職業資源 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhíyuán]
職業資源 英文
career resources
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (職務; 職責) duty; job; 盡職 do [fulfil] one s duty; 失職 neglect one s duty; derelictio...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (行業) line of business; trade; industry 2 (職業) occupation; profession; employment; ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (錢財; 費用) money; wealth; expenses 2 (資質) intelligence; endowment 3 (資格) quali...
  • : 名詞1. (水流起頭的地方) source (of a river); fountainhead 2. (來源) source; cause 3. (姓氏) a surname
  • 職業 : occupation; profession; vocation; habiliment
  • 資源 : natural resources; resource
  1. In 1999 from oneself started an undertaking until now, firstexperiences has started an undertaking, the skill market trains, really holds the management, the teaching management process, throughunceasingly charged the study, sums up experience, the union practicepromotion theoretical level, is the cosmetology profession and thecorrelation profession raise image design synthesizes the talentedperson thousand people, and was 30 enterprises successes plans theenterprise image, the market marketing brand, the staff etiquette, thequality, skill training ; and establishes the consummation educationalmodel, the educational administration management for the correlationprofession teaching unit, promotes the teachers level, to enhance thefresh source quantity : develops the new curriculum, like - - - " high - quality beautiful armor ", " improves looks beautiful releaseindustry mda management management ", " shanghai vocational educationfilm and television puts on make - up ", " color consultant ", " thecosmetology putting on make - up industry practical fine arts ", " practical human body colored drawing on pottery and beautiful armordesign ", " image design and psychoanalysis ", " image design andaccompaniment shopping ", " image design psychology consultation ", " advertisement animation drawing ", " fashion puts on make - up modelling " and so on, the compilation teaches document 22

    1999年從自我創至今,首先經歷了創、技能市場演練、實操經營、教學管理的過程,通過不斷充電學習、總結經驗、結合實踐提升理論水平,為美容行及相關行培養形象設計綜合人才千餘人,並為30餘家企成功策劃企形象、市場營銷品牌、員工禮儀、素質、技能培訓;並為相關行教學單位創立完善教學模式、教務管理、提升師水平、提高生數量:開發新課程,如- - - 《高級美甲》 、 《美容美發行mda經營管理》 、 《上海市教育影視化妝》 、 《色彩顧問》 、 《美容化妝實用美術》 、 《實用人體彩繪及美甲圖案》 、 《形象設計與精神分析》 、 《形象設計與陪同購物》 、 《形象設計心理咨詢》 、 《廣告動漫繪畫》 、 《時尚化妝造型》等,編寫教案22本。
  2. A combination of strong economic growth, corporate ambition and a limited pool of managers and specialists has plunged asian companies into a battle for top talent, from casinos in macau gearing up for business to boom towns in resource - rich western australia desperate to attract mining engineers

  3. Based on the analysis of the general situation of teachers group in higher vocational colleges at present, the paper presents that the construction of high quality teachers depends on the efficient countermeasures as follows, that is, carry out the attestation and admittance system ; enlarge the charnels of part - time teachers ; develop core teachers ' to teach in multiple disciplines ; establish a system to encourage advancement and reward excellent teachers ; promote the development of core teachers

  4. ( 2 ) the paper studies on the important concepts of enterprise, entrepreneur, human capital, coessential resource and idiosyncratic resource, and analyzes the traits of entrepreneur human capital, discusses the functions of entrepreneur. it presents and formats the basic theory of development of entrepreneur human capital

    武漢理工大學博士學位論文u )重新界定了企、企家、人力本、同質性和異質性等重要概念,分析了企家人力本的特點、企能,提出並模型化了企家人力本開發的基本原理。
  5. This thesis establishes the management and development outline by use of core capacity, organization system and financing, investing and electrovalence ( variant of profit ) in financing management flow. in the competition of core ability, the thesis, based on the

  6. She has been a human resource practitioner in private sector organizations and now is a free lance trainer and facilitator

  7. Owes developed, average years of schooling level somewhat low gansu province to the economy through impala the vocational education vigorously, constructs the consummation the education training system is completes the human resources development the key

  8. I graduate in the 2004 and major in internation business. join the canton export commodities trade fair many times from 2004 to 2007 with company and have experience of mastermind & lead staff join fair. during hold a post, i deal with find the client from alibaba website and win gained the order from swede $ american. i am familiar with manufacure shoes craft flow and import & export negotiate manipulative flow, accumulate mass supplier resource. i want to join the factory & trade company or china & foreign countries join venture company. hope will have good benefit because of my joined

