等容曲線 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [děngróngxiàn]
等容曲線 英文
constant volume curve
  • : Ⅰ量詞1 (等級) class; grade; rank 2 (種; 類) kind; sort; type Ⅱ形容詞(程度或數量上相同) equa...
  • : 曲名詞1 (一種韻文形式) qu a type of verse for singing which emerged in the southern song and ji...
  • : 名詞1 (用絲、棉、金屬等製成的細長的東西) thread; string; wire 2 [數學] (一個點任意移動所構成的...
  • 曲線 : [數學] curve; bight; bought; profile; net曲線板 french curve; irregular curve; curve board; splin...
  1. We select ni / cr alloy resistor as element together with ceramic embedding hearth ; select small flat - and - disc heat - even hubby ceramic sample holder, select ni / cr & ni / si thermoelectric couple ( type k ) as thermoscope with threads 0. 5 mm in diameter which is installed in the middle of the holders symmetrically ; select aluminum silicate fire - retardant fiber as materials for heat preservation ; design some hardware, for example temperature controller & transporter, signal amplifier etc ; design controlling curve to heat stove ; and introduce the method of least squares nonlinear regression and subsection function to deal with data. in order to obtain the reasonable operation conditions and operation curve, we have also done many theory analysis and experiment discussions

    通過理論和試驗探討,選用鎳鉻合金電阻絲作為加熱元件,配以陶瓷質埋入式爐膛;選用陶瓷質小尺寸扁平?圓盤均熱塊體型樣品支持器;選用0 . 5mm絲徑鎳鉻?鎳硅熱電偶( k )作為測溫元件;熱電偶對稱安置在樣品支持器器的中部;選用硅酸鋁耐火纖維作保溫材料;合理選用和設計了溫度控制器、溫度變送器、信號放大電路硬體;採用升溫來控制爐膛供熱過程;採用最小二乘法非性回歸與分段函數相結合的模擬方法,進行圖形處理。
  2. In the paper, the four methods based on the evaluation of source ’ s reactive power are analyzed. those are voltage sensitivity ( vs ), pv curves, back - up generation and equivalent reactive compensation ( erc ) methods

    由此文章分析了四種評估無功量價值的方法:電壓靈敏度法、 pv法、備用發電量法和效無功補償法。
  3. With the numerical solution, an internal condensation critical curve can be calculated out by condensation theory and depositing theory, on the curve, the enter water ability equal to the out water ability, which can be used as the basis to determine the occurrence of internal condensation. but the result doesn ’ t coincide with the real completely. in this dissertation, we plan to get the critical curve by practical experiment results, because that the enter water ability only relates to the condensation density and the out water ability only relate to the volume ratio of the pneumatics system

  4. Linear induction motor is an important kind of machines which have some merits such as simple structure, low cost, durability, convenience for maintenance etc. the subject of this thesis is to study a big circular ring linear induction motor, and the major works in this thesis are summarized as follows : ( 1 ) considering the effects of the finite length of primary core, one - dimension analytical solution for the air gap field is cited in this paper. based on it, the single layer winding magnetic field is studied. considering whole - pitched and short - pitched winding configuration with odd poles and half - fulled slots in both ends, the double - layer winding magnetic field is analyzed, respectively

