逐漸變慢 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhújiānbiànmàn]
逐漸變慢 英文
all arg
  • : 動詞1. (追趕) pursue; chase; run after 2. (驅逐) drive out; expel; banish 3. (挨著次序) one by one
  • : 漸副詞(逐步; 漸漸) gradually; by degrees
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1. (速度低; 走路、做事等費的時間長) slow 2. (態度冷淡, 沒有禮貌) supercilious; rude Ⅱ動詞(從緩) postpone; defer
  • 逐漸 : gradually; by degrees; little by little
  1. This transition is at first abrupt and then becomes gradual.

  2. Based on 2m contour of surveyed bathymetry from 1976 to 1999 and mean - high - tidal line distracted from remote sensing images acquired by landsat - 5 tm from 1976 to 2000 respectively, quantitative analysis about alluvion and erosion as well as the relationship between accretion of modern yellow river delta and the water and sediment discharge of yellow river is made, and the results indicate the mean - high - tidal level is more effective than 2m contour of the bathymetry. it is found that the accretion of modem yellow river delta is becoming less and less, what ' s more, erosion is even more than alluvion in some recent years. diaokou promontory has been eroded seriously since yellow river changed its course in1976

    以一般高潮線反映現代黃河三角洲沖淤演時,從1976年黃河改道清水溝流路入海到2000年,整個黃洞三角洲凈造陸201 . 5km ~ 2 ,淤積有逐漸變慢的趨勢,甚至出現凈蝕退的年份;刁口河嘴大量蝕退,蝕退速率開始快速,后來逐漸變慢;清水溝河嘴大量淤積,淤積速率開始迅速,后來逐漸變慢,甚至出現凈蝕退;清水溝河嘴南側到支脈溝一段岸線與刁口河嘴以西到灣灣溝一段岸線基本穩定。
  3. We found that tio2 thin films are a amorphism when they are not annealed ; they are anatase when annealed at 300 c ; rutile occured be anneled at 700 ; ti02 thin films are transformed into rutile completely when be anneled at 1100. oxygen - sensing properties of tio2 thin films were analysised, and we found the variation law of sensitivity with the partial pressure of o2 and temperatures. sensitivity increases with po2 / ( po2 + pn2 ) at a constant temperature. the higher working temperature is, the slower sensitivity increasing with po2 / ( po2 + pn2 ) is

    對tio _ 2薄膜氧敏器件特性進行了分析,發現靈敏度隨工作溫度和氧分壓化的規律, 400以上時,在一定工作溫度下,隨氧分壓的增加,靈敏度升高;工作溫度越高,隨p _ ( o _ 2 ) ( p _ ( o _ 2 ) + p _ ( n _ 2 ) )的增加,靈敏度增加越緩,在400下靈敏度隨氧分壓增加最快;在我們所測試的工作溫度點中, 400時具有最高的靈敏度,相對於他人的工作此溫度是比較低的。
  4. This process can be concluded as : stock price rised significantly which was pulled intently until one month away from seo declaration, the markup became small little by little till one week before seo declaration, then the price converted to go down and the markdown became large after the declaration of seo, it continued the situation about one month after the declaration, later the power of short position began to die down, weakening the extent of decline, the market condition turning to be fine

  5. Choi wan, the violet blue open atrium, busy, spit 1 : 00 rhodopsin, slow rise gradually turned into a small arc, semicircle ; into color, the red ; then a jump slightly, with a hint of the things that is evanescent tail light, a round red inlay in the horizon

  6. With putting the extension of time, the part of straight chain of propping up the chain starch part in the bread is formed and shut slowly, and make the soft bread hard gradually, this kind of phenomenon calls " becomes old "

    隨著放置時間的延長,麵包中的支鏈澱粉部分的直鏈部分締合,而使柔軟的麵包硬,這種現象叫「陳」 。
  7. My brother s mental state gradually became more stable, and he showed no more disruptive behavior, as he lived " at peace " in his own world, and my dad s formerly uncontrollable temper was much more subdued. even though my grandma s hearing was getting worse, she could still listen to master s chanting every day and watch lively shows performed by master s disciples. with earnest hope and patience on my dad s part, the darkness slowly faded away and light began to emerge

