符合優度 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yōu]
符合優度 英文
goodness of fit
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (符節) tally (with two halves made of wood bamboo jade metal issued by a ruler to gener...
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • : 度動詞[書面語] (推測; 估計) surmise; estimate
  • 符合 : 1 (相合) accord with; tally with; conform to; fit; coincide; correspond; satisfy; adjust to; fu...
  1. The method of modified simplex was applied to optimize the models, and the fitting results show that liu - logistic model was more suitable than logistic model to the actual growth trend of form. taxus chinensis var. mairei population, and the highest growth rate of basal area was the tenth age class, namely the phase when breast diameter was 68 ~ 76 cm

    以胸高斷面積代替種群生物量,分別採用logistic常規模型及劉金福提出的logistic改進模型對南方紅豆杉種群的增長動態進行研究,運用改進單純形法對模型進行化,擬結果表明改進模型比logistic常規模型更南方紅豆杉種群的增長趨勢,南方紅豆杉種群的最大增長速出現在第10齡級,即胸徑為68 76cm時期。
  2. As it can be expressed easily by argument equations, we use the conicoid as the criteria of points " classification. based on the point ' s normal and the adjacent field, corresponding to the conicoid equation such as plane, ball and cylinder, we search the points that fit the equation along the adjacent field. using this method, we realized the automatic classification of unorganized points

  3. The small packing adhesive, which is a modified product from ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymerized emulsion, has high solid content, low viscosity, and good adhesive strength. the product is up to the standard of foodstuff hygiene and suitable for the small package of the cigarette packing production line with stable adhesive application and the making speed up to 400 packs per minute. type i is for white card paper, while type ii is for golden card paper

  4. Enterprises must compare with the best satisfaction value after receiving the index satisfaction at all levels, find out one ' s own advantage and disparity from it, implement and improve, about improve model question that input and output maximized in fact, enterprises are in a situation that the capital cost is certain, the rational input to each index of distribution, make customer satisfaction get the greatest improvement customer satisfaction test and assessment is a dynamic course, enterprises must also implement a lot of investigations, measure satisfaction value many times, in order to check the impro ved result, cany on essential adjustment, make the improvement scheme correspond to reality

  5. The molecules we studied are a series of trans - stilbene derivatives. first, we applied dft method optimized the new synthesis molecule 4, 4 ' - bis ( dimethylamino ) stilbene ' s structure, and used few states model calculated its tpa cross section. the results agree well with the experiment data

    首先,我們在密泛函理論( densityfunctiontheory )的水平上對最近成的分子材料4 , 4 -二甲氨基二苯乙烯的結構進行了化,然後採用少態模型方法計算了分子的雙光子吸收截面,得到了與實驗很好的結果。
  6. Products mainly for cowboy clothing washed processing, an alternative to traditional storage techniques, so that the processed cowboy clothing millstone snowflakes section number, a strong sense of three - dimensional, colored light contrast gradient well, i use the cellulose enzyme companies not only to reduce clothing and equipment wear and tear, but a moderate processes, efficient, sewage little benefit environmental protection, energy saving and other saving benefits, with green textile, dyeing green development

  7. Aesthetic appearance is one of the most important criteria used by consumers in judging clothing wear performance. bagging is a kind of three - dimensional residual deformation that deteriorates garment appearance during wear and caused dissatisfaction. to understand the psychophysical mechanisms of fabric bagging perception, a method of subjectively evaluating this behavior is developed by using a series of photographs taken from bagged fabric samples. both ranking and rating scales are used as the psychological scales. the two scales are highly correlated with each other, but the rating scale provides more information than the ranking scales and can indicate perceived differences between fabrics. a linear relationship between subjective perceptions and measured residual bagging height shows that perception of fabric bagging follows stevens ? power law. residual bagging height contributes up to 94 % of the total variance in the perception of fabric bagging. the rest of the variation may be attributed to anistropic behavior during the bagging process

    美觀是消費者日常服裝穿著功能中最重要的指標之一.起拱是一種外衣穿著中引起變化,令人不滿的三維殘余變形.一種主觀評價方法是從一系列起拱織物的照片來理解心理物理學規律,採用劣排序等級和劣評判等級兩種方法用於心理評價標.這兩種等級互相間緊密相關,但評判等級比排序等級包含更多的信息,可以更好地區分出兩種織物間的差異.主觀評價結果與測量得到的殘余起拱高之間線性相關,表明了織物起拱特性斯特藩指數定律.殘余起拱高對織物起拱特性總方差的貢獻在94 %以上.其它可能是起拱時各向異性因素引起的
  8. Begin for the problem that some parameters can not be simulated exactly before, according to the data observed on - site, the dynamic elastic modulus and the elastic modulus of the spar of the rooftop has been reckoned in reverse with the function of ansys optimum. design

  9. In rational selecting talent for the job, we must abolish the ideas such as " attaching importance to diploma only ", learning " can be postponed ", " arranging posts according to longevity " and " demanding perfection ", set up the new ideas such as " attaching importance to actual achievement ", " stressing efficiency ", " arranging posts according to ability " and " making use of individual speciality ", and set up the new mechanism of talent thriving enterprise, that is : to set up the talent selecting mechanism that accords with modem enterprise system requirement, learning and developing type personnel training mechanism, talent appraisement mechanism that achievement and efficiency have priority, the talent encouraging and restricting mechanism that integrates market