    本文對大圓環直感應電機進行了深入細致研究,內包括: ( 1 )本文採用有限長行波面電流作用於有限長鐵芯上的模型,引用了氣隙磁場一維解,研究了單層繞組磁場,奇數極半填槽雙層繞組在採用整距和短距時磁場的分析、比較,簡單介紹了二維解; ( 2 )用有限元軟體ansoft對大圓環直感應電機空載氣隙磁場進行了靜態分析,並分析了結果; ( 3 )用軟體進行了額定電壓下的瞬態分析,得到了轉矩,位移,轉速隨時間變化圖,利用單極性霍爾元件測定轉速並與軟體計算結果進行了比較,採用效電路法計算了堵轉時的最大電磁力並做實驗進行了驗證,由實驗測得了三相電流波形,並與計算結果進行了比較,對其不對稱性進行了定性分析。
  5. The results indicated that the dimension, shape and purity of base material could meet the functional demand of solid lubricant ; the thermal decomposition temperature of ptfe resin exceeds 400 c, but organic and inorganic packing filler added in ptfe made the water absorption rate of composite material increased, melting temperature and decomposition temperature decreased, in the meanwhile oxidative decomposition reaction was accompanied ; polar groups such as c = o, c - o - c and so on in the carbon fiber surface is advantageous to increase compatibility with other components and interlayer shearing strength ; uniform design experimental method could help to find the relationship between formula and frictional property by relatively small tests. the developing trend of each formula ' s friction coefficient could be showed by fitting curve ; the friction coefficient with no copper powder or graphite in formula was relatively big. this fact showed that copper powder and graphite should be used cooperatively ; it was found that when the ratio of copper powder to graphite by weight is 15 : 60, 30 : 30 - 40 and 60 : 15 - 30 respectively, the friction coefficient was relatively small. the degree of crystallinity of pure ptfe reached maximum by air cooling and the abrasion loss also reached maximum among three ones ; at the same time, the abrasion loss of solid lubricant sample was also the biggest among three ones ; when solid lubricant matched with 45 # steel axle or gcrl5 steel axle, lubricant transfer film could be formed on metal surface, thus direct contact between the surface of metal friction pair rings was reduced. their working life was elongated extremely ; there was mainly much graphite, a little ptff, moo3, feso4, cus and so on in lubricant transfer film

    試驗結果表明:所選原料的尺寸、形狀及純度可滿足固體潤滑劑的性能要求;聚四氟乙烯樹脂熱分解溫度超過400 ,但在ptfe中加入無機填料會使復合材料吸水率提高,熔融溫度及分解溫度降低,且伴有氧化分解反應;碳纖維表面含有c = o及c - o - c極性基團,有利於提高其與其它組分的相性,提高層間剪切強度;均勻設計試驗方法能夠用較少的試驗次數找出配方與摩擦性能間的關系,擬合基本能表示各配方的摩擦系數發展趨勢;配方中不加銅粉或不加石墨,其摩擦系數均較高,說明銅粉和石墨應該配合使用;當銅粉15份、石墨60份時,銅粉30份、石墨30 - 40份時,銅粉60 、石墨15 - 30份時,摩擦系數均具有較低值;純聚四氟乙烯樹脂在空氣冷卻時結晶度最大,磨損量也是三者中最大的;同時,固體潤滑劑試樣在空氣冷卻時的磨損量也是三者中最大的:不論是固體潤滑劑與45 #鋼軸配副或是固體潤滑劑鑲嵌入銅套后與gcr15鋼軸配副,在金屬表面均可形成潤滑轉移膜,從而減少金屬摩擦副表面間的直接接觸,大大延長其使用壽命;轉移膜中主要含有較多的石墨、少量聚四氟乙烯、 moo 。
  6. Parameter form becomes mainstream of geometric design because of characteristic such as : simple construction, easy computation, etc. while near 20 years research illustrates implicit form has advantage that parameter one has n ' t. in this paper only the application and properties of implicit curves in cagd have been researched

  7. It contributes to the deeper comprehesion of these probability distributions, affords more detailed theoretical basis for further studying and simulating satellite mobile channels, ? theoretical analyses and discussions of the models which are often used in the study of the propagating characteristics of satallite mobile channels are given ; meantime, some discussions on the work of model simulations are also given, ? incorrect derivation of the equality between c. loo model and corazza model in some other papers is pointed out. via the conception of received power, we derivate that in the rural environments these two models really have the equal relationship by the way of theoretical derivation and simulatant fittings. therefore, it is able to use corazza model in studying the characteristics of satellite mobile channels in the rural environments and able to avoid the iterant work of modeling, in order to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of research work, ? detailed processes of simulating lutz model by using matlab6. 0 _ simulink4. 0 and the results of comparisions are given

