透視效果 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [tòushìxiàoguǒ]
透視效果 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (滲透; 穿透) penetrate; pass [seep] through 2 (暗地裡告訴) tell secretly; let out; lea...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1. (看) look at 2. (看待) regard; look upon 3. (考察) inspect; watch Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ名詞(效果; 功用) effect; efficiency; result Ⅱ動詞1 (仿效) imitate; follow the example of 2 ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (果子) fruit 2 (事情的結局; 結果) result ; consequence 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(吃...
  • 透視 : 1 (在平面上表現立體的方法) perspective; perspectivity2 [醫學] have an x ray examination; be x r...
  • 效果 : 1. (產生的結果) effect; result 2. [劇] sound effects
  1. Abstract : in the exploration process for harnessing and renovating local railways in shanxi, the interborehole electromagnetic wave fluoroscopy was used to search for mined - out area of coal pits, which yielded satisfactory geological effects

  2. Our company took the lead in establishing a factory specialinzing in producing inflatable models and balloons in 1995. for the last 10 years, with great support and concern from all circles of society and by a common effort of our staff, the enterprise isadvancing in agreat stride, to be the biggest prodution center in china for producing inflatable models and balloons, with a activeties scope from production, marketing, design and research. the company has full range of products, such as : inflatable models and balloons made by pe, pvc complex film, nylon cloth, oxford, reinforced oxford, euphotic oxford, and also inflatable toys. pop commericials, and swimming articles, etc. the company also has a strong technical force : all the products with a unique creative idea, carefully selected materials, vivid and vast sculpt, also can be equipped with computer controlled lighting and sounding system. the lighteing inflatable model is the first in china and has obtainde a patent. the inflatable products, which have a spectacular and impressive visual effect, can be put on advertisement, celebration ceremony, and business activities, giving a commercial culture atmosphere into the citys sight. they are the best choice of advertisers and business people with insight

    本公司於1995年在國內率先創建氣模氣球生產專業廠家,十年來,在社會各界關心支持和全體員工共同努力下,企業發展突飛猛進,現已成為集生產銷售設計科研為一體的國內同行業最大企業,成為國內最大的氣球氣模生產基地。產品品種全: pe pvc復合膜尼布牛津布增強牛津布光牛津布等材料的氣球氣模,以及充氣兒童玩具pop廣告物水上泳具等產品應有盡有發光氣模等多項產品屬國內首創並獲專利,其產品一旦充而擴之,投放于廣告慶典商務活動,巍為壯觀十分搶眼,不僅為都市空間增添了一道亮麗的商業文化景線,更為現代廣告人商人慧眼所識。
  3. Based on perspective model, it was proposed that drawing camera inner parameters with physics method ; in image processing, especially the particularity of robot object localization and tracking, it was proposed that several effective methods of image smoothing and sharpening, edge detection, boundary tracking ; at the same time, in order to complete object recognition, we introduced the methods of drawing object character parameters ; in object image matching, two kinds of effective object matching arithmetic was proposed ; based on the principle of object 3d information restoration, we proposed two kinds of arithmetic of 3d coordinate restoration of object feature points, and completed object movement parameters estimate and object tracking and prediction, and presented experimental result

  4. The other 19 subjects saw a stripped - down program with a low - quality, see - through helmet, no sound effects, no head tracking and no ability to shoot snowballs

  5. Drawings images showing different sides front elevation, plan and perspective, and in - situ appearance of the proposed sculpture are preferred

  6. When set in motion, a continuous stream of balls will roll along tracks within and between two towers like a roller coaster, producing dramatic sounds and visual effects

  7. In hopes of quieting the criticism, bronze mustache issued a six - minute online video denying any affair with quiet moon, whom he is said to have met at a gathering of enthusiasts of the online game " world of warcraft. " at the same time, freezing blade has twice asked people to call off the attacks, even joining in the denials of an affair - all to no avail

