符合這一模式 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhèshì]
符合這一模式 英文
fit the pattern
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (符節) tally (with two halves made of wood bamboo jade metal issued by a ruler to gener...
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • : 這代詞(常用在量詞或數量詞前) this
  • : 模名詞1. (模子) mould; pattern; matrix 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : 名詞1 (樣式) type; style 2 (格式) pattern; form 3 (儀式; 典禮) ceremony; ritual 4 (自然科...
  • 符合 : 1 (相合) accord with; tally with; conform to; fit; coincide; correspond; satisfy; adjust to; fu...
  • 模式 : model; mode; pattern; type; schema
  1. This is true in view of the fact that he always manages to choose words concrete, specific, more commonly found, more anglo - saxon, casual and conversational, and employ them often in a syntax of short, simple sentences, which are orderly and patterned, conversational, and sometimes ungrammatical

  2. The fourth part discuss the methods in the military education. all the item in this thesis not only satisfied the requirements of military academies reform but also have the significance on impulsing the education conception transformation and foster the high - quality students for 21 century

  3. This new mode of cooperation insists on principles like equality between different countries, common agreement, the primacy of security and cooperation basing mutual benefit while the areas of cooperation is comprehensive, involving areas such as politics, economy, culture etc. the establishment and development of sco is in the interest of safeguarding the security, stability and the economic development of its member countries

  4. We have a stereotyped idea of what a teacher should look like. we expect male teachers to appear neat and refined, and female ones to wear skirts. principals and parents would become suspicious if a teacher fails to fit into the model

  5. This paper is preluded by summarizing the modeling methods, key techniques in vr ( virtual reality ). based on that, textiles are chosen as the research objects for the reason that previously, because textile distortion mechanism was not introduced, the 3d coordinates on the surface of textiles could not be formalized in accordance with their physical rule. naturally, there was an absence of realism and generality and the movement of textile cannot be simulated under any given forces applied such as rippling in the wind in virtual textile demonstrating

  6. Focusing on the present reform in the basic educational system and the formulation and implementation of the new standard of the curriculum of mathematics, we herein probe into the rationality of new teaching method of collective - teaching - plus - individual - tutorial on the one hand, and on the other hand, sum up the experience we ' ve drawn from this attempt so as to better improve the theory and put it into more practical use in teaching. this, however, is what we consider to be the key of success of this new teaching method

    本文的寫作立足於我國當前的基礎教育改革、數學新課程標準的制訂與實施,方面是對分層遞進教學組織形的某些教育教學規律的因素作深層次的剖析,另方面是對場教學實驗已取得的成果與經驗作出認真的總結,以進步促進分層遞進教學理論的成熟與發展,進步指導分層遞進教學的實踐特別是計算機輔助教學( cai )參與分層遞進教學的實踐,也是分層遞進教學能否深入發展、推廣的關鍵所在。
  7. Using this expression to calculate the optimum rare - earths oxides ( nd2o3, ceo2 and la2o3 ) content of zinc oxide varistor, the quantitative calculation results are in accordance with the experimental results approximately. the double shottky potentical barrier was showed in form of catoon using flash, from which we can comprehend the conduction theory of zinc oxide varistor. the electrical properties of varistor can be improved depend on it

    運用固體物理、半導體和電子薄膜材料的相關理論,建立數學型,推導出了最佳摻雜含量的理論計算,並將之推廣到高溫燒結的氧化鋅壓敏陶瓷材料,運用計算定量計算ndzo3 、 ceoz和lazo3等稀土摻雜的最佳含量,計算結果與本文的實驗結果比較
  8. Solomon systech limited is the major sponsor. wwf launched " ocean s 10 " last june to provide interactive education programmes based on ten selected marine species that live in hong kong waters. this 3 - year education programme has been designed to enhance public understanding of hong kong s marine conservation issues, such as environmental degradation, unsustainable harvesting and pollution, by running a series of interactive education programmes on selected species

  9. After introducing the background and the trend of research on ppv thin film light - emitting diodes ( leds ) and the structure of ppv device and its characterizes, the theoretical model of the leds * light - emitting efficiency was presented. based on this model, the formula of light - emitting efficiency was deduced to be : the injecting - currents and the recombining - efficiencies were calculated nwnerically, we found the calculated results agreed very well with the experimental results under the electric field from 0. 5 x 106 to 1. 5 x 106v / cm, the numeral calculations and theoretical analyzes of the light - emitting efficiency were done. the conclusions were as follows : ( 1 ) the basic mechanism of the injection transportation and recombination of the carriers which were presented in this paper were proved to be right ; ( 2 ) the electroluminescence in ppv thin film is the result of exciton recombination, the light - emitting efficiency was affected by many factors