  8. Fatigue bore so heavily upon becky that she drowsed off to sleep. tom was grateful. he sat looking into her drawn face and saw it grow smooth and natural under the influence of pleasant dreams ; and by - and - by a smile dawned and rested there

  9. As the weather gets colder, the leaves on the trees turn to a beautiful golden orange color and summer begins to slow down

  10. John f. kennedy said, “ peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures

    約翰?甘?迪說: ?和平是一種每日、每周、每月地在進行著,地改意見,並緩地腐蝕老舊的藩籬,然而卻快速地建構出嶄新的結構體。
  11. This view will dim slowly, for a few billion years at least, as the faint clusters drift still farther apart

    至少再過數十億年,這個視圖會得模糊,由於圖上模糊的團簇會飄散(以至於得更模糊) 。
  12. City commercial bank only to be able to sit looked the good opportunity runs away due to above reason and at the same time the region economic integration also loses city commercial bank ' s powerful support, its step will be able not but to slow down, specially started along with state - owned commercial banks to adjust their management mentality in the recent years, changed from scale to benefit, consolidated one batch of small cities branch offices, contracted to big or media - sized cities, causes an enormous change for the finance structure of county and the countryside and extremely influenced county and countryside ’ s economy development

  13. Denver ( ap ) ? the earth ' s shadow will creep across the moon ' s surface early tuesday, slowly eclipsing it and turning it to shades of orange and red

  14. However, the movement and transformation of n in soil under fertigation remains unclear. the methods of simulation experiment and culture experiment were used to study the movement and transformation of n in soil under fertigation by drip irrigation. the main experimental results were shown as folio wings : ( 1 ) the water infiltration under drop irrigation is a point infiltration ; and the soil moisture in vertical and horizontal directions was increased with the irrigation time, and the movement rate were decreased with the irrigation time

    本研究採用室內模擬試驗和生物培養試驗相結合的方法,研究了在滴灌施肥條件下,化學氮肥施入土壤后的遷移、轉化規律以及對作物生長的效應,獲得了以下主要結論: ( 1 )滴灌條件下水分以點源入滲土壤,水平和垂向的濕潤鋒均隨入滲時間的增加而大,在入滲開始階段濕潤鋒的推進速率較大,隨入滲時間的延長,濕潤鋒的推進速率逐漸變慢
  15. As shown by uv - vis spectra, the contents of these europium - containing polyoxometalates in the composite films increase with the exchange time and become saturated after a number of days. x - ray diffraction patterns indicate the regular multibilayer structures of these composite films

  16. Experimental results show that the grains were gradually triturated to namometer size with milling time and the grain size might be 30nm or so, but the grain size was not decreasing after the powder has been milled for 25 hours. the nano - sized sic was synthesized by ball milling of si and c mixed powders which rare earths as a additive was added to

  17. And it showed that higher the reinforcement proportion of the concealed bracings, higher the bearing capacity of the specimens, but the proportion of the higher of the bearing capacity changed slowly gradually. in addition, the energy dissipation increased notably and almost linearly with the increasing of the reinforcement proportion of the concealed bracings

  18. The tidal force of the moon has been slowing down the rotation of the earth, making the change of day and night rhythm infrequent. all these are conducive to evolution of life

  19. With the influence of exam - oriented education, the counters of instrumentalization are more and more obvious in the chinese education. the process of teaching gradually evolves a training process with highly technique. humanity of the chinese subject is ignored so the result is just " shortness, waste, slowness and weakness "

    由於受應試教育的影響,語文教學中工具性的籌碼越來越重,教學過程成為一種高度技術化的訓練過程,語文學科的人文意以被忽視了,而結果恰恰是「少、費、、差」 。
  20. The indian had begun already, by often irritating him, and feeding him every three months on sugar and butter, to impart to him a ferocity not in his nature, this method being often employed by those who train the indian elephants for battle