符合陣列 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhènliè]
符合陣列 英文
coincidence array
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (符節) tally (with two halves made of wood bamboo jade metal issued by a ruler to gener...
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (作戰隊伍的行列或組合方式) battle array [formation]: 布陣 deploy the troops in battle fo...
  • : Ⅰ動1 (排列) arrange; form a line; line up 2 (安排到某類事物之中) list; enter in a list Ⅱ名詞1...
  • 符合 : 1 (相合) accord with; tally with; conform to; fit; coincide; correspond; satisfy; adjust to; fu...
  • 陣列 : [統計學] array陣列處理機 array processor; 陣列印表機 array printer; 陣列雷達 [電學] array radar
  1. The experiment was carried out at the lawrence berkeley national laboratory ( u. s. a ). a 252cf was placed at the center of the gammasphere detector array which, for this experiment, consisted of 102 compton - suppressed ge detectors. by measuring prompt - ray of spontaneous fission from 252cf, a total of 5. 7 1011 triple - and higher - fold coincidence events were collected

    實驗工作是在美國洛侖茲伯克利國家實驗室( lbnl )的gammasphere探測裝置上完成的, 252cf自發裂變源放置在一個由102個反康ge探測器組成的gammasphere探測器的中心,測量自發裂變產生的瞬發譜,記錄三重以上的事件。
  2. The whole part of the data acquisition is build in a computer as two data acquisition cards. they are front card and rear card. the front card composed of four modules. they are : coin circuit module, data flow controller module, sdram array module and system bus interface module. the rear card composed of four odules. they are : asynchronous serial port interface module, adc control odule, ecg signal process module and gate control data produce module

    數據採集模式實現部分的大部分工作是在前面板上完成的,後面板主要是一些外圍電路。前面板採集卡上從物理上來說主要有四塊電路:電路,數據流控制器電路, sdram和系統總線介面電路組成。後面板採集卡從總體物理上主要有四塊電路組成: 485串通信電路, adc控制電路,心電數據處理電路和門控信號產生電路。
  3. A microstrip array is designed to meet the needs of the technical specifications. a hybrid method with the full wave, fft and biconjugate gradient ( bcg ) is used to calculate the current distributions on the microstrip. the simulated results show that the method can improve the analysis efficiency and speed up the calculation speed

    研製了技術指標的微帶天線,設計中將傳統的全波分析方法與快速付立葉變換( fft )和雙共軛梯度( bcg )法結起來,用於分析微帶天線的電流分佈,改進了計算方法,加快了計算速度。
  4. Using the theories of probability, algebra and number theory comprehensively, we investigate a class of boolean functions with three - valued walsh spectrum in the first part of this dissertation : the properties of the extended semi - bent functions, which are constructed from any two bent functions, are studied, followed by the structure characteristics of the boolean functions satisfying propagation criterion with respect to all but two vectors ; the definition and cryptographic properties of k - order quasi - bent functions are proposed whose walsh spectrum takes on only three values. some sufficient and necessary conditions are offered to decide whether a boolean function is a k - order quasi - bent function ; a special method is presented to construct the k - order quasi - bent functions, whose cryptographic properties are explored by the matrix method, which is different from the method of walsh spectrum and that of autocorrelation of boolean functions ; the application of this kind of boolean functions in the fields of stream cipher, communications and block ciphers is discussed, which shows the great importance of the fc - order quasi - bent functions ; some methodology are proposed to construct the k - order quasi - bent functions, including the complete construction by using the characteristic matrices of boolean functions, and the recursive method by two known k - order quasi - bent functions we further extend our investigation to the ring zp, where p is a prime, and the similar results are presented as far as the p - valued quasi - generalized - bent functions are considered

    本文首先綜運用概率論、代數學、數論等基礎學科的理論知識,並以頻譜理論作為主要研究工具,對一類譜值分佈相對均勻的函數? ?廣半bent函數、 k階擬bent函數和p值k階擬廣義bent函數進行了系統、深入的研究,給出了廣半bent函數定義,並探討了廣半bent函數的密碼學性質;給出了k階擬bent函數和p值k階擬廣義bent函數的定義及等價判別條件;討論了k階擬bent函數和p值k階擬廣義bent函數與部分bent函數和p值廣義部分bent函數的關系,探討了它們的密碼學性質;給出了k階擬bent函數和p值k階擬廣義bent函數的典型構造方法,並將對k階擬bent函數的密碼性質的研究轉化到對一類特殊的矩的研究上;利用布爾函數的特徵矩原則上給出了k階擬bent函數的一種完全構造方法,還給出了從已有的p值k階擬廣義bent函數出發,遞歸構造變元個數更多的p值k階擬廣義bent函數的方法;初步探討了k階擬bent函數在序密碼、分組密碼以及通信中的應用;給出了一類布爾函數walsh譜的分解式,並利用這類布爾函數的walsh譜分解式給出了一類近似穩定的布爾函數的構造,特殊情形下為k階擬bent函數;利用代數數論的知識考察了p值k階擬廣義bent函數的譜特徵,並給出了k階擬廣義bent函數與所有仿射函數的率特徵等等。
  5. The minimum detectable limit of the nuclear radiation detector array is an important technic criteria to judge whether the detector satisfies the detecting requirements or not

  6. Through the i 、 q component of ipix radar sea clutter data " s histogram analyses and by skewness and kurtosis computed, it is been shown that sea clutter amplitude is not rayleigh distribution ; through the comparison of amplitude histogram and distributed models with the same parameters, it is been shown that hh polarization clutter is lognormal distribution, whereas vv polarization is k - distribution ; at the same time the correlation function and power spectrum density are been analyzed, at last the correlation compound k - distribution stochastic sequences whose covariance matrix is been given are been generated through sirp algorithm

    文中先介紹了海雜波幅度的有關模型,通過對ipix雷達海雜波數據的i 、 q分量的直方圖以及傾斜度和峰度進行了分析和計算,證明了海雜波幅度不服從瑞利分佈;使用幅度直方圖和相同參數下的各種分佈模型進行比較,得出hh極化對數正態分佈,而vv極化服從k -分佈的結論;同時對海雜波的相關函數和功率譜進行了分析,最後使用sirp演算法產生了給定協方差矩的相關復k -分佈隨機序
  7. Experiment results prove that this algorithm is a practical and effective method, with which the ideal cross - section curve can be acquired. the result is coincidence to the standard iri ( the international roughness index ) and meets the necessity

  8. The relevant signal processing algorithm is discussed, with emphasis on the array combining, symbol cancellation, optimal detection ordering