    本人於2004年畢于國貿專,並在2004年至2007年隨公司參加過多次廣交會,有相關策劃參展和帶領團隊參展的經驗.在任期間從事過阿里爸爸電子商務平臺的開發,並在阿里上成功的接下瑞典客人,美國客人的訂單.本人熟悉鞋子的工藝流程和外貿的操作談判流程,積累了大量供應商.欲找工貿一體,有良好務開拓渠道的公司或者大企合作.希望我的加盟給貴司帶來良好的效益! !
  9. It includes plan on human resources, employment, development and training, achievement and assessment, reward and encouragement, building - up enterprise culture, and so on. this passage is divided into four sections : first, it analyses human resources management theory in order to maintain close ties with reality. second, through perspective of present human resources management status in huaxia bank, shenyang branch and comparison with that of foreign capital banks, in the end we get human resources management methods to huaxia bank, shenyang branch, we resist impulsion of foreign capital banks and catch hold of some points like organization design, position management, application and lection, training and development, performance management, compesation management

  10. As an important integrant of the modern human resource management, career management sticks the needs or demands of the organizations and that of its staff together sufficiently, accomplishes the mutualism and harmonious developments among persons and organizations, and then becomes one of the most efficient ways for persons and organizations to help them get on well with the speeding changing in the social and economical environments

  11. Personal and management development in communication, confidence building, presentations, motivation, delegation and people management skills

  12. To make full use of substitution of all relationships and to integrate all employment sources must reduce the relative costs, and the concrete measures are : to make career arms and employment plans in college and to show detailed employment plans and arms of the employing units ; to set up fully employment information service system and make complete use of the internet ; to construct the graduate employment markets and reinforce the montority of the medium service ; to enstrength the construction of employment centre of college

  13. Sets of personal computers, printers and fascimile machine are available in the employment resources corners. registrants can practise their chinese english typing skills there, write submit resumes and surf the internet

  14. And then, the key fundamental internal factors to the determination of clfg ' s performance are picked up from all basic factors affecting operation efficiency with ism quantitative approach. based on the results of the internal and external analysis, problems like advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and challenge, and key points of clfg to be solved quickly are made clear and definite. on the basis of the above is formulated the overall strategy like operation thoughts, goal, development strategy , diverse strategy and internationalization strategy, etc. meanwhile, the function - layer strategy such as marketing strategy, r & d strategy and human resource development strategy, etc., are also worked out

  15. Aiming at enhancing human resources development and transferring efficiently in rural areas, this paper suggests five approaches to solve the problem as follows, rational planning the distribution of vocation education resources ; integrating the agricultural, science and educational resources ; integrating urban and rural vocational education resources and cooperating between the producing and teaching ; integrating information technology resources ; linking vocational education training and employment transfer

  16. Secondly, the author gives the range of enterprise capability, analyses the attraction of enterprise capability to different objects indirectly, analyses the character of core competence, puts forward identifying the core competence from the industry structure. then, the author compares the resource theory and capability theory, analyses the promotion of enterprise resources on capabilities. at last, the author analyses the collectively impact of resources and capabilities on competitive advantage, and the interpretative structural modeling is given

  17. The compositive budget system ’ s target is for the best enterprise resource configures by integrating the plan, the management, the control, the harmonization and the function. the comprehensive budget system can improve the efficiency of the enterprise resource using, and provide the science date resource for enterprise management and decision - making

  18. Multi - channel get funds, pursue a strict system of employment, perfect the identillcation of technical ability, set up training bases, school and enterprise unite, perfect incentive mechanism, strengthen policies to support by government, etc. a series of measures. this article summarized some advanced methods of training the senior technical talent of some outstanding enterprises at last

  19. The paper points out that talent personnel, system, capital, and government functions are the important aspects of carrying out the strategic objective of dstdz, frames the strategic development schedules of dstdz, that is introducing well maturated high tech enterprise from nation and abroad, building infrastructure area by area, realizing the accumulation of the first cost and congregation of the industry resource, forming the zone development in good circulation, and accomplishing the building task at the beginning of establishing dstdz on the basis of establishment of high tech industry park and the incubator of science and technology enterprise

  20. Combining the leading problems and realistic state of medium - sized rvte of hubei, the author bases on the demand to talents of industrial structure adjustment, market economy and rural economic construction, uses the principle in pedagogy, economics, demography and sociology, etc., adopts the methods of investigation, informal discussion, comparative, summary of experiences and case analytic approach, summarizes historical experience and lesson of domestic and foreign rural vocational education, analyses social reason and inside reason that hinder the development of rvte in china, and puts forward measures and countermeasure of reforming and developing rvte further from the respects of improving the further understanding importance and urgency of rvte, disposing vocational education teacher resources and optimizin g the structure of overall arrangement rationally, doing specialty construction well, establishing the goal system of teaching with pertinence and adaptability, changing the single teaching mode, reforming the course mode, setting up flexible teaching management style, strengthening the vocational guidance and the vocational faculty of " double division types ", reinforcing the base for exercitation, focusing on service to agriculture, launching various kinds of training in a more cost - effective manner, developing civilian - run vocational education actively, attaching importance of inspecting the executer of the " law of vocational education " and supervising and evaluating the work of rvte