阻燃添加劑 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [rántiānjiā]
阻燃添加劑 英文
fire-retardant additive
  • : 動詞(阻擋; 阻礙) block; hinder; impede; obstruct
  • : 動詞1. (燃燒) burn 2. (引火點著) ignite; light
  • : 動詞1. (增加) add; increase 2. [方言] (生小孩) give birth to
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (藥劑; 制劑) a pharmaceutical or other chemical preparation 2 (某些有化學作用的物品) a...
  • 添加劑 : additive; additive agent; supplement
  • 添加 : increase; add; addition; adjunction
  1. It pointed out the copoly - merization with phosphorus - containing flame retardant and monomers naphthylenediol, naphthylene diacid and glycerol together with the dosages of nano - particles and layered structure silicates would be a viable route to anti - dripping to flame retardant polyester fibers

  2. The selection of fire retardant agent, performance analyzing of fire retardant and anti - static polyester chips, influence of polymerization temperature on polyester ' s tinct and viscosity, influence of adding time on polymerization process as well as chips drying and spinning process were further studied

  3. Material production recipes bittern mgcl from territories green roast bolivia glass cloth face paper other additives : sawdust product specifications : 2400 x 1200 x 8mm 9mm 10mm 12mm 2440 x 1200 x 8mm 9mm 10mm 12mm product features : bolivia has a magnesium plates withstand high temperatures, fire, acoustic, vibration, pest control, corrosion, non - toxic tasteless clean, direct, painting, directly onto face, available gas nails, direct, tiles, surface better color nature, high intensity, resistance bending a resilience and can be made, may sawn, may stick, decoration convenience

    生產玻鎂板材料配方鹵水mgcl苦土青燒玻璃布面紙其他:木屑或珍珠巖產品規格: 240012008mm 9mm 10mm 12mm 244012008mm 9mm 10mm 12mm產品特點:玻鎂板具有耐高溫吸聲防震防蟲防腐無毒無味無污染可直接上油漆直接貼面,可用氣釘直接上瓷磚,表面有較好的著色性,強度高耐彎曲有韌性可釘可鋸可粘,裝修方便。
  4. It is made of fiberglass cloth soaking and coating in the mixed solution with no any halogen and high efficient inorganic flame retardants, compounding metal hydrates, through the advanced processes of resin - soaking, heat - curing etc

  5. Compared with other flame retardants, it has better function on restraining of the producing of smoke and sulfureted hydrogen, with the advantage of no contaminate, no corrosion and low cost

  6. The effects of all kinds of factors and additives on the viscosity of the pvc paste and blends were sysmetically examined. viscosities, flame - retardant properties, surface resistances, mechanical performances of all the improved recipes were investigated. the cost of the improved recipes was largely fallen down and the compositive properties were better than those of the initial recipes

  7. The crystal is applied to the papermaking that can raise whiteness and non - transparency, remains - proportion of the crystal is higher than the usual light calcium carbonate. as for plastics, it can improve impact strength in the plastics, its inhibiting - burning capability is advancing bigger than the common inhibiting - burning material of magnesium hydroxide. concerning the thermo tropic adhesives, the physical property of compound - packing is higher than the one of single - packing, namely remover strength, softening point, hardness, climate tolerance and the speed of consolidation are high

  8. Can be made into various shapes according to customer s different requirements, waterproof, oil - proof, leakage proof, nontoxic and resist deformation ; 4. the material can be generated for re - use while causing no pollution to environment

  9. Suitable for flame retardant, raw materials of high purity and high active magnesium oxide, oil product additive, desulfurate agent of flue - gas, neutralizer of waste water, electron industry, medicine, sugar - refining, heat insulator and food additive

  10. Effects of additives on the flame retardancy and mechanical properties of intumescent flame retarded low density polyethylenes

  11. Additive flame retardant

  12. Italmatch chemicals has earned the respect and trust over the years of such multinationals leaders in their sectors, with particular regard to lubricant oil additives ( l. o. a. ), plastic & polymers flame retardant additives ( fr ) and other various industrial applications

  13. Additive type flame retardant

  14. Flame resistance agents ( fra ), namely, lfr - up, ath and ato, were added into the rtm resin to obtain uniform resin system with ideal flame - retardant property by optimized process

    通過向rtm專用樹脂中磷酸酯(含氯) 、氫氧化鋁、氧化銻三種,採用優化的處理工藝,得到分散均勻、效果好的rtm專用樹脂體系。
  15. Additive - type fire retardant

  16. The fabricating process of frp package cases with outstanding flame - retardant and antistatic properties are investigated in this paper

  17. The results indicate that the flame - retardant and antistatic properties can simultaneously meet the corresponding national standards when jh and jhf are added up to the 1wt % and 3wt %, respectively

    當jh型和jhf型抗靜電量分別為1wt %和3wt %時, frp的抗靜電、性能能夠同時達到相關標準。
  18. Italmatch chemicals is among the world - leaders in halogen - free fr additives for applications in engineering thermoplastics able to offer a broad package of products