符號數據分析 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [háoshǔfēn]
符號數據分析 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (符節) tally (with two halves made of wood bamboo jade metal issued by a ruler to gener...
  • : 號Ⅰ名1 (名稱) name 2 (別號; 字) assumed name; alternative name3 (商店) business house 4 (...
  • : 數副詞(屢次) frequently; repeatedly
  • : 據Ⅰ動詞1 (占據) occupy; seize 2 (憑借; 依靠) rely on; depend on Ⅱ介詞(按照; 依據) according...
  • : 分Ⅰ名詞1. (成分) component 2. (職責和權利的限度) what is within one's duty or rights Ⅱ同 「份」Ⅲ動詞[書面語] (料想) judge
  • : Ⅰ動詞1. (分開; 散開) divide; separate 2. (分析) analyse; dissect; resolve Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • 符號 : 1 (記號; 標記) character; sign; symbol; mark; code; notation; expression; denotation; sentinel ...
  • 數據 : data; record; information
  1. First, this paper gives a method, which is utilized by baseband system according to wcdma system capability requirements, using asic + dsp to realize raker, using dsp + dsp to realize symbol process. the hardware structure of asic + dsp and dsp + dsp is designed from the whole design view. then, the discussion is made of the main function module of ic2001 and dsp, hi module, dsp peripherals on chip such as hpi, edma and emif

    文章首先結合wcdma系統性能要求提出了基帶系統所採用的方案,由asic + dsp實現rake接收機功能和dsp + dsp實現級處理功能;然後從總體規劃的角度設計出asic + dsp和dsp + dsp系統硬體結構,對ic2001和dsp的主要功能模塊, hi模塊, dsp片上外設hpi口、 edma和emif總線作了,並結合基帶處理功能開發了系統驅動;最後由信源發出測試進入系統,進行功能實現后輸出繪制出波形圖,對所設計的基帶系統驅動方案進行驗證
  2. This paper which starts from the actual needs, directed by the theory of cartology analyses all kinds of requires and functions for dmges, and create the spatial data model of the software system, combining the new generation programming technology, taking the oo software modeling, analysis, design method, it realized the collection, display of digital map data and the building of map denotation library, hi the end, this paper put forward the go - on research in future

  3. In this paper, they are set forth at first that the kinds of computer - simulation of electronic devices, the development and the requirements of mosfet ' s model and the way of gain the models " parameters, the dc models have been bui it in chapter 2 and the models of big signals have been deduced in chapter 3, they are different from the equivalent circuit models in the traditional software pspice that they come from the numer i ca i - s i mu i at i on wh i ch is based on the essence equat i on, so the precision of simulation is enhanced ? mosfet ' s small signal models of low frequency, intermediate frequency and high frequency have been built in chapter 4 and chapter 5, although the equivalent circuit models in pspice are used for reference to bui id them, they have their own characteristics which are analyzed at a i i kinds of situations, so that the simulation software for mosfet can be written according them and it i s a i so benef i c i a i for us to catch the gen i us character i st i cs of mosfet and to d esign all kinds of applicable devices the correctness of the models is simply proved in chapter 6

    本文首先介紹了電子器件計算機模擬的類、 mosfet的建模發展動態、對器件模型的要求以及模型參的提取方法。在第二章中建立了mos晶體管在直流端電壓條件下的工作模型;第三章推導了mosfet的大信模型,這兩類模型不同於傳統模擬軟體例如pspice中的等效電路模型,而是從模型方程出發,採用值模擬的方法,提高了模擬的精度。第四章和第五章別建立了mos晶體管低頻、中頻、高頻的小信模型,雖然借鑒了pspice模擬軟體中用等效電路模型的方法,但是本文別討論了準靜態和非準靜態時器件的本徵部以及包含非本徵部工作于低頻、中頻和高頻條件時的模型,可以根這些模型編寫相應的模擬軟體,這樣在做器件的模擬與器件設計的時候,就可以利用模擬軟體逐步深入地器件在不同的條件下和器件的不同部在工作時的各種小信特性,有利於抓住器件工作的本質特性,設計出合要求的各類通用和特殊器件。
  4. And about the symbols, after analyzed the structural properties of alphabetic and digital characters on vehicle license plate in detail, the dissertation selects features of minutiae, closed curve and corners in strokes as the foundation of character recognition to recognize characters in license plate

  5. In order of the process of data processing arrives national standard, the article described the technology of data sign processing. compared and analyzed different methods of filter designing, chosen the method of fir with window and designed the low frequency data filter. used the software of matlab to simulate the frequency performance, which is combined with some experiments

  6. In the course of the database design, after the design of space database structure, code, special symbol and the analysis of attribute data structure, using the database of maplnfo and access to build up and manage spatial and attribute data

