符合於 的英文怎麼說

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符合於 英文
be true of
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (符節) tally (with two halves made of wood bamboo jade metal issued by a ruler to gener...
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • : 於名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • 合於 : consist with
  1. While changes in reserve requirements can affect short - term interest rates by changing banks demand for reserves, these actions can have disruptive effects on banks since banks need time to adjust their portfolios to accommodate the changed requirements, especially if the financial markets are not fully developed and the distribution of excess reserves among banks is uneven

  2. This decision result meets the actual circs better, more external and easier to be understood

  3. Pathogenic organisms such as bacteria or viruses are not included as these would fit into the exogenous population processes.

  4. The group velocity ( u ) corresponds to the net result from the addition of all elements with different periods and different velocities within the wave motion

    而群速度( u )符合於波動的不同周期,不同速度的各種因素疊加的凈結果。
  5. To quote from albert einstein , science is the attempt to make the chaotic diversity of our sense experience correspond to a logically uniform system of thought

  6. The group velocity(u) corresponds to the net result from the addition of all elements with different periods and different velocities within the wave motion.

  7. The draft should be drawn under “ the documentary credit no. 558 / 270557 of midland bank plc ”

  8. To our ancestors and to foreigners, such knowledge was - - or is - - a matter of direct experience, and this knowledge is reliable if in the course of their direct experience the requirement of " scientific abstraction ", spoken of by lenin, was - - or is - - fulfilled and objective reality scientifically reflected, otherwise it is not reliable

    這些知識在古人在外人是直接經驗的東西,如果在古人外人直接經驗時是符合於列寧所說的條件「科學的抽象」 ,是科學地反映了客觀的事物,那末這些知識是可靠的,否則就是不可靠的。
  9. Once a person has been hired, job paying practices do not always conform to the standard of "equal pay for equal work".

  10. The actions of individuals and groups are here understood being in accordance with their aims.

  11. With recognizing the impacts of economic globalization, a variety of critical challenges for the reform and optimization of china ' s foreign - related enterprise income taxation system in the post - wto era can be identified and categorized into four respects : ( 1 ) as to inbound investment, how to adjust the preferential income tax policy dedicated to foreign - invested enterprises ? ( 2 ) as to outbound investment, how to establish an income tax system conducive to carrying out the strategy of chinese enterprises " striding into the outside world ? ( 3 ) while china ' s participation into the integration of international economy has been continuously deepened, how to deal with and develop the international coordination in the field of enterprise income taxation ; and ( 4 ) how to fulfill the obligation of china to ensure the conformity of its foreign - related enterprise income taxation system to the requirements of wto rules

    作者認為,在經濟全球化條件下, 「入世」后中國涉外企業所得稅收制度改革與完善面臨的主要挑戰在四個方面:一是,在有關資本輸入的稅制上,如何調整對外資企業的所得稅收優惠政策;二是,在有關資本輸出的稅制上,如何創建服務于中國企業「走出去」戰略的所得稅收制度;三是,隨著融入國際經濟一體化程度的不斷加深,如何對待和開展有關企業所得稅收的國際協調;四是,中國涉外企業所得稅收的制度安排須符合於wto規則的要求。
  12. He conformed his plans to the new specifications

  13. It can be applied on aluminum parts of electric appliances, domestic appliances and telecommunication equipment

  14. The machines will correspond in all respects with the quality and specifications as stipulated in the contract

  15. To upgrade your kernel you must first choose the kernel most appropriate for your subarchitecture

    若想要升級您的kernel ,您首先必須選定一個最符合於您所使用的平臺的kernel 。
  16. The author believes that the human - purpose is the most important purpose for city - construction and mostly accord with the essence of city

  17. Matching your physical fitness to the demands of the most important events for which you are training produces the best results

    讓你的體質符合於對你最重要的比賽? ?你訓練的目標? ?的要求就會產生最好的結果。
  18. The safety electronics developed by tecsis is designed for redundant signal processing through a dual - channel computer system. as a result it meets the sil - 3 requirements

    由tecsis研發的這種安全電子設備可以通過雙通道計算機系統來處理冗餘信號,它符合於sil - 3的要求。
  19. Kant ' s conclusion is in perfect accord with newton ' s diffident awareness about the limits of his knowledge, and bacon ' s warning against sweeping generalizations

  20. In the end though, it was the sum total of advantages which led to tecsis winning through : highest sensor precision, a product matching in every detail, engineering competence, ability to deliver, faithfulness to deadlines and customer support with high personal commitment just typical of tecsis. at eye level with our customers