符合說 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shuō]
符合說 英文
doctrine of correspondence
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (符節) tally (with two halves made of wood bamboo jade metal issued by a ruler to gener...
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • : 說動詞(說服別人聽從自己的意見) try to persuade
  • 符合 : 1 (相合) accord with; tally with; conform to; fit; coincide; correspond; satisfy; adjust to; fu...
  1. Student should precise if their application is conditional to the acceptation of a scholarship

    是不是,申請者必須指出他們的申請是否獲得獎學金的條件? ?
  2. Montano. if partially affined, or leagued in office, thou dost deliver more or less than truth, thou art no soldier

  3. It was, after all, a human characteristic.

  4. In a 1965 survey, three out of four college women said they would marry a man they didn ' t love if he fit their criteria in every other way. not anymore

    在1965年的一次調查中, 4個女大學生中有3人她們願意與她們不愛但各方面都自己標準的男人結婚。現在完全不同了。
  5. Modest loneliness may motivate one ' s activities and thus play a positive role, d ) a questionnaire of the loneliness structure of college students in henan province has been developed in this study and it proves to have high reliability and validity by means of exploratory factor analysis and confirmative factor analysis. implications for future research are discussed

    這與西方學者僅將大學生作為成人被試來研究成人孤獨感(不考慮發展)的視角不同,可以在成人孤獨感的研究中吸收了西方學者關于兒童青少年孤獨感的研究優點(關注發展問題) ,而這更我國大學生發展的實際情況。
  6. On the other hand, the saying that diabetes is the disease for life also does not confirm to einsteins theory of relativity and is against the law of development and change of things disease

    另方面,終身病的法亦不愛因斯旦的「相對論」 。是違背事物疾病變化規律的。
  7. At the end of 1940s, wright ' s prot g, james baldwin, an american black ephebe, advanced an unrelenting criticism of naturalism by richard wright, the precursor in african american literary circle

  8. Bulk density in 0 ~ 20cm, 20 - 40cm and field capacity in 20 ~ 40cm can be simulated with pure nugget effect model, and they are not spatially correlated in sampling scope. 4

    O ~加cm 、 20一40cm土壤容重和2 } 40cm田間持水量純塊金效應模型,明在采樣范圍內它們的空間相關性不存在。
  9. The priorities common to the crystal family are safety in the project outcome, efficiency in development, and habitability of the conventions in other words, the developers can live with them

    Crystal系列通用優先級可以保證項目的最終成果,提高開發效率,並且常規習慣(換句話,開發人員可以接受它們) 。
  10. The shipper shall indemnify the carrier against all damage suffered by him, or by any other person to whom the carrier is liable, by reason of the irregularity, incorrectness or incompleteness of the particulars and statements inserted in the air waybill

  11. According to the psychology about appreciation of beauty and the educational psychology, this teaching form has many functions : developing non - intelligential elements, such as interest, emotion, and motive ; improving the structre of thought. these are informing with the principle of teaching theory and quality - enhancing education

  12. The tl seeds are screening on the ms medium which contains 50ug / ml kan, and there are about 70 % of the transgenic lines showed the kan - resistance with a ratio of 3 : 1. however, the other lines did n ' t show the ratio consistent with the mendelism. it might prove that most of the transgenic plants only have one insert

    對收獲的轉基因番茄t _ 1代種子進行卡那黴素抗性篩選,結果發現, 70以上獨立轉化株系的t _ 1代種子出現了3 1的抗性分離,另一些獨立轉化株系的種子並未表現出孟德爾遺傳的分離比,明大部分er - shsp基因是以單拷貝的方式插入植物基因組。
  13. If many forces are acting simultaneously in different directions on any body, the direction of its motion will not correspond with any one of the forces, but will always follow a middle course, the summary of them, what is expressed in mechanics by the diagonal of the parallelogram of forces

  14. Does allogroomiog serve a hygienic function in the sichuan snub - nosed monkey to test the hygienic functional hypothesis of allogrooming in the sichuan snub - nosed monkey, we analyzed the distribution of such behavior over the body surface of individuals in the west ridge troop in the yuhuangmiao region of qinling mountains, shaanxi province, china. based on 113 days of observations of the troop, 293 allogrooming bouts were obtained by focal - animal sampling. we divided the body surface of the monkeys into 17 areas

    第二章川金絲猴的理毛行為是否衛生功能應用目標動物取樣法,在113天的跟蹤觀察(有效觀察時間351小時)的基礎上,收集了293個相互理毛回( bout )的數據,對秦嶺川金絲猴( rhinopithecusroxellana )玉皇廟西梁群個體間的相互理毛進行了分析,檢驗相互理毛是否衛生功能假( hygienicfunctionhypotheses ) 。
  15. The emergence and the age character of the camera equipment sculpt design before the record of the human history, the human race have already had a wish that they could keep down what they have seen. hominid depict their working and living on the stone or the bone of the animal. the famous spanish cavern fresco, drawing in the end of the paleolith age

  16. I couldn t affirm that you are, observed my young lady, wondering at his pertinacious assertion of what was evidently an untruth

    我不能肯定你是健康的, 」我的小姐,不懂他怎麼那樣執拗地一味些明明不事實的話。
  17. The modeling and simulating of sea clutter ( weibull distribution ) with its parameters and ranges of applicability is introduced in this paper

  18. First of all, to the mainland law is fastened that the criminal law a learned man handles the unpack criticizing that fact error some kinds of doctrines have been carried on the profile to that section, to think in the handle identical constitutes in the fact error inner place the important document, legally to accord with the teachings to accord with teachings more rightful than concrete ; be living to handle in the fact error that the difference constitutes between the important document, legally accord with the teachings to accord with teachings more advisable than abstracting. afterwards, doctrine over the combination, elaborate the target error separately. strike error and the causation error handle

  19. The results of data fusion of the wrist force are consistent with the practical calibration values, which proves the effectiveness of the wrist force estimating technique proposed in this paper

  20. Even where all immigration requirements set out in this chapter are met, travellers should not assume that they can gain automatic entry. the hksar immigration authorities have the right to refuse any person permission to land except those in