水膠溶液 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shuǐjiāoróng]
水膠溶液 英文
aqueous colloidal solution
  • : 名詞1 (由兩個氫原子和一個氧原子結合而成的液體) water 2 (河流) river 3 (指江、河、湖、海、洋...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (某些具有黏性的物質) glue; gum 2 (橡膠) rubber 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(用膠粘) st...
  • : 動詞(溶化; 溶解) dissolve
  • : 名詞(液體) liquid; fluid; juice
  • 溶液 : solution; liquor; scald; aqua
  1. A method to calculate quantitatively the adsorption volume or adsorption space of per mass of adsorbent derived from both the adsorbed molecule volume and the maximum adsorbance of a solute in an adsorption isotherm under a given experimential condition is presented firstly for a solid / liquid adsorption system of the solute in a dilute aqueous solution. this method is suitable for not only mono - layer adsorption, but also mani - layer adsorption and micelle adsorpion of surfactant constructed by hydrophile and lipophile groups. therefore, the surface concentration of the adsorbate, cs, deduced from the adsorption volume is possessed of the meaning of true concentration, and the value of the patition coefficient of the adsorbate between solid and liquid phass, p, attained by the cs and the c, solution concentration of the adsorbate, can be accurate. the foregoing a set of calculations are presented for the solid - liquid adsorption systems consisted of the wool fiber and separately dodecyltrimethyl - ammonium bromide ( dtab ) and hexadecyltrimethyl - ammonium bromide ( ctab ) in this paper. this provides a strong basis for adsorption thermodynamic investigation of adsorbate

    對稀質的固/吸附體系,首次提出了根據吸附分子體積和實驗條件下吸附等溫線中的最大吸附量計算單位質量吸附劑的吸附體積或吸附空間的方法.此法適用於單層吸附,也適用於多層吸附和具有親親油結構的表面活性劑分子的團吸附.由此,吸附質的表面相濃度cs具有真實濃度的含義,相應地,計算得到的質的固/分配系數p就有了準確值.分別計算由溴代十二烷基三甲銨( dtab )和溴代十六烷基三甲銨( ctab )與羊毛纖維構成的/固體系分配系數等,為質吸附的熱力學研究奠定了基礎
  2. When an aqueous solution of the protein gelation is cooled, a polyer gel is formed.

  3. Standard test method for rubber property - effect of aqueous solutions with available chlorine and chloramine

  4. By infrared spectrum study, the limonite ( feooh nh2o ) can be considered the main colorating mineral in the yellow and red jadeite, and the hematite is another colorating mineral in the red jadeite. the difference of color tone is due to the n value in the molecular formula feooh nh2o and the content of crystal water and adsorbent water. the iron ion came from the effloresced and eroded rocks, and formed fe ( oh ) 3 colloid reacted with the surface water

    周圍礦床的風化蝕變為表生提供了鐵質,形成弱酸性的含fe ( oh ) _ 3體的,表生流經翡翠礦石時, fe ( oh ) _ 3體附著在巖石的表面,經過脫結晶和吸附,形成褐鐵礦體,褐鐵礦體沿裂隙或鬆散的礦物顆粒進入翡翠巖石中,逐漸累積沉澱,形成次生色層。
  5. The shellac erythrophyll is from the parasitism the resinous substance shellac which in places the such as india, thailand, burma, china leguminosae, on the mulberry branch plant s lac insect secretes with the thin sodium carbonate watery solution extract fine but, assumes the reddish purple color either the bright red powder or the liquid, by shellac acid a and shellac acid b, c, e and so on is composed, serves as the edible erythrophyll, when the acidity assumes the orange, is extremely stable

    紅紫紅色素是從寄生於印度、泰國、緬甸、中國等地的豆科、桑科植物上的紫蟲所分泌的樹脂狀物質紫用稀碳酸鈉萃取精緻而得,呈紅紫色或鮮紅色粉末或體,由紫酸a和紫酸b 、 c 、 e等組成,用作食用紅色素,酸性時呈橙色,非常穩定。
  6. Glyceryl stearate se, dimethicone, stearic acid, batyl alcohol, carbomer, acrylates / c10 - 30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, xanthan gum, potassium hydroxide, camellia japonica seed oil, behenyl alcohol, hydrogenated palm oil, morigna pterygosperma seed oil, disodium edta, trifolium pratense ( clover ) flower extract, propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, theanine, bis - behenyl / isostearyl / phytosteryl / dimer dilinoleyl dimer dilinolate, thermus thermophillus ferment, glycerin, sodium dehydroacetate, potassium sorbate

  7. The anion surfactant nals was the most efficient in the process and was selected as collector by orthogonal method. the interfacial tension and cmc of nals ( cmc 6. 5 10 - 3m ) in the solution was measured by hanging ring test, the function relationship between interfacial tensions and nals concentration was : = - 0. 9523 in 2c - 24. 534 in c - 81. 411. the relation of interfacial adsorption equilibrium in the solution system was respectively tested and calculated with gibbs equation and dynamic method. the conclusion showed that ( 1 ) the experiment result of dynamic method with was highly in coordination with the value which from theoretical calculation. ( 2 ) the surfactant molecule was in arrangement of monomolecular layer at the gas - liquid interface

    用吊環法測定了十二烷基硫酸鈉不同濃度與其界面張力的關系,擬合得到的回歸方程為= - 0 . 9523ln ~ 2c - 24 . 534lnc - 81 . 411 ,同時還測得其臨界束濃度值( cmc為6 . 5 10 ~ ( - 3 ) m ) ,運用吉布斯等溫方程和動態法分別計算和測定了該系統的界面吸附平衡關系,結論表明: ( 1 )動態法測定結果基本吻合吉布斯方程的理論計算; ( 2 )表面活性劑分子在氣?兩相界面是以單分子層形式定向有序排列的。
  8. The silver colloid in the composite material never changed the ability of zp to tune the potential of redox mediators. but the ability of the zirconium phosphate to adsorb neutral red and the redox reaction ability of this phenothiazine dye were enhanced significantly in the composite film due to the nanosize silver colloid

