葉狀結構 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhuàngjiēgòu]
葉狀結構 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (形狀) form; shape 2 (情況) state; condition; situation; circumstances 3 (陳述事件或...
  • : 結動詞(長出果實或種子) bear (fruit); form (seed)
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (構造; 組合) construct; form; compose 2 (結成) fabricate; make up 3 (建造; 架屋) bui...
  • 結構 : 1 (各組成部分的搭配形式) structure; composition; construction; formation; constitution; fabric;...
  1. The occurrence of apomictic reproductive structures on the leaf of the bog orchid, is of interest.

  2. Lobular clusters of glands with cribriform architecture

  3. The texture can be systematically classified as the six types : the felt - like texture, the micro - fibrous cryptocrystalline texture, the micro - fibrous texture, the micro - leaf - like cryptocrystalline texture, the micro - leaf - like texture and the radiated fibrous texture

  4. Most grass embryos have a flap-like structure known as the epiblast.

  5. On the indexes of harmonic foliations

  6. Ruichi " brandmagnetic pump is mainly made up of pumpbody, gears, magnetic combined bearing equiptment isolation cover, motor and so on. gear wheels joined with the inner magnetic steel are fixed in a hermetically sealed chamber which is made up of pumpbody and isolation cover. the motor powers the outer magnetic steel, the outer magnetic steel power the inner steel. gear sheels are made to try turn. thus dynamic hermetis seal is replaced by a static hermetic seal to get the result of importing medium wihtout leakages

  7. When viewed under a microscope, the liver is seen as large network of units called hepatic lobules. the hepatic lobule is very small and looks like a six - sided cylinder

  8. 1. the study of comparative anatomy on the structure of seedlings of acorus tatarinowii and zantedeschia aethiopica suggested a. tatarinowii was more primitive " x " - shape mesarch haplostele, while z aethiopica atactostele ; the actinostele of root of the former was di - to octoarch, but the latter only di - to pentarch ; the pattern of endothecial wall thickening in a. tatarinowii was characteristic of five - face thickened and contained passage cell, while z. aethiopica four - faced thickened and known as casparian strip

    通過對石菖蒲和馬蹄蓮幼苗的比較解剖學研究,發現石菖蒲幼苗的子節區下部為原始的中始式二原型的「工」字形的單中柱,而馬蹄蓮為散生中柱;石菖蒲根的維管柱為2 - 8原型星中柱,馬蹄蓮為2 - 5原型星中柱。石菖蒲根的內皮層細胞壁為馬蹄形五面加厚;而馬蹄蓮為凱氏帶四面加厚。
  9. As for the leaves, we use bezier curves to describe shape of leaf midrib. the texture image of leaf is embedded into the space of local frames along the midrib curve

  10. A very small tongue - shaped flap of tissue inserted on the upper surface of the leaves ( microsporophylls ) and sporophylls of certain clubmosses ( e. g. selaginella ) and quillworts ( isoetes )

    某些石松門(如卷柏)和水韭類植物(水韭屬)的孢子上具有的一種極小的舌, 。
  11. We find the chimeric protein in leaf epidermal cells, stomatal guard cell and root epidermal cell. actin filaments can be visualized clearly in guard cell, in guard cells of open stomata under light, actin filaments arrange reticulate randomly in cytoplasm. in guard cells of closed stomata under darkness, actin filaments arrange curly along the longitude of guard cell

  12. Secondly, in phase unwrapping to overcome the spread of wrong point, changing the patch of unwrapping phase is done to improve the correctness of it. then, the relation between the unwrapping phase and the height of reconstructed object is discussed detailedly. the data processing, algorithm analysis and reconstructing object are done for the collecting fringe image which are all based on matlab language, in all these achievements, the improvement and innovation aspect are following : a ) in order to stabilize the interference fringe, a new equivalent shifting object method is presented by using fringe stabilizing device to stabilize the interference fringe though moving object and ccd camera which fixed on a precise moving platform together, the experimental result shows the fringe drift is less than a / 20 in five minutes, and the equivalent phase shifting precision is x / 100

    論文在全面闡述了光學三維輪廓位相測量術的發展、應用現、研究熱點及未來發展趨勢的基礎上,簡要介紹了傅立變換和相移位相輪廓測量術的基本原理,對兩種測量方法存在的問題及誤差進行詳細分析和比較;針對位相解包裹錯誤點的傳播問題,作者通過改變解包裹路徑來提高位相解包裹的正確性;分析討論從解包裹位相( x , y )到再現物體的高度h ( x , y )物理量之間的關系,研究相應的演算法,利用matlab平臺,對實際採集的條紋圖像進行處理和輪廓重,其中改進及創新工作主要表現在以下兩個方面: ( a )針對干涉型光場干涉條紋出現的漂移抖動對相移的影響,提出了一種用條紋穩定器穩定干涉條紋,用精密移動平臺使物體和ccd攝像頭同步移動實現等效相移的方法,建立了相應的測量系統,系統的條紋穩定可以達到。
  13. The evolutional trends of the twig, leaf, florescence, tepal and fruits were discussed. 2. anatomy of both leaf and lemma epidermis micro - morphological characters of leaf epiderm is of 11 species and 1 varities of machilus distribute in zhejiang were examined by lm and sem

  14. These sounds are generally emitted through the mouth, but horseshoe and leaf - nosed bats emit their echolocation calls through their nostrils, there they have basal fleshy horseshoe or leaf - like structures that are well adapted to function as megaphones

  15. Were conducted. the results show that all the 4 species of pine leaves have a specific transportation tissue. these 4 species are different from each other by their morphological and histological characteristics

    對馬尾松、雲南松、華山松、油松的原植物形態、藥材性、顯微造、粉末特徵進行了對比研究,發現四種松在組織上均具有一種特殊組織? ?轉輸組織。
  16. Thin sections of host leaf cells infected by bbwv - 2 isolate b935, which were gold - labeled by antibodies of bbwv - 2 coat protein ( cp ) and vp37, respectively, were prepared to elucidate the locations of vp37 in cell and possible function of vp37 and cp in cell to cell movement. observation in electron microscope showed that virus particles were presented not only in cytoplasma but also in chloroplast, while vp37 was existed only in cytoplasma and associated with tubular structure through the cell wall

    為研究vp37在寄主細胞中的作用機制及其在細胞中的分佈,通過膠體金間接標記6his - vp37兔抗血清,同時還標記了病毒的外殼蛋白單克隆抗體,對bbwv - 2分離物b935感染的病超薄切片的電子顯微鏡觀察發現:病毒粒子除了聚集在胞質中,還存在於寄主的綠體內; vp37蛋白能在細胞壁上形成管,在胞質中亦有分佈。
  17. Stem a longitudinal axis upon which are borne the leaves, buds, and reproductive organs of the plant

  18. In higher salinity ( 200, 400mm ) the lamellae expanded remarkably, the membrane of the chloroplast was broken, some crystallinity was found in some chloroplast. there is also some compound vesicular structure in the mesophyll cells under salt stress. the results were discussed with regard to the mechanism by which the vesicular structure was produced

  19. When using pb ( ac ) 2 and thiourea as reactants, keeping ph value more than 10, the autoclave was maintained at 200c for 20h, the products were well crystallized star - shaped pbs nanostructures

    若保持錫硫摩爾比為1 : 4 ,在160下反應24小時,得到的產物為sns _ 2
  20. In hf ( high frequency ) radar, the targets detected based on the spectrum processed by the two - dimension fft are peak - like, which makes the operator distinguish them from the clutter and background noise easiler in the 3d ( three - dimension ) display than the 2d