校務行政 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiàohángzhèng]
校務行政 英文
electronic based school administration
  • : 校名詞1. (學校) school 2. (校官) field officer3. (姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (事情) affair; business 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 (從事; 致力) be engaged in; devote...
  • : 行Ⅰ名詞1 (行列) line; row 2 (排行) seniority among brothers and sisters:你行幾? 我行三。where...
  • : 名詞1 (政治) politics; political affairs 2 (國家某一部門主管的業務) certain administrative as...
  • 校務 : administrative affairs of a school or college
  • 行政 : administration
  1. We can draw lessons from the modern business enterprise system, establish the school self - rule system that the board of directors, school administration committee and supervisor detach from each other and also mutually supervise. at the same time, educational administration and social agency should also be consummated to achieve the favorable educational course and the equilibrium of school management, administrative potence and social surveillance

  2. Serving as a clerical officer in the department of politics and sociology to provide administrative, secretarial and all sorts of support to the programme, ms grace pui - lan wong is active in various on - campus activities as well as her church and community services. she also takes up a role in the hong kong professional teachers union, being an instrumental bridge between her office and the union

  3. National educational inspector ought to accord with following postulate : ( one ) the main line that holds to a party, have deep love for socialism to teach a career ; ( 2 ) law of familiar concerned education, code, guiding principle, policy, have stronger professional ability, working gain is outstanding ; ( 3 ) have stronger organization harmonious ability and stronger oral with written expression ability ; ( 4 ) have record of formal schooling of above of university undergraduate course or coequal knowledge, be engaged in education manages or education, research works 10 years above ; ( 5 ) level of executive authority deputy hall and above, or have middle and primary school fancy teacher name, colleges and universities and scientific research orgnaization advanced and professional technical position ; ( 6 ) hold to a principle, handle affairs justice, behave well, clean - fingered self - discipline ; ( 7 ) healthy, can assure to perform duty of national educational inspector and the time that the task that finish needs

    國家督學應當符合下列基本條件: (一)堅持黨的基本路線,熱愛社會主義教育事業; (二)熟悉有關教育法律、法規、方針、策,具有較強的業能力,工作實績突出; (三)具有較強的組織協調能力和較強的口頭與書面表達能力; (四)具有大學本科以上學歷或同等學力,從事教育治理或者教學、研究工作10年以上; (五)機關副廳級及以上,或具有中小學特級教師稱號,高等學和科研機構等正高級專業技術職; (六)堅持原則,辦事公道,品端正,廉潔自律; (七)身體健康,能夠保證履國家督學職責和完成任所必需的時間。
  4. Accordingly as an inter - disciplinary subject, the curricular management should consist of the nature of management, objects and tasks of study ; curricular administration and school curricular management, curricular policy ; and trends of curricular development

  5. We found that teachers in shanghai got little high emotional exhaustion score, lower depersonalization score and high efficacy score. the primary school teachers got higher emotional exhaustion and depersonalization score than others. gender, subject, antecedents, salary, executive or not, type of school, school history and so on brought significant effect to teachers burnout

    ( 3 )性別、科目、教齡、學歷、收入、是否班主任、是否擔任與以及學的類型(大學高中初中小學)和建時間( 10年內建成的新有10年以上歷史的老)對上海教師的職業倦怠情況有顯著影響。
  6. But there are many problems in the teachers " employment. for examples, their legal rights and obligations are ambiguity, and there are many problems in their employment agreements. these will be uncovered at the dismiss ion of the teachers

  7. An unemployed man and an administration manager of a publishing company were each sentenced to 200 hours of community service for conspiracy to forge a certificate purportedly issued by a commercial c

  8. Meanwhile, some projects were completely outsourced from the planning, research and development to the provision of maintenance and help desk service. examples include the government office automation programme and the school administration and management system

  9. Officiated at the ceremony were dr. york y. n. chow, secretary for health, welfare and food of the hong kong special administrative region government and professor lawrence j. lau, vice - chancellor of the chinese university. dr. chengye sun, deputy director of national poison control center, china cdc, dr. jou - fang deng, president, asia - pacific association of medical toxicology, dr. liang chen, deputy director of shanghai poison control center and dr. hanlin huang, director of poison control center of guangdong province attended the ceremony

  10. Officiating guests include dr. margaret chan, director of health, dr. annie wong, professor liu pak wai, acting vice - chancellor of cuhk, mrs peggy lam, chairperson of the hong kong federation of women, ms lina yan, chairman of the convocation of cuhk and professor fok tai fai, acting dean of the faculty of medicine, cuhk. the resource centre serves as an informational forum for academics, medical and allied health workers, administrators, students, and the interested general public alike on a wide range of topics relating to the health and well - being of women