    本文主要研究聚對苯乙炔( ppv )薄膜發光二極體發光效率及主要影響因素,簡單地介紹了ppv薄膜發光二極體的研究背景及發展趨勢、 ppv器件的結構和性質后,提出了個計算器件發光效率理論型,利用個理論型得出了發光效率公的表達:並對注入電流、復效率等進行了數值計算,通過理地選擇計算參數,發現計算值在場強為0 . 5 10 ~ 6 1 . 5 10 ~ 6v / cm的范圍內與實驗結果較好地,在此基礎上,對發光效率進行了數值計算和理論分析,結果表明:計算結果與理論研究結果相較好,得出結論如下: ( 1 )本文的理論推導正確地反映了器件中載流子的注入、傳輸和復等基本機制; ( 2 ) ppv薄膜中的電致發光是激子復的結果,發光效率受多種因素影響。
  10. The article analyses the requirements of the officers and makes a paper - investigation in some army - unit, studies the causes of these requirements, sums up the encouraging theory in the professional officers. and then, it analyses the problems and causes in the undergoing encouraging system in the present army officers. as last it also gives many good approaches to solve these problems

  11. It hardly needs to be added that neither chicago nor any other city fits perfectly into this ideal scheme.

  12. Lastly, according to the alteration feature of the hotel distribution environment, the thesis summarizes and propose some workable operation patterns and ideas, including establishing new business pattern, choosing the correct electronic distribution channels in line with the environment alteration, establishing customer oriented information providing system and reforming the pricing policy

  13. Finally, the crack width computation is discussed. as the crack model ca n ' t calculate the crack width alone, this paper adopts the method of combining the crack model and the experiential formula of space between crack. considering the uniformity factor is ignored in the experiential formula of space between crack, the formula of space between crack is modified so that it is fit for the real case

  14. This paper studies a famous car dealer - - - - huajin company, providing 3s ( sale, spare part, service ) of a car, and its strategy on how to set up a brand to improve the company ’ s competitive competence. as to the valuable concept of a car company ’ s 4s store ( the brand concept : the future of the automobile, reliability, durability, safety, innovation design ; the product concept : pioneering technology, comfortable and luxurious ride quality, excellent design and processing ; the service concept : international sales and service commitment, customer care is the first priority of all ), the author proposed a matchable concept for huajin company - - - the 4s store of a car : customers always be satisfied. the detailed description of the concept is that the company is one who emphasizes on satisfying customer and

    產品: ( product )領先的技術( pioneeringtechnology ) ,舒適豪華的駕乘感受( comfortableandluxuriousridequality ) 、精湛的工藝( excellentdesignandprocessing )服務: ( service )國際化的銷售和服務承諾、 ( internationalsalesandservicecommitment )顧客至上( customercareisthefirstpriorityofmercedes - benz )經過反復思考,文章提出了既a汽車公司對其全球經銷商統的戰略定位,又更集中焦點、堅持核心價值的華錦公司的品牌核心價值定位為: 「客戶持續滿意」 ,具體描述如下:家以創造持續滿意為核心的公司,它是以a汽車為核心產品,集整車銷售( sale ) 、零配件( sparepart ) 、售後服務( service )體的專業汽車經銷企業;它以全新的品牌理念、服務
  15. Base on mathematics philosophy of the content and object of mathematics, this paper discussed the problem about abstraction of mathematics, put forward that mathematics had the major forms of abstraction, and gave some analyses about the validity of mathematics abstraction, and the teaching strategy of using this feature

  16. Parsing purists might take issue with my characterization : " built - in schema types are defined syntactically, and patterns built on those built - in are thusly also formally syntactic. " but in practical terms, when you declare that a given element must be a

    語法分析純化論者可能會就我的描述提出異議: 「內置類型是從語法上定義的,因此構建在些內置類型上的在形上也是語法的。 」但在實際情況中,當聲明個給定的元素必須是
  17. Voice communications and data transmission made along beijing s expressway removed doubts in people s mind about speed of terminal movement and coverage radius of base station of tdd mode. as a result of the experimentation, the datang group and the siemens company plan to organize a large - scale td scdma field demonstration in the near future. according to technical personnel who participated in the field experimentation, with progress of the experimentation, speed of terminal movement allowed by the system can be raised further

    經過在北京高速公路上所做的現場通話和數據傳輸試驗表明: td - scdma終端的移動時速可以達到125km ,基站信號功率覆蓋半徑超過16km ,且通話話音清晰,圖象傳輸穩定,試驗結果完全證明td - scdma技術標準完全國際電聯( itu )對第三代移動通信的要求,消除了人們對于tdd在終端移動速度和基站覆蓋半徑的疑慮。
  18. However, just making information available from the underlying data sources, even if in a much more easily understood and usable form, clearly does not meet the goal of incorporating business logic into the user s model

  19. Using these models, you can provide a dynamic environment for automated serialization of instance documents that adhere to the combined functional schema definitions, while providing a directed editing experience

  20. In order to get the answer, four parts of my article make comparison and studies in full details. in each part, the method of my study is first make comparison between china and international current model and then find the discrepancy, analyze the reasons of such discrepancy, and point out the future trend by studying the relative theory. the first part makes the comparative study of the common and different parts of china ' s accounting standard making institution and the foreign current model