水下彈道 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shuǐxiàdàndào]
水下彈道 英文
underwater trajectories
  • : 名詞1 (由兩個氫原子和一個氧原子結合而成的液體) water 2 (河流) river 3 (指江、河、湖、海、洋...
  • : 下動詞1. (用在動詞后,表示由高處到低處) 2. (用在動詞后, 表示有空間, 能容納) 3. (用在動詞后, 表示動作的完成或結果)
  • : 彈名詞1. (彈子; 小球形的東西) ball; pellet 2. (內裝爆炸物, 具有破壞和殺傷能力的東西) bullet; bomb
  • : Ⅰ名詞(道路) road; way; route; path 2 (水流通過的途徑) channel; course 3 (方向; 方法; 道理) ...
  1. Strip - shape underground structures such as the tunnels and tubes for various uses can be treated as a beam on elastic foundation under earthquake condition , although there exists soil - structure interaction , the foundation soil vibration is dominant in other words , analysis of earthquake response of the soil is essential to this end , simplified models , ( i. e equivalent mass system models based on some equivalence criteria ) are proposed , instead of a general 3 - d continuum model in this study , equivalence criteria are proposed and the simplified models are compared the single - mass - string model is proved to be valid and therefore applied to the analysis of earthquake response of the pearl river immersed tunnel

  2. In this paper, a space model of antisubmarine homing torpedo ' s trajectory has been established based on the surface warship attacking underwater target, a formula which can be used to calculate the trajectory length of antisubmarine horning torpedo is also given

  3. In order to investigate the variety of some of the initiatory kinematics parameters, the author first computes the underwater trajectory of the submarine launched missile carrier

  4. Second, by computing the trajectory of the missile and the method of analyzing cep, influences that the fighter ' s height, speed, pitch angle, the deflection angle between fighter and target, and the target moving characters make on the times of fighter attack and missile launch are deeply developed. third, by relating the motion of the missile and the fighter, the influences that fighter ' s dive angle and the deflection angle between fighter and target make on the attack field of the fighter are discussed in this paper when the fighter perform vertical and horizontal attack. criterion of attack effect is proposed focusing on attack time of the fighter, trajectory of the missile and destruction probability to the target

    本文主要完成了以幾個方面的工作:對導可發射區和飛機可攻擊區進行建模,通過對導的模擬計算,並運用典型的圓概率偏差精度分析方法,詳細討論了飛機實施攻擊時,飛機的飛行高度h 、速度v 、俯仰角、與目標的偏離角_ x及目標運動特性等對飛機攻擊時機和導發射時機的影響;因此,將飛機和導結合起來,詳細研究了飛機在垂直平面和平平面內實施攻擊時,飛機俯沖角和與目標的偏離角_ x對飛機的攻擊范圍的影響;以飛機實施攻擊的時間t 、特性和對目標的殺傷概率p來評判對地攻擊的效果;最後給出典型算例,通過對空地攻擊過程的模擬實現,對飛機飛行過載提出要求。
  5. Without any foreign assistance, china has independently developed intermediate and short - range missiles, long - range rockets, submarine - launched solid - propellant rockets, recoverable satellites, the technology to launch multiple satellites atop a single rocket, and geostationary communication satellites

  6. This paper deals with seismic response of a tunnel - soil system immersed tunnel , as an underground structure , must be compatible with the deformation of the surrounding soil thus the simplified model for a tunnel - soil system is established through two steps at the first step , an mdof system is developed for modeling the foundation soil to this end , dynamic behavior of the foundation soil is analyzed a typical section of the foundation soil simplified as a single mass - spring system on the basis of some equivalent criteria those mass are linked longitudinally by elastic springs to form an mdof system at the second step , the tunnel is treated as a beam on elastic foundation ; that is , the tunnel is connected with the soil massed to form a tunnel - soil system this model has been applied to the seismic analysis of huangsha fangcun immersed tunnel across the pearl river in guangzhou design recommendation is proposed on the basis of this analysis

  7. The study of underwater trajectory and motion stability of supercaviting bodies, dealing with three kinds of media - solid, liquid, gas ( vapor ), is one of the most important problems in mechanics and engineering

