格尼奧特 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [ào]
格尼奧特 英文
  • : 格象聲詞rattle; gurgle
  • : 名詞(尼姑) buddhist nun
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(特殊; 超出一般) particular; special; exceptional; unusual Ⅱ副詞1 (特別) especially; v...
  1. The roster of composers and conductors who have led the philharmonic includes such historic figures as theodore thomas, pyotr ilyich tchaikovsky, anton n dvo ? k, gustav mahler ( music director, 1909 ? 11 ), otto klemperer, richard strauss, willem mengelberg ( music director, 1922 ? 30 ), wilhelm furtw ? ngler, arturo toscanini ( music director, 1928 ? 36 ), igor stravinsky, aaron copland, bruno walter ( music advisor, 1947 ? 49 ), dimitri mitropoulos ( music director, 1949 ? 58 ), klaus tennstedt, george szell ( music advisor, 1969 ? 70 ), and erich leinsdorf

  2. The montenegrin player scored the winning goal in the 71st minute when he headed a cross from the right wing by cicinho past dida

  3. Cartoonist tony auth reverses superman ' s routine to make a tongue - in - cheek comment on california ' s new governor, 56 - year - old muscleman arnold schwarzenegger

    漫畫家托?把超人的這一慣常做法倒了過來,用以取笑加州新州長? ? ? 56歲的肌肉發達的阿諾德?施瓦辛
  4. The whirling kept bystanders from witnessing the transformation. cartoonist tony auth reverses superman ' s routine to make a tongue - in - cheek comment on california ' s new governor, 56 - year - old muscleman arnold schwarzenegger

  5. It was graham poll whistling - up a challenge by john terry for a foot that looked no higher than his direct opponent that had aggrieved mourinho

  6. Mourinho will play geremi at right - back and paulo ferreira replaces the injured asier del horno on the left in their champions league opener against anderlecht at stamford bridge tonight

  7. Mourinho has courted controversy during his time in charge at chelsea with a number of high - profile spats with the likes of arsene wenger, rafa benitez and sir alex ferguson

  8. With candidate after candidate turning real down, eriksson ' s position has grown stronger - if only because he could be the last man standing. real ' s president fernando mart n has a shortlist of rafael ben tez, ars ne wenger, jose mourinho, fabio capello, marcelo lippi and carlo ancelotti, with eriksson ' s name at its foot. " i want it to be one of those six, if not the seventh, " declared mart n, suggesting that eriksson is not his coach of choice

  9. Ten cate ' s brief will be to help grant to evolve chelsea into a more flamboyant side than they were under jos mourinho

  10. Reports in france yesterday suggested that willy sagnol, another bayern full back, was a target for united, but sources at old trafford indicate it is lahm who has caught ferguson ' s eye

  11. Chelsea have been drawn against valencia, schalke and rosenborg, while london rivals arsenal face steaua bucharest, slavia prague and either sevilla and aek athens who still need to replay their qualifying tie following the tragic death of sevilla player antonio puerta

    切爾西和瓦倫西亞、沙爾克04 、羅森博被分到了同組,阿森納的同組對手則有布加勒斯星、布拉斯拉維亞、塞維利亞/雅典aek (由於塞維利亞球員安東?普埃爾塔的不幸死亡,兩隊的預選賽需重賽。 )
  12. In a sign of his increasing confidence, grant yesterday insisted that chelsea were right to part company with mourinho and that he represents an improvement on the most successful manager in the club ' s history

  13. Other speakers included prominent figures from the sydney 2000 olympic games, uk sport and the british olympic movement and patricia ferguson msp, minister for tourism, culture and sport in the scottish parliament

    在會議上發言的還包括來自2000年悉運會,英國體育界和英國林匹克運動的傑出人物,以及蘇蘭議會旅遊、文化和體育部長帕麗夏克萊佛古森( patricia ferguson )議員。
  14. San antonio ' s gregg popovich recently told reporters : " i ' m willing to bet it would give pause to commissioner [ david ] stern and his group if all of a sudden in their next important meeting there was a camera and microphone [ in the room ], " popovich said

    聖安東教練-波波維奇近來對記者說: 「我敢打賭,總裁(大衛)斯恩和他的同僚們在下次他們重要的會議中,如果突然在會議室出現攝像機和麥克風,他們肯定會暫停會議的。
  15. Whilst ars ne wenger and alex ferguson made it very clear that nothing in the world could prise them away from their respective clubs, tubby ben tez at liverpool is said to wonder what he has done wrong not to be offered any kind of role at the new - look, top heavy chelsea, particularly as jos mourinho has now left

  16. However, the 32 - year - old ' s involvement is unlikely to unsettle the manager, jose mourinho, in the same way that grant ' s appointment did when it was first mooted in the new year, with forde ' s role very much geared towards off - the - pitch matters

  17. The cameroonian has rewarded jos mourinho ' s decision to select him for the wins over aston villa and watford with three assists over the two games

  18. Jos mourinho has said often how much chelsea has missed him this season, but it was good also to hear terry venables at the last banksy ' s boys lunch talk about how england also had missed him, and saying that he was a player who not only seemed to become complete under mourinho but continued to improve his game every year

  19. No player appears to have been affected more by the departure of jos mourinho last month, after which avram grant was appointed as first - team coach

  20. Why does mourinho not have the same degree of job security as sir alex ferguson, rafael benitez and arsane wenger