裝船設備 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhuāngchuánshèbèi]
裝船設備 英文
loading-out facility
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (服裝) dress; outfit; attire; clothing 2 (演員的化裝品) stage makeup and costume Ⅱ動詞...
  • : 名詞1. (水上的運輸工具, 船舶的通稱) boat; ship; vessels 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (設立; 布置) set up; establish; found 2 (籌劃) work out : 設計陷害 plot a frame up; fr...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (具備; 具有) have; be equipped with 2 (準備) prepare; provide with; get ready 3 (防備...
  • 裝船 : shipment; loading on board; put goods on a ship
  • 設備 : equipment; device; facility; implementor; apparatus; installation; appointment; furnishing; setou...
  1. And painstaking investigation for the industrial port of wisco production equipments, loading and unloading technological process and transportation assignment process and collecting a great deal of datum. they have found out the climacteric element which had made quantitative analysis and research about those climacteric elements. they have had come to the conclusion that the climacteric element of influencing the finished product wharf of the industrial port of wisco production ability, loading and unloading assignment efficiency, loading and unloading quality was the contradiction between goods " distribution of cargoes and the not match of shipping style, the transport organization process of steel was incardinate

  2. The international freight agent in china supplies service by internuncial station during the cargo and the vessel. they ca n ' t give high effective integrative service owing to absencing their own warehouse, load and unload equipment or conveyance

  3. 9 inspect the amount, arrangement, fixing position of the signal equipment ( inspect all kinds of signal equipment according to “ navigation signal arrangement and mast structure drawing ” “ safe drawing ” ( such as signal light, signal shape things, signal flag, pyrotechnic signal, self igniting light of lifebuoy, sound signal etc ) whether satisfy finished plan, and check the qualified certificate of this equipment before and after installation on the ship

    信號的檢驗與試驗(按照《航行信號布置及桅桿結構圖》 , 《安全圖》 )檢查各種信號(如信號燈、信號形狀用品、信號旗、煙火信號、救生圈的自亮燈、聲音信號等)的數量、布置、安位置是否滿足計的完工圖紙,並在安上之前和之後檢查這些的質量合格證。
  4. From 2006, vestas aircoil has built its own organization and will successively be able to produce a wide range of products to serve the marine market in asia as well as industrial cooling installations

  5. The company has three major series including industrial refrigeration equipment, special hi - temperature air conditioner and air conditioners for vehicles and vessels about 100 varieties, which are mainly applied in such fields as manufacturing equipment, engineering machinery ( traveling crane ), railway locomotive and communication

    公司現有工業製冷、高溫特種空調和車空調三大系列產品近100個品種,主要應用於製造業、工程機械(行車) 、鐵路機車和通信業等領域。
  6. The term air draught should be construed carefully : if the ship is in a river or an estuary, it usually refers to maximum mast height for passing under bridges, while on the berth it usually refers to the height available or required under the loader or unloaders

  7. Fire fighting equipment - boat trailer

  8. The first marine loading arm on wheels has been developed successfully by dmco, and delivered officially to an enduser of ours. this marks dmco s technically leading position among fluid loading unloading equipment builders, and laid a solid foundation in the highly competitive market

  9. Modern communication facilities were equipped in each fishing boat , so the fishermen could get in touch with each other at any place

  10. To go with this amendment, the factories and industrial undertakings ( lifting appliances and lifting gear ) regulations, the factories and industrial undertakings ( suspended working platforms ) regulation and the factories and industrial undertakings ( loadshifting machinery ) regulation were also amended to extend the duties of the principal contractor to other contractors who control the way any construction work involving the use of these equipment or machinery is carried out on the construction site

    為了配合此項修訂,我們亦對《工廠及工業經營(起重機械及起重置)規例》 、 《工廠及工業經營(吊)規例》和《工廠及工業經營(負荷物移動機械)規例》作出相應修訂,把總承建商的責任,擴展至在地盤內控制任何涉及使用這些或機械的建築工程進行方式的其他承建商。
  11. Ata. maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems - radar plotting aids - automatic tracking aids - methods of testing and required test results

  12. Arpa. maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems - radarp lotting aids - automatic radar plotting aids - methods of testing and required test results

  13. And then, the feasible forecasting reports will be presented combined the calculation methods with the stimulant frequency of the ship and the frequency character of the device installed on the mast. the decreasing methods of vibration are presented too in the design of mast in the future

  14. The paper presents a computer simulation model to simulate the port operation system, it fully considers all kinds of random factors, through visualized operating management system, it makes easy to arrange ship, load and unload ship and facilities allocation, etc. it can truly reflect the working conditions of the port

  15. Safety rules on port ' s continuous handling facilities - pneumatic unloader

  16. Insurance to be effected by the seller, and the insurance time is from loading the goods by loading equipment into the cabin up to unloading

  17. It is applied to product requiring high corrosion resistance, good weldability and medium strength, such as naval vessel, automobile, airplane, low - temperature equipment, television tower, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile component and armor

  18. This paper will be key to study the transform scheme on the systematic unit that is concerned with and needs for satisfying on each unit design. part for unload ship equipment, transfer and transport equipment, the access ability of storage yard, shipment and assign redundant technology and so on, the research will make optimization analysis, and carry out the transform scheme

  19. From loading the goods by loading equipment into the cabin up to unloading, during which period the loss risk, damage or breakage arisen from shipping goods under this contract will be borne by the seller

  20. The party salved shall cooperate fully with the salvor including obtaining permit of entry to the place as defined in clause 1 of this contract and allowing the salvor to make reasonable use, free of expenses, of the vessel ' s machinery, gear, equipment, anchor and anchor chains, stores and other appurtenances provided that the salvor shall not unnecessarily damage, abandon or sacrifice the same or any other property salved