    帶著平息批判的希望, "銅須"發布了一段六分鐘的在線頻,否認了與"幽月兒"的任何戀愛事件,他說他們是由於都同是網路游戲"魔獸世界"的狂熱者才相遇的.與此同時, "鋒刃骨寒"兩次要求人們停止攻擊,甚至加入了對這一事件的否認,但都沒有
  8. Is characterized by colour digital display with 4 probes, ultrasonic induction, accuratedetection and entering back action, automatic start of anto - collision indication system, digtal display with location, perspective of barriers position and easy installation, which improves substantially the car s practicability, that is it is not disturbed in rain ang nighe, performing its advantages for it s against the disturbance of the strong electromagnetic waves. it is applied to the temperature in the range of - 40 85. it is also characterized by the three - grade dulcet for foretelling, colour digital indication, anti - vibration protection device, durable damp - proof treatment, inserting installation, original configuration, beautiful appearance and firmness. it also adopts anti mal alarm technology. it is specially produced, and its quality is ensured

    數碼四探頭彩色顯示超聲波感應,偵測準確進入倒檔,自動開啟防撞提示系統數碼加方位顯示,障礙物位置安裝容易,大大提高原車實用性能不受雨天黑夜等影響,盡顯優勢抗強電磁波干擾適應溫度寬40 85三級悅耳預
  9. Practical effect of audio - frequency electric perspective in an iron ore laneway

  10. Massive group picture needing help with proportions and perspective

  11. The perspective was tricky, but i got it to work after a few tries. i ' m pretty proud of this one

  12. Choose from one of many preset styles including curved text, three - dimensional, and perspective effects

  13. This task we ' ll learn how to change the picture color, work with the layers, make an original make - up, create the effect of objects ' s perspectives and volume, imitate the glow - worms and blood drops and also how to work with the filters

  14. The sign shows an excellent picture that the sun shines above on the waveness lake surface “ fishing under the setting sun " symbolizing elegant and free culture ; perspective effect of english font is like a fish, s and g are fused together with outline of ellipse, which represent philosophic theory of circulation and vigor of life ; the right and left strokes is like a young fry or water wave, which shows character of product

    標志突出一種意境,陽光投射在平靜的湖面, 「夕陽鏡中閑垂釣」 ? ?一種高雅休閑的品牌文化;英文字體的透視效果猶如魚形, s , g的筆畫與橢圓外形巧妙融合,一種循環衍生的哲理;左右兩筆點綴,似波紋又似戲水的魚苗,生動了整個畫面,也進一步點明了產品特性。
  15. First, we compute the larger spatial transformation. then, we refine the parameters using projective transformation. it is proved that this method can produce good result and fast speed

  16. To solve the problem that targets disappear rapidly when ranges increase in three dimension visual environment, an algorithm was raised to replace the rigid image perspective transformation model with geometrical and optical transformation mathematical models and the model was analyzed in detail

  17. The use of mpeg - 2 aac compression and multiplex technologies makes it possible to transmit signals through satellite, terrestrial and mobile means. as a unique feature, isdb permits user to receive a low - resolution edition in favour of better mobile reception. in an interference - free environment, viewers may choose to receive a high - resolution edition for better picture and sound quality

    它使用以mpeg - 2aac壓縮編碼與多工技術,可以過衛星、有線與地面無線等不同傳輸媒體播送; isdb有一個較其它系統獨特的功能,就是聽眾可以選擇接收低解像度的訊號,來換取良好的流動接收,而在無干擾情況下,又可以選擇接收高解像度的訊號,來享受高質的
  18. The photograph will be reproduced on the passport by means of digital imaging. the quality of the image will depend on the quality and colour of the photograph you have furnished. photographs of poor quality ( such as with white spots or scratch marks, grainy, or with portrait that cannot merge with the background due to shadow on the edge of the portrait ) will not be used for the making of the passport

  19. On the basis of analyzing characteristics of the cement - based capillary crystalline waterproof materials, the article points out that both waterproofing and leak - stopping ability of this kind of materials should be simultaneously functioned in order to enhance quality of coating layer, ensure its thickness and effectiveness

  20. Although the currently popular firm theories and m & a theories have paftly revealed the initiatives, conditions, ways and effects of the corporate control trading, it still lacks of theoretical analysis and " perspective on the trading efficiency - - one of the most impofhat aspects conceming corporate control transference