  11. Under the leadership of loca i party committee, they organized and mobilized party members, cadres, members of youth league and the activists among the non - party members, in light of their respective working system, to establish a huge propagandistic body of the mass, with the propagandists and reporters as the backbone of the system. after receiving a brief training, th i s body f o i i owed some special procedures to go to all walks of life to do political mobilization and current affairs and production propaganda, to coordinate all the political movements

  12. Three new members are appointed by the chief executive to the lingnan university council. they are dr li siu - wah, chief of service, psychogeriatric department, castle peak hospital ; dr lam ching - choi, medical director, haven of hope christian service ; and mr benedict wong chung - mat, chairman and ceo, wongs international holdings ltd and president and ceo, wongs electronics co ltd

  13. This paper summarizes such improvement in the following ten aspects : putting women ' s work on the government ' s priority agenda on social affairs administration ; incorporating women ' s development into the state ' s general plan for socioeconomic development ; bringing women ' s rights and interests protection into the national legal system ; channeling women ' s development condition into the state statistic system ; incorporating women ' s issues into the state ' s specialized control project ; orbiting the publicity of gender equality awareness into the routine publicity of the state ' s mainstream media ; including training on women ' s work in party and administrative schools ' standardized training program ; incorporating women ' s rights and interests protection into people ' s congresses ' law - enforcement examination ; incorporating women and children ' s work committees into the organizational structures of governments at all levels ; and channeling chinese women ' s development into the general train of thoughts on the trend of world women ' s development

  14. Application intermediary serves the orgnaization of business to ought to sign up for sent material to have when offerring application : ( 1 ) requisition ; ( corporate organization proves 2 ) ; ( the resume of 3 ) legal representative, main staff member and concerned proof, place of orgnaization constitution, office and office facilities prove ; ( 4 ) has legal effectiveness with what foreign institution of higher learing or other education orgnaization sign directly study abroad at one ' s own expenses cooperative intent book or agreement ( medium, foreign language this ), and the foreign autograph of attestation of the diplomatic and consular missions outside be stationed in via our country makes an appointment with square corporate organization proof ; ( 5 ) asset proof or accountant office issued check endowment report ; ( area of the working plan that 6 ) drafts to begin intermediary to serve, administration and feasibility report

    申辦中介服的機構在提出申請時應當報送的材料有: ( 1 )申請書; ( 2 )法人資格證實; ( 3 )法定代表人、主要工作人員的簡歷和有關證實,機構章程、辦公場所及辦公設施證實; ( 4 )與國外高等院或其他教育機構直接簽署的有法律效力的自費留學合作意向書或協議(中、外文本) ,以及經我國駐外使領館認證的國外簽約方的法人資格證實; ( 5 )資產證實或會計師事所出具的驗資報告; ( 6 )擬開展中介服的工作計劃、區域及可性報告。
  15. Mr. winfried engelbrecht - bresges, chief executive officer of the hong kong jockey club, professor lawrence lau, vice - chancellor of cuhk, mrs. yu law siu man, principal education officer, school administrative support, education and manpower bureau and dr. catherine lam, consultant paediatrician, child assessment centre officiated at the ceremony

  16. From left mr. winfried engelbrecht - bresges, chief executive officer of the hong kong jockey club, dr. catherine lam, consultant paediatrician, child assessment centre, mrs. yu law siu man, principal education officer, school administrative support, education and manpower bureau and professor lawrence lau, vice - chancellor of cuhk, completed the puzzle together which marked the beginning of the programme

  17. Staff : principal, vice principal, secretary, and treasurer are elected by the general meeting. academic dean, counselors, registration officer, purchaser, and other school officers are appointed by the principal

  18. Article 12 the administrative department of education under the state council shall work out transition measures on qualifications for teachers who, before the enforcement of this law, have been teaching at schools or other institutions of education, but do not have the record of formal schooling as stipulated in this law

  19. As a large and dynamic institution of higher learning, offering a wide range of courses at different levels, the polytechnic university offers employment opportunities ranging from academic and research posts to professional, administrative and support positions

  20. Dr hu continues to promote the integration of administrative and teaching resources, design the network and regulation of service learning of providence university in association with other teachers, attempt to promote cross - university partnership and cooperation, and actively develop a suitable learning environment for students