第三條路 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [sāntiáo]
第三條路 英文
the third way
  • : Ⅰ助詞(用在整數的數詞前 表示次序) auxiliary word for ordinal numbers Ⅱ名詞1 [書面語] (科第) gr...
  • : Ⅰ數詞1. (二加一后所得) three 2. (表示多數或多次) more than two; several; many Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (細長的樹枝) twig 2 (條子) slip; strip 3 (分項目的) item; article 4 (層次; 秩序; 條...
  • : 1 (道路) road; way; path 2 (路程) journey; distance 3 (途徑; 門路) way; means 4 (條理) se...
  • 第三 : third第三帝國 [德國] the third reich (1934 1945); 第三 (層)樓 [美國] third story; [英國] seco...
  1. In the post cold war and globalization times, more and more impact emerged in the welfare states and the old security system environment was changed ? in the process of the west european states finding new solutions for the conjuncture, the third way was presented. the paper studies the security system of british, france and germen

  2. By the frame of the theory of institutional innovation, we may post the contrail of the third way more syllabically

  3. The events aim to give a fillip to the so - called " third way " that informed the politics of the centre - left in the 1990s

    "在上世紀90年代對中左派政治有重要影響。英語新聞學習http : news . jewelove . net
  4. The third line of development is that of higher geometry.

  5. A third border link at lok ma chau, which connects with the ntcr by a grade separated interchange, was completed in december 1989

  6. The significant reverberation of european political pendulum shows that the third way policies are defective in theory and difficult in practice

    這一耐人玩味的歐洲政治鐘擺的回蕩說明, 「」在理論上存在重大缺陷,在實踐中已陷於困境。
  7. The evolution and developments of the

  8. Innovation and reformation is the core of the third way thought

  9. Legal comments on the disputes of euthanasia and third road

  10. We might name it the third way thought as well

  11. The essence of the third route and its modern interpretation

  12. " the new centre " the third way

    即"" 。
  13. And the third way is by freezing their current interest rate for five years

  14. The third way besides

  15. After 3 more kilometers. a third road on your right

  16. Is there a third way

  17. Between the two extremes of bloody conflict and submissiveness of one group to another, is there some third road we can take

  18. Yu - jen wu, 1999. the contemporary context of taiwanese industrial relations : the legacies of an authoritarian regime. labour, capital and society, 32 ( 1 ) : 6 - 33

    吳育仁, 2000 ,勞動關系新思維:英國第三條路的政治經濟哲學。理論與政策, 14卷4期,頁91 112 。
  19. In conclusion, the research findings have verified the main theme of this dissertation : the decision - making process of american trade policy features some unique american styles, such as dynamic consistency, constrainingconstitutional failure, and “ two - level game politics ” decision - making under the guidance of third hand / third way

  20. Finally, a thorough empirical study was conducted for the whole decision - making process, reaching the conclusions being able to verify the above tentative hypotheses with only a minor modification, the three major findings are briefed as follows : ( 1 ) the essence of american trade policies is dominated by elite factions, while the practice by interest groups and general public, however the symbolic meanings in the minds of grassroots have always grasped central attentions ; ( 2 ) american trade policies are rooted in third hand / third way ; and ( 3 ) the genuine decision - making behavior is characterized as “ two - level game politics ” model, surpassing prevailing “ trade politics ” model and interacting “ ideological politics ”, “ trade politics ”, and “ symbolic politics ” models

    主要研究結果有: ( 1 )美國貿易政策的本質由精英派系所主導,而實施措施則會受到一般民意及利益團體的影響,不過草根民眾心目中的象徵意義自始至終都是必須妥善因應的中心課題; ( 2 )隻手/第三條路為驅動美國貿易政策的原動力;以及( 3 )整個決策過程的決策模式已經超越了「貿易政治」模式,而是「意識政治」 、 「貿易政治」及「象徵政治」個模式互動的「兩面策略政治」模式。