirement ; more cancer specialists be trained ; and technological advances, such as electronic medical records, be employed to free up more of doctors ' time for patient care

  5. But he still intends to play at the world snooker championship from 16 april, during which he will undergo hospital treatment

  6. In when the clouds roll by, first timer chin li delivers an amazing, yet unsettling account of a young girl mired in mental illness that arises from the death of her husband that dies in a plane crash

  7. For 300 shekels ( 35 pounds ), clients at ada barak ' s spa in northern israel can add a wild twist to their treatment by having six non - venomous but very lively serpents slither and hiss a path across their aching muscles and stiff joints

    據路透社1月25報道,對于那些光臨位於以色列北部的阿達巴拉克溫泉養地的遊客來說,他們只要花35英鎊便可享受到這種看上去頗顯狂野的方法, 6條雖然無毒但卻活潑好動的蛇會在那些人身上感到酸痛的肌肉和僵硬的關節之爬來爬去且口中不停的噝噝作響。
  8. You should have acupuncture every other day. you ' ll be all right within three or four weeks

    針刺一般是每天或隔1次, 10次為1個程,每個程中隔3 - 5天。
  9. Statistical techniques with univariate and multiple regression analyses indicated that significant predictors of discharge fim scores include age, previous attacks twice or over, medical comorbidities, sensory and orientation impariments, and dementia

  10. As for the reasonable and necessary expenses for the medical treatment hereto occurred during the period of insurance as well as the expenses for hospitalization medical expenses ( including the bed fee ( limited to rmb100 yuan per day ), expenses for medicine, nursing fee ( limited to rmb100 yuan per day ), treatment, laboratory test and examination, special examination and treatment, ambulance and operation ) which is occurred during the period of insurance and extended into one month after the expiration of the insurance agreement, if the insured is hospitalized for any disease ( including sars ) or accidental injury, this company shall be liable for the amount of insurance compensation exceeding rmb60, 000 yuan but limited to rmb400, 000 yuan

    被保險人因疾病(含sars )或意外傷害住院而導致的在保險期發生的合理且必要的醫費用以及在保險期內發生並延續至保險合同到期後一個月內的合理且必要的住院醫費用(包括床位費(限額100元/天) 、藥費費、護理費、護工費(限額100元/天) 、檢查檢驗費、特殊檢查費、救護車費和手術費) ,在累計超過起付線(人民幣6萬元)時,本公司對起付線以上至封頂線(人民幣40萬元)的部分按100 %給付住院醫保險金。
  11. At about 10 pm today, police received a report from the mass transit railway corporation that a train operator found someone hiding on the ceiling inside the tunnel in tin hau mtr station. police officers were deployed to the scene to investigate and found a man between the ceiling and the ventilation duct inside the tunnel. officers then persuaded the subject to climb down and the man was subsequently put under police control at about 10. 25 pm

  12. Professional back - up services from clinical psychologists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists are provided for people with disabilities in rehabilitation day centres and hostels

  13. It is used in medical hospitals, rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities, day treatment centers, nursing homes, schools, homeless shelters, correctional facilities, drug abuse clinics, suicide prevention centers, community health centers, schools for the disabled, and art centers

  14. Intermittent pneumatic compression ( ipc ) added to other elements of decongestive lymphatic therapy enhances the treatment of lymphedema associated with axillary lymph node dissection in breast cancer patients, researchers report in the december 1st issue of cancer. " lymphedema of the arm is a common aftermath of breast cancer treatment with surgery and radiation

    使用對患肢的歇性充氣加壓法,輔助於原用於降低充血淋巴的傳統方法,可以增強對淋巴水腫的效,研究人員結合了乳腺癌病人腋窩淋巴結的解剖實例,在12月1腫瘤雜志發表了一份報告,內容是: 「對乳腺癌用手術或放射后都會引起共同的結果:上肢淋巴水腫。 」
  15. This article will explore the difference between natural tooth and dental implant from the points of periodontal hard and soft tissues surrounding to further offer the possible treatment modality for clinicians

  16. The services provided by the fcsc include 24 - hour hotline service ( 18288 ), short - term accommodation, crisis intervention, supporttherapeutic counselling group, resource corner, day - time educational activities, stress management, outreaching service, as well as community education, etc. fscs has been in full operation since march 2002

    中心所提供的服務包括二十四小時熱線服務(向晴熱線18288 ) 、短期住宿服務、危機介入、支援輔導小組、資源閣及教育活動、壓力處理技巧、外展服務及社區教育等。
  17. Continuous venovenous hemofiltration treatment of pregnancy associated with cardiac disease after cesarean section

  18. During a 4 - week lead - in, the subjects received premeal regular plus twice - daily nph insulin

  19. To provide day rehabilitation and treatment services for older patients referred by doctors

  20. For total temporary incapacity : compensation equal to two - thirds of monthly earnings remuneration customarily received by the employee while the victim is undergoing treatment. the amounts shall be calculated and paid fortnightly