    本文包含有以下的主要內: ?對衛星移動通信通道傳播特性研究中常用的三個概率分佈給出了詳細的推導過程;以便對這幾個在衛星移動通信通道傳播特性的研究中常用的概率分佈函數有更深的理解,對進一步研究衛星移動通信通道傳播特性和對通道的建模提供了更為詳盡的理論基礎; ?對衛星移動通信通道傳播特性的研究中常用的通道模型進行了理論上的分析和討論,並對衛星移動通信通道建模的研究工作提出了一定的看法; ?指出了以前的文獻中關于c . loo模型和corazza模型的同性的證明錯誤;並從接收信號功率的角度出發,通過理論推導及模擬擬合重新證明了在鄉村環境下,這兩個模型的確是具有同性的;從而在對鄉村環境下的衛星移動通信通道傳播特性進行研究時,可以只採用corazza模型來對實際的通道進行建模,這樣可以避免重復的建模工作並提高研究工作的效率和準確性; ?給出了lutz模型在matlab6 . 0 _ simulink4 . 0環境下的軟體模擬實現的詳細過程和整體模擬測試的對比結果,保證了該模型在硬體實現時的可靠性和可行性,從而可以將它們應用於指導模型的硬體模擬實現並可以降低硬體實現時的風險。
  8. The function of the software use pc - computer to dispose the output signal which is produced by the device as following steps : ( 1 ) to input data by parallel interface ( 2 ) to record and form a file ( 3 ) to demonstrate results step by step ( 4 ) the results could be compiled ( 5 ) it can synthesis in the permitted error scope, substituted original dot for line or arc, finally we could get a graph that is described by some simply curve. ( 6 ) to convert these graph into a program, which used in the cutting process of numerical control. ( 7 ) the software also includes some protective methods

    而系統處理軟體的作用是:利用pc兼機,將上述裝置的輸出信號( 1 )通過并行口輸入( 2 )記錄成文件( 3 )逐點顯示出來( 4 )可人工進行化簡,編輯(刪、改點)( 5 )可在給定誤差范圍內進行人工擬合,用直和圓弧取代原來的點,得到一個與原圖形的誤差在規定范圍內,又消除跟蹤過程中因受到各種干擾而造成的缺陷,由盡可能少而簡捷的數學描述的圖形( 6 )把這些圖形轉化成用於編制數控切割加工程序及autocad能夠識別的文件(主要指dxf格式) ( 7 )該軟體還有一定的加密措施。
  9. Several materials with large coefficient of expansion were selected to make packaging components, and it was found that the packaging materials have good temperature sensitivity and compatibility with optical fibers. experimental accuracy and repetition of fbg temperature sensitivity and compensation were discussed. have selected several materials which has bigger coefficient of expansion to do packaging components, have made many temperature experiments, there have not flaws, such as aging, crackle, absciss layer, packaging materials have good temperature sensitivity and compatibility with optical fiber ; have designed the simple and practical packaging components, have performed a serials of experiments about accuracy and repetition of fbg wave - length, have obtained the first step conclusion ; have analyzed the result and made comparison between the result of different experiment, have summarized the best packaging effect and several rules to reduce mistskes

  10. The second chapter is about model experiment study, it introduces purpose, scheme, equipment and experiment contents having copperplate and copper ball as object by comparability rule experimenting plenty of physical models, deals with experiment data and makes second field attenuation voltage curves first field isoline both single aperture and mutli - aperture in different situation. in the end, it obtains best depth of multi - aperture source

  11. The result shows that the sufficient and necessary condition of the quadratic rational b - spline curve ' s curvature monotony is similar to the quadratic rational bezier curves ", but its condition is some different from the quadratic rational bezier curves " curve ' s rendering algorithm is an important content in computer graphics, cad

    的生成演算法是計算機圖形學的重要內。對於一些基本,如直,圓,橢圓,都有快速生成演算法,如畫直的bresenham演算法, dda演算法,畫圓的bresenham演算法,中點法,正負法, pitterway的橢圓及拋物繪制演算法
  12. The main contents include the construction of subdivision surfaces satisfying the constrain of curves interpolation based on catmull - clark subdivision scheme, the interpolated curves are uniform b - spline ; the construction of subdivision surfaces interpolating nurbs curves based on non - uniform rational catmull - clark ( nurcc ) subdivision scheme ; generation of sharp features on subdivision surfaces ; application of subdivision surfaces in the traditional surface design method - skinning

    其內主要包括:基於catmull - clark細分演算法構造滿足插值約束的細分面的方法,被插值為均勻b樣條;基於非均勻有理catmull - clark細分演算法構造能夠插值nurbs的細分面的方法;細分面上尖銳特徵的生成方法;細分方法在面設計的傳統方法?蒙皮法?中的應用
  13. The seismic behavior of longitudinal middling - high r. c shear wall with frame column is discussed through model experimentations and finite element methods in this paper, after taking frame - shear wall structure of a main factory building of the large capacity power plant as experimentative prototype. the major work as follow : in order to appliance pseudo static test, the longitudinal middling - high r. c shear wall with frame column in the large capacity power plant ' s main factory building has been simulated to a model structure with 1 / 15 reduced - scale. the contents of study are process of cracking, course of damage, skeleton curve, rigidity degradation, ductility characteristic etc. that the seismic behavior of this kind of middling - high r. c shear wall is excellent has been proved by chubby hysteretic curve and fine capacity of energy dissipation