  8. In this paper, the theory of slender bodies was used to calculate hydrodynamic forces and to numerically simulate the underwater trajectory of supercaviting bodies, the motion stability of supercaviting bodies was analyzed, too

  9. In order to study on fire efficiency for the rocket - assisted torpedo, this paper has gone deeply into every stages of air trajectory and underwater trajectory, and established the fire efficiency model of the rocket - assisted torpedo with the monte - carlo

  10. In this paper according to the design scheme of yao heba power station in nan yahe river, the mathematical model with longer and complicated conduit system, elastic water hammer and pid regulating low of voter turbine adjusting system in the case of the small fluctuation has being built, which include conduit system, surge tank, draft tube, water turbine, generator and governor. the hydraulic losses are taken into account, and nonlinearization in water turbine and the governor is also taken into account

  11. Based on the depth of the hole and on reports that the district later had its water cut off, american troops concluded that a massive amount of homemade explosive had been stuffed into an underground pipe to avoid leaving any trace on the surface

  12. This dissertation derives from the national ninth five - year plan project " torpedo weapon system development and mathematic simulation methods research " and china shipbuilding industry group ' s project " sub - water multi - target trajectory counterwork distributed interactive simulation system "

    本論文題目來源於總裝備部「九五」預研課題「魚雷武器系統規劃發展數學模擬方法」和中國船舶重工集團第七五零試驗場課題「多目標對抗分佈交互模擬系統」 。
  13. The conclusions have been deduced from the detailed analysis of a set of experimental results as below : 1 ) the formula of tangent young ' s modulus et has been established during the unloading process ; 2 ) the shearing features of the samples are similar to undrained test even though there are draining paths so the possion ratio of the sample is about 0. 5 ; 3 ) unloading paths have little effects on the shearing strength parameters

    通過對試驗結果的分析得到: 1 )任一時刻土體的切線性模量公式; 2 )卸載情況盡管存在排,但試樣仍基本上表現為不排的性狀,按廣義虎克定律得到的泊松比在0 . 5附近; 3 )卸荷應力路徑對土體的強度參數影響不大。
  14. A method for establishing ballistic equation of underwater directional vehicle

  15. The experimental results show that the method is effective to identify the flow patterns of bubbly, plug, stratified, wavy, slug and annular in a horizontal pipe. the identification accuracy is shown as follows : bubbly flow is 93. 3 %, plug flow is 85. 3 %, stratified or wavy flow is 97. 3 %, slug flow is 98. 6 %, and annular flow is 92. 7 %. an estimation of the process time is 22 frame / s

    實驗結果表明,該方法能自動有效地識別平管內的氣泡流、塞狀流、層狀流、波狀流、狀流和霧環狀流等基本流型;識別準確率如:氣泡流為93 . 3 ,塞狀流為85 . 3 ,分層流為97 . 3 ,狀流為98 . 6 ,霧環狀流為92 . 7 ;識別圖像速度約為22幀秒,適合於在線實時識別兩相流流型。
  16. And the results show that the calculated settlement agree well with that of measured. the paper established the dynamic pore pressure models of soft soil subgrade and composite foundation, compiled the dynamic fem program of undrained effective stress method, considering the elasto - plasticity of foundation soil as well as the interaction of pavement and foundation, thoroughly analyzed the deformation characteristics of pavement and foundation, and these results are instructive for the construction of pavement or airport runway

  17. The products are the raw material of polyurethane elastomer, coating and adhesives, which react with isocyanate to give a chemical grouting material that has been widely used for seepage - proofing and blocking up the loophole of tunnel, dam, underground projects and mine - pits, as well as foundation reinforcement

  18. Fundamental equations of underwater gun ' s interior trajectory and it ' s design

  19. Fundamental equations of underwater gun s interior trajectory and it s design

  20. Abstract : according to the characteristics of high - speed water entry about the rotary projectile, an experiment plan satisfing mach similarity has been put forward for hydroballistic modeling of high - speed water entry about the rotary projectile by using dynamic equations of projectile movement and similarity theory, which can achieve the equivalent of main similarity parameters between true object and its model at atmospheric environment