    理用人方面,我們必須破除「唯文憑論」 、學習「可遲可緩」 、 「論資排輩」 、 「求全責備」等觀念,樹立「注重實績」 、 「講求效率」 、 「唯才是舉」 、 「用其所長」的新觀念,構建人才強企的新機制,即:構建現代企業制要求的人才選用機制、學習開發型的人才培養機制、績效先的人才評價機制、與市場接軌的人才激勵約束機制。
  10. Through the systematical analyses measure, which combine classical model of project management and latest modern theory, the thesis integrative analyses the every factor which belong to scope management s time management 、 cost management 、 quality management 、 risk management 、 human resource management 、 procurement managements communication management and integration management of hunan international convention and exhibition center. especially research the effective and practical measure, which include time management of wbs s systematic model measure of risk management s earned value of investment control etc. it has continuous improved and developed the practice of project management, has realized the transform procedure from theory study to practical application. at the same time, the thesis discuss the development thinking of convention and exhibition economy, discuss the future study direction of project management science in our country, summarizes and evaluates the achievement which result from exce llent project management

  11. From the point of view of the model, the reason is that this method can express profuse curves or curved surfaces, and can approximate the optimal performance

  12. After that it will calculate the risk of collision and give out the recommended actions of collision avoidance. experimentation has proved that abaas has the advantages such as real - time display, fast responding to risks, easy operation, which make it a promising technology in the study of aas

    以數見, iiwe算船舶運動參數,根拋會巡形勢計算碰拖危險並給出避碰建議,具有反應實時、操作方便等點,船舶自動泱策技術研究的發展方向。
  13. The program of data processing in determination of percent released of pharmaceutical preparation was developed ; two modules included in this program are connected but independence each other, one module calculate percent released, one module regress equation ; determination of percent released of pharmaceutical preparation, comparison of released curve in one reference frame and modeling mathematics model were realized by running this program. the program of formulation optimization based on artificial neural network was compiled to solve the nonlinear problem in formulation optimization. provided parameters were used to predict the released amount of a set of formulations

  14. She will be awarded the master of economy at ocean university of china in auguest, 2003. now, she is continuing her research work in the field of investment. the generalized system of preference ( gsp ) is a system that the developed countries give reduction or exemption of customs duty on the basis of mfn tariff rate when they import products from the preference receiving countries

  15. The effect of various additives on the phase stability and water acceptance of methanol gasoline was discussed in detail

  16. The results show that coincidence detection method has obvious benefit in detecting nuclear warheads. for the same type warhead, the coincidence counts rates of the model of warhead of heu pit is 10 times as big as that of fake warhead of natural uranium pit. if we know the nuclear warheads configuration by other methods, the method of coincidence neutron detection could be used to distinguis h the fake nuclear warheads from the reals

  17. A full mathematical model of optimal flow pattern design withengineering constraints was put forward, based on modern optimal control theory. an optimal flow pattern design was presented for optimizing meridional channel of axial flow turbine. according to integral optimization of turbine stages, a full physical model and mathematical expression were put forward for proposition of optimal flow pattern, including all performance parameters in turbine stages. this problem was further recast into a typical form control to maximize specific performance index such as work or efficiency of stage with given initial state, fixed terminal condition and constraints for part of state terminal variables. the program was also worked out according penalty function method and conjugate gradient method. the optimal distribution of c1ur1 ( r1 ) was obtained according to constraint conditions and maximized objective function

  18. With recognizing the impacts of economic globalization, a variety of critical challenges for the reform and optimization of china ' s foreign - related enterprise income taxation system in the post - wto era can be identified and categorized into four respects : ( 1 ) as to inbound investment, how to adjust the preferential income tax policy dedicated to foreign - invested enterprises ? ( 2 ) as to outbound investment, how to establish an income tax system conducive to carrying out the strategy of chinese enterprises " striding into the outside world ? ( 3 ) while china ' s participation into the integration of international economy has been continuously deepened, how to deal with and develop the international coordination in the field of enterprise income taxation ; and ( 4 ) how to fulfill the obligation of china to ensure the conformity of its foreign - related enterprise income taxation system to the requirements of wto rules

    作者認為,在經濟全球化條件下, 「入世」后中國涉外企業所得稅收制改革與完善面臨的主要挑戰在於四個方面:一是,在有關資本輸入的稅制上,如何調整對外資企業的所得稅收惠政策;二是,在有關資本輸出的稅制上,如何創建服務于中國企業「走出去」戰略的所得稅收制;三是,隨著融入國際經濟一體化程的不斷加深,如何對待和開展有關企業所得稅收的國際協調;四是,中國涉外企業所得稅收的制安排須於wto規則的要求。
  19. The urban sustainable development occupies an important place in the national sustainable development. big and medium - sized city have many advantages in sustainable development, such as history tradition, geographical position, etc. they have stronger condense power, faster development speed, higher profit. in addition, they accord with the economic regular that optimum distribution of resources

  20. The data used in the risk assessment of regional natural disasters imply the information not only on time but also on space. when the spatial information of the data is incomplete, it is necessary to optimize the data in order to reduce the error of the assessment. in the counterpart of the paper in last issue of the journal the theoretical investigation of the problem was carried out and the imcomplete information occured in risk assessment of regionalnatural disasters were class ifiedinto two types with treatment of interpolation model and correcting model res pectively. the former model is for insufficiency of the data and the later is for the case in which the accuracy of the data is not enough. inthispaper, taking the flood sustained by rural area plant in hunan province as an example, it is explained how to use the models to calculate. the models are examined as well