    本文以某大型火電廠主廠房縱向框架一剪力墻結構為原型,通過模型試驗和有限元分析,研究了縱向帶邊框柱中高剪力墻結構的抗震性能問題,主要內有:選用1 15縮尺比把某大型火電廠主廠房縱向帶邊框柱剪力墻原型結構模擬為一個模型結構,並進行了偽靜力試驗,研究了這類縱向帶邊框柱中高剪力墻結構的開裂與破壞過程、骨架、剛度退化、延性性能問題,試驗滯回飽滿,消能能力強,說明此類中高剪力墻的抗震性能較好。
  14. In the second chapter, equivalent circuit of the eddy current sensor is firstly analyzed. based on that, the carrier signal generating circuit that is realized by the lc periodic circuit is introduced, thus, the carrier signal of standard frequency is obtained through the trimming capacity. subsequently, the disc type rotational armature generator and the rotational coupling transformer are separately leaded in to realize the power supplies of the carrier signal generating circuit and output of the measuring signal

  15. Firstly, the paper introduces the development and application of computer graphics & image technique, discusses the principle and method of cg and digital image processing, such as matrix of the graphic transformation, homogeneous reference frame, sampling and quantization of the image, file format of the image, template operation, etc. secondly the paper introduces the purpose and method of image enhancement processing, explains the each occasion of those methods such as threshold transformation, smoothing processing, sharpening processing, analyzes and contrasts the processing results of object image. thirdly, the paper introduces the method of mathematics morphologic, edge detection and thinning processing, attains character description of image and character dots of the contour. fourthly, the paper processes the coordinate transformation to character dots and basic splines fitting, imports correlative condition to devise meshing line and meshing track

  16. Cd1 - xznxte single crystal with good crystallinity has been grown by the descending ampoule with rotation method - before this, high - purity cd1 - xznxte polycrystal materials have been synthesized from 6n gd zn te in the same ampoule. on the basis of this, we deeply explore method of detector fabrication. and we also studied the level and density of traps in detector. gold, indium and c have been deposited as electrodes on polished and chemically etched surfaces of samples with the sizes from 5 5 1 to 10 10 1. 5mm to compare different contact technologies. the behavior of detector ' s leakage current with temperature and leakage current with time were studied as well as th current - voltage characteristics to deduce the level and density of trap in detectors

    我們利用熔體溫度振蕩法在石英安瓿中將6n的單質cd 、 zn 、 te合成多晶原料,用坩鍋旋轉下降法在同一安瓿中生長出尺寸為20 40mm的cd _ ( 1 - x ) zn _ xte晶體。在此基礎上對碲鋅鎘探測器的工藝進行了較深入的研究,製作了厚1 ? 1 . 5mm的探測器,測試了c 、 in 、 au不同金屬的電極接觸性能,並在國內首次通過測試器件的i ? v 、 i ? t、弛豫特性和電特性對電阻率、陷阱能級、陷阱濃度進行了分析,同時測得的~ ( 241 ) am源的能譜。
  17. The main content is in the following. a kinematics model is developed for mould - cut main mechanism of trade - mark moulding - machine and the displacement, velocity, acceleration and the corresponding curves of each joint point in a motion period are obtained

  18. Input capacity adjustable in three stages 100 pf, 250 pf and 430 pf

  19. A method, concerning screw mechanism, electronic scale and the way to obtain the fitted curve, to detect the hysteresis of cylindrical helical spring with micro - capacitance measuring technology and to compensate the hysteresis with micro - controller technology is introduced

  20. Third, this paper introduce the security structure, security system and algorithm of the 3g system, discussing the security measure of 3g system in the aspect of wireless interface in detail, which including user identity confide ntiality, authentication integrality data, etc. finally, the author stress analyzing the 3g authentication, key agreement protocol and its security, finding the security hole and putting forward new authentication and key agreement protocol based on ecc