阿卡摩 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [a]
阿卡摩 英文
  • : 阿Ⅰ助詞(用在稱呼前面) Ⅱ(用於音譯外來語)
  • : 摩構詞成分。
  • 阿卡 : aca
  1. But the most " egregious " of her numerous complaints was the fact that florist stamos arakas had substituted pastel pink and green hydrangeas for the rust and green flowers she had chosen for the centerpieces

  2. The daughter of priam who endowed with the gift of prophecy but fated by apollo never to be believed

  3. At 3342 meters, mount etna is the highest peak, and europe s largest active volcano. a number of small islands located around sicily are popular tourist resorts, the volcanic aeolian or lipari archipelago being the largest group. the extensive coastline ranges from rocky cliffs to sandy beaches, but sicily also offers other fascinating natural sights such as alcantara gorge near taormina, various caverns carburangeli near carini and others around sicily and on the surrounding islands, and the grey mud flows formed by sporadic geysers that give maccalube, near aragona, its moonlike appearance.

    一是首府帕勒palermo ,往近郊的monreale或segesto遺跡都很方便二是塔尼亞catania ,有南義米蘭之稱,義大利作曲家貝里尼出身此地,且北有陶美尼taormina小山城,南有薩拉庫撒siracusa三是格利真托agrigento ,神殿之谷絕對值得一訪,有諸神的居所的美稱。
  4. Police in the northeastern colombian city of arauca said that they had detained a donkey named pacho after a motorcyclist crashed into the animal and suffered serious injuries

  5. Bogota, colombia - police in the northeastern colombian city of arauca said tuesday that they had detained a donkey named pacho after a motorcyclist crashed into the animal and suffered serious injuries

  6. " when there are road accidents and serious injuries, the vehicles involved are always impounded, " said diana rojas, spokeswoman for the arauca city police department. " we had to impound both the donkey and the motorcycle and put them at the disposal of investigators so they can decide what to do with them and whether to release them, " she said

    「當發生交通事故並有人受重傷時,事故所涉及車輛都要被扣留, 」市警方的女發言人狄娜-羅哈斯說道, 「我們不得不把驢子和托車都扣了,將它們交給調查人員處理,以便他們可以決定如何處置以及是否釋放它們。 」
  7. This saudi standard specifies the minimum requirements for the location and marking of the vehicle identification number ( vin ) on passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, multi - purpose goods vehicles, trucks ( or lorries ), buses, tractors, trailers, delivery trucks, container platform vehicles, refuse collectors, articulated buses, incomplete vehicles and motorcycles as defined in saudi standard referred to in item 2. 2

    該沙烏地拉伯標準規定了客車、多用途客車、多用途貨車、車、公共汽車、拖拉機、拖車、運輸車、集裝箱拖車、垃圾收集車、鉸接式公共汽車、不完整車輛和托車的車輛證明號( vin )的位置和標記的最基本要求,參見本標準第2 . 2條。
  8. Las vegas boulevard to see the beautiful decorative hotels and casinos, such as mirage, mgm grand, caesars palace, excalibur, new york - new york, monte carlo, bellagio, venetian, aladdin, paris and 2005 brand new hotel " wynn " etc. tonight you may enjoy a famous show or join a night tour to see las vegas night live

  9. Ashoka was also aware of devastating wars using such advanced vehicles and other " futuristic weapons " that had destroyed the ancient indian " rama empire " several thousand years before

    也意識到毀滅性的戰爭會運用這樣的先進工具,其他的「未來派戰爭」已經在數千年前毀滅了古代印度的「羅王國」 。
  10. In revenge, parasurama killed the entire clan of kaartaveerya - arjuna, thus conquering the entire earth, which he gave to kasyapa

  11. King kaartaveerya - arjuna sent his soldiers to take he cow and parashurama killed the entire army and the king with his axe

  12. The father of paris, hector, and cassandra and king of troy, who was killed whe his city fell to the greeks

  13. After this he dreamed that from the peak of a very high mountain he was looking down on the whole world, and on rome, and the provinces were singing together to the accompaniment of the lyre or flute

  14. Gargastan soldier assigned to protect amorika castle from attack. killed when denim and the zenobian exiles went to rescue duke ronway

  15. Knight placed in command of amorika castle when nybbas left. agres was killed by denim and the zenobian exiles when they arrived to rescue duke ronway

  16. The exhibition featured a vast range of telecommunications - related products and services. the ten biggest individual stands were : fujitsu, ericsson, huawei technologies, motorola, sk telecom, intel, alcatel, 3m telecom systems, korea telecom and ntt docomo

    會內十大展商包括:富士通、愛立信、華為技術、托羅拉、 sk電訊、英特爾、特、 3m通信系統、大韓電訊及nttdocomo 。
  17. In 2002, the icc helped arrange and co - sponsor the enrollment of 62 algerians, eritreans, and moroccans ages 14 - 17 in a three - year diploma course at an agrarian institute in italy ' s pescara province

    2002年,這個跨國委員會協助安排與共同贊助62名14 - 17歲爾及利亞、伊利垂亞、與洛哥的學生,到義大利佩斯拉省的一所農業學院就讀一個3年的學位課程。
  18. In august 2001 fc bayern lost to liverpool ( 3 - 2 ) in the final of the european supercup in monaco, but on november 27 the team triumphed in the world club final ( 1 - 0 ) over boca juniors of argentina in tokyo

    2001年8月,拜仁在納哥輸掉了與利物浦的歐洲超級杯比賽,但11月27日在東京,球隊1 : 0戰勝根廷的博青年隊贏得豐田杯。