    庫設計中通過對空間庫的結構設計、代碼設計、專題設計以及屬性結構等的基礎上,利用mapinfo4 0自帶的庫和access庫建立和管理本系統的空間和屬性
  7. Topographical maps are the principal frame form of gis, and realization map digitizing and offering gis basic spatial data is one of the important research fields in surveying and gis, which is also necessity of development of science and technology. based on building gis - oriented topographical mapping system theories, this themes apply the advanced objectarx technology, aim at topographical mapping and exporting to gis, and resolve several key problems, such as symbols analysis and building, dtm and contour line automatic drawing, topographical map adjoining, digital image rectifying etc. and it offers models and arithmetic, realizing the general functions of gis - oriented topographical mapping system

    本文以建設面向gis的測量繪圖平臺理論為基礎,以autocad平臺下objectarx開發技術為核心,圍繞地形圖的成圖和入庫( gis庫)這一課題,對其中的關鍵技術難題? ?庫的建立與實現、 dtm與等高線的自動繪制、地形圖接邊、字化柵格圖像的定向與糾正、介面文件的生成等進行了研究,提出了相應的模型和演算法,實現了面向gis的測量繪圖系統的基本功能。
  8. According to the constituting of mathematics language ability, and the level of structure, and expressing differently, the mathematics language can be divided into the mathematics language identifying barrier, the comprehending barrier, transforming barrier, structuring barrier, organizing and expressing barrier etc. through the test and survey of students, and the interview to teachers in wuhan, xiantao and xiaogan, we have understand that the senior high school students are not good at exploring hidden factor of symbolic language and solving a mathematics problem by image, and mathematics language expression barrier is outstanding, and the transforming barrier in solid geometry is prominent

  9. What the practical problems is often gotten is a single variable time series which has a time interval of t, reflect by a lot of interactive physics factor, containing the mark of all variates participating in movement, traditional time series analysis is to analyse going from this array to the form directly it ' s time develops, one dimension analysis loses useful information, the characteristics of phase space reconstruction method is to construct one dimension scalar quantity to high dimension vector, prop the geometry space of the state, show all dynamical information of system in phase space. the characteristic that just constructs again according to the phase space in this text, analyse the time series of responding, use the relevant knowledge of symbol dynamics and reconstruct phase space, put forward a kind of relation degree analysis method of the systematic mathematics model which has theory basis, so reach the correction of calculation mathematics model, make it accord with the actual systematic state

  10. We found id3 algorithm is better than min - ambiguity in training accuracy, testing accuracy and size of tree by experimental and theoretical analysis. meanwhile, we propose a new heuristic

    通過實驗與理論,發現fuzzyid3演算法應用於值屬性類明的庫時從訓練準確度、測試準確度和樹的規模等方面都要優于min - ambiguity演算法。
  11. Some theoretical extensions are first made in this paper, with the following concepts, theorems and models presented - partial derivative and high - order partial derivative of waveform polynomial for describing the relation between input transitions and output transitions and redefining circuit sensitization ; the concept of waveform polynomial vector for describing a circuit with multiple inputs and outputs, especially for the unified description of circuit modules ; a sensitization theorem for sequential circuits for the purpose of exact timing ; theorems for transition numbers in circuits used to solve problems on noise, power consumption and etc ; waveform polynomial description for sequential circuits used to give a unified form for the function and timing behavior of a sequtial circuit ; and a data structure of generalized list for the representation and manipulation of waveform polynomial

  12. For example, fast parse does not recognize locale - sensitive data that includes decimal symbols such as the comma, date formats other than year - month - date formats, and currency symbols

    例如,快速不能識別受區域設置影響的,包括小(如逗) 、與「年-月-日」格式不同的日期格式以及貨幣
  13. In this thesis, we will review some traditional methods of detecting data dependence and analyze the relation between the data dependence and the mechanism of parallelism. based on path analysis and symbolic execution, we describe two methods, static analysis and dynamic analysis, for detecting data dependence of array variables in loops of sequential programs

  14. According to the theory of input - output analysis and the features of coal industry, the coal resources input - output table filled by mathematical marks is constructed and the coal resources input - output mathematical model is built on the base of the table in the article. then the matrix of all demand coefficients ", that is the extended leontief converse matrix, is introduced under the condition of including coal resources department and pollution department and the general model of demand prediction of coal resources was concluded

  15. With a example of small built - up refrigeratory design, through the experiential design method, quantities of symbol reasoning and experiential - data which will be met in small built - up refrigeratory design have been analyzed in detail. as a result, based on the model of small built - up refrigeratory design established with expert system technique, the programme of small built - up refrigeratory design have been worked out by using clips, a kind of expert system programming tool

  16. Based on these data and proceeding from chinese advertising practice, we apply the theories of zero degree and deviation of rhetoric and thus describe both the model and its transformation of the cultural values of chinese television commercials

  17. Based on the main idea of " the map display of comgis ", the concept and technological foundation of comgis, the theory of component ( com ), and component - based development ( cbd ) are discussed separately in this paper ; and some products of comgis in existence are studied. also, system designs and development models of the map display of comgis have been presented based on recent practices, including the structure of data and map symbol library