  9. As for fresh male adult cadaver, inject 8 % gelatin carbonic ink, 14 % ammonia and red gelatin until the ventral skin of the toe turn red from black, washing 6 hours by flowing water. cutting the scapular flap, anterolateral femoral flap, chest - umbilicus flap and medial superior genicular flap, after washing and rot prevention, inject 8 % gelatin ink solution into artery

  10. Lysozyme chloride powder has a wide area of application, such as food preserving ( cheese, low degree wine ), pharmaceutical industry ( tablets, capsules, eyedrops, throat lozenges ), daily chemicals ( tooth paste, cosmetics ), baby food ( milk powder ) and scientific research

    蛋清菌酶在食品保鮮(特別是乳酪,清酒生產) ,醫藥(藥片,囊,眼藥,潤喉) ,日化(牙膏,化妝品) ,嬰兒食品(母乳化奶粉)及科學研究中有著廣泛的應用。
  11. With gelatin liquor as adhesive and wheat meal as granulation material, the effects on spray granule ' s strength of fluidizing gas velocity, bed temperature, nozzle air pressure and adhesive concentration were studied experimentally in a batch conical fluidized bed spray particle generator

  12. Under the different freezing - thawing cycle circumstance, three factors of water binder ratio, air content and mineral admixture are analyzed by using the method of orthogonal table. the test results show that the chief influencing factor is the water binder ratio in water freezing - thawing cycle circumstance, and in salt freezing - thawing cycle circumstance is the air content. this could illustrate that entraining air into concrete can improve the frost resistance of concrete effectively in salt freezing - thawing cycle

    分析了在純和3 . 5 % nacl中受凍后,比、含氣量和摻合料對混凝土飽和系數及變化速率的影響規律,試驗結果表明比對混凝土凍時的飽和系數及變化速率影響顯著,而鹽凍情況下含氣量則是主要影響因素,說明引氣能顯著提高混凝土的抗鹽凍性能。
  13. Hydrotropic solution of calcium chloride is the best flame retardant agent, which could be used in fields of preparing barium chloride, treating water in boilers, manufacturing calcium metal, fabric gluing, road treating, coal treating, leather making and pharmaceutics

  14. It is shown that the liquid phase methods, in which particularly methods of the sol - gel, deposition, micro - lacteous, hydrothermal / solvothermal reaction and hydrolyze, should be mentioned, as the most wildly used method in the present

  15. Gum any substance that swells in water to form a gel or a sticky solution

  16. Mps can be dissolved without problems in the water - phase of water - in - oil or oil - in - water emulsions, as well as in most common water based gel systems

    Mps (多磺酸粘多糖)不但能輕易地解於包油的相態或油包的乳態,而且能輕易地解于以為基質的凝系統。
  17. Aqueous colloidal solution

  18. With the very low water to cement ratio, rpc has ultra - high strength high ductility and low permeability. in this paper, the compressive strength of rpc can reach to a high point with the number approximately 135mpa. as illustrated from the study results, we can approve some fundamental conclusions : there are big effects on rpc with deferent kinds and properties of raw materials and deferent curing conditions ; stress - strain curve shows the process of destroy with rpc samples ; x - ray diffraction analysis indicates that heat treatment at temperatures 90 accelerate the hydration of rpc sharply, therefore, mechanical and microstructural properties of rpc are highly dependent on heat treatment ; it is believed that rpc materials have excellent resistance to chloride permeability ; during the heat treatment, the shrinkage of rpc developed quickly because of chemical reactions ; the rpc with slag mostly has the advantage of rpc without slag about resistance to solutions corrosion

    研究結果表明:通過對rpc各組分摻量變化的研究,可以找到rpc的最優配合比;試件成型后的熱養護制度對rpc的性能影響巨大; rpc的抗壓應力?應變曲線可以反映出試件受破壞時微裂紋的擴展情況,剛纖維的摻入可以大幅改善rpc的韌性; rpc在成型后存在較大的收縮,而其中的化學收縮要遠遠大於乾燥收縮; rpc具有很強的抗氯離子滲透性能,漿體的密實度很高;通過x射線衍射實驗,可以發現rpc的凝體中ch晶體已經幾乎不存在,凝體主要由c - s - h凝和未泥顆粒組成;在抗侵蝕的實驗中,摻礦渣rpc的抗侵蝕性能在絕大多數情況下要好於不摻礦渣試件,酸、堿和浙江工業大學碩士學位論文摘要一些鹽都會對rpc的結構產生侵蝕作用,但是機理各有不同。
  19. Stuctrures of nano - powders were studied with xrd, ftir, and tg - dsc. laser scattering granularity instrument described that nano - ito was dispersed in ethanol about average 50nm, configurations of nano - composites was studied with sem, which described that inorganic nanoparticles can disperse in pmma with nano - level

    本文在乙醇/中採用sol - gel法制備被乙醇包裹的納米二氧化錫, ;通過法,制備ito體,利用乙醇/的共沸,用乙醇替換,從而使乙醇隔離納米ito粒子,達到初級分散的效果。
  20. The results displayed that the spectra were wider than that of one single dye and there were energy transfer between c102 and rh6g. in silica films the energy transfer efficiency was higher than that in ethanol solutions

    C102 : r上6gh元混合染料間存在著能量傳遞,將其摻雜到isio 。凝中,發現與無乙醇中相比;能量轉移效率增加,光譜i展寬,原因可能是出。