擬合曲線 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xiàn]
擬合曲線 英文
fit curve
  • : 動詞1. (設計; 起草) draw up; draft 2. (打算; 想要) intend; plan 3. (模仿) imitate
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • : 曲名詞1 (一種韻文形式) qu a type of verse for singing which emerged in the southern song and ji...
  • : 名詞1 (用絲、棉、金屬等製成的細長的東西) thread; string; wire 2 [數學] (一個點任意移動所構成的...
  • 曲線 : [數學] curve; bight; bought; profile; net曲線板 french curve; irregular curve; curve board; splin...
  1. The fourth chapter introduces the theory of fractional brown movement ( fbm ). the image texture of turning workpiece is analyzed using fbm model. after abstracting the texture character, the cutting tool wear status can be determined according to fractal dimension and average slope of the fitting curve of the logarithm power spectrum

    第四章採用分數布朗運動( fbm )的基本理論,對切削工件表面紋理的圖像進行分析,提取紋理特徵參數,根據分形維數和圖像上對數功率譜的擬合曲線的平均斜率來判斷刀具的磨損狀態。
  2. Presents a new method for fairing of curves which has a small flexibility based on fitting the derivative of second order of curves. we fit the derivative of second order of curves by a polynomial fitting, then find an indefinite integral of this polynomial to get a approach of curves. otherwise, we discuss the analyze of the error and the optimize of fairing to this arithmetic

  3. By analyzing phase angle of meshing geometric drawing position, the theoretical formula of cycloid gear actual operating space of cycloid planetary gear speed reducer is driven, at the same time, fitting a curve, and discussing engineering significance of function curve to combine reality

  4. After looking up a large amount of native and foreign information, the materials used in the experiment were as follows : ptfe base, graphite filler, molybdenum disulfide filler, copper powder filler, carbon fiber and so on. the experimental method is that the formula was designed according to uniform experimental method, the relationship between formula and frictional property was found with spline function and then the representative test points were chosen from fitting curve to make verification test for optimization. the preparative technique of solid lubricant is cold - press sintering method

  5. The results indicated that the dimension, shape and purity of base material could meet the functional demand of solid lubricant ; the thermal decomposition temperature of ptfe resin exceeds 400 c, but organic and inorganic packing filler added in ptfe made the water absorption rate of composite material increased, melting temperature and decomposition temperature decreased, in the meanwhile oxidative decomposition reaction was accompanied ; polar groups such as c = o, c - o - c and so on in the carbon fiber surface is advantageous to increase compatibility with other components and interlayer shearing strength ; uniform design experimental method could help to find the relationship between formula and frictional property by relatively small tests. the developing trend of each formula ' s friction coefficient could be showed by fitting curve ; the friction coefficient with no copper powder or graphite in formula was relatively big. this fact showed that copper powder and graphite should be used cooperatively ; it was found that when the ratio of copper powder to graphite by weight is 15 : 60, 30 : 30 - 40 and 60 : 15 - 30 respectively, the friction coefficient was relatively small. the degree of crystallinity of pure ptfe reached maximum by air cooling and the abrasion loss also reached maximum among three ones ; at the same time, the abrasion loss of solid lubricant sample was also the biggest among three ones ; when solid lubricant matched with 45 # steel axle or gcrl5 steel axle, lubricant transfer film could be formed on metal surface, thus direct contact between the surface of metal friction pair rings was reduced. their working life was elongated extremely ; there was mainly much graphite, a little ptff, moo3, feso4, cus and so on in lubricant transfer film

    試驗結果表明:所選原料的尺寸、形狀及純度可滿足固體潤滑劑的性能要求;聚四氟乙烯樹脂熱分解溫度超過400 ,但在ptfe中加入無機填料會使復材料吸水率提高,熔融溫度及分解溫度降低,且伴有氧化分解反應;碳纖維表面含有c = o及c - o - c等極性基團,有利於提高其與其它組分的相容性,提高層間剪切強度;均勻設計試驗方法能夠用較少的試驗次數找出配方與摩擦性能間的關系,擬合曲線基本能表示各配方的摩擦系數發展趨勢;配方中不加銅粉或不加石墨,其摩擦系數均較高,說明銅粉和石墨應該配使用;當銅粉15份、石墨60份時,銅粉30份、石墨30 - 40份時,銅粉60 、石墨15 - 30份時,摩擦系數均具有較低值;純聚四氟乙烯樹脂在空氣冷卻時結晶度最大,磨損量也是三者中最大的;同時,固體潤滑劑試樣在空氣冷卻時的磨損量也是三者中最大的:不論是固體潤滑劑與45 #鋼軸配副或是固體潤滑劑鑲嵌入銅套后與gcr15鋼軸配副,在金屬表面均可形成潤滑轉移膜,從而減少金屬摩擦副表面間的直接接觸,大大延長其使用壽命;轉移膜中主要含有較多的石墨、少量聚四氟乙烯、 moo 。
  6. We calculate the regression curve about length of erased magnetic record and lightning current peak. we analyze the error of recording data and find a new means about direct measurement of the max lightning steepness with magnetic tapes

  7. Localization underground target algorithm base on the best automatic curve fitter can survey velocity of electromagnetic wave in underground medium, and locate underground target. it ’ s virtue is small number of operation times. it ’ s shortcoming is subject to clutter

  8. The useful life of engineering plastics was predicted within the storage period using a polynomial fitting curve method, and its storage life deadline was inspected

  9. This process is as follows : firstly, the data of different section contour and of section line have been obtained by reverse - engineering ; secondly, non - uniform b - spline approximation algorithm is used to fit the discrete data ; then the data have been optimized and reduced by adopting adaptive sampling of key points of the fitted curve based on vertical distance, sequently the adaptive sampling data is transformed into the format of the. ibl file of the famous 3 - d design software pro / e. therefore we reconstruct the surface and a model is generated ; lastly, the effectiveness of the adopted algorithm and modeling approach are demonstrated by the experiments

  10. During the past decades, some researchers, such as : bezier, kj. versprile, deboor and cox, etc. had made great progress in the filed of constrained b - spline curve and surface fitting. in this article the method of constrained b - spline curve was introduced, which is used to figure out the control vertexes. using this interpolation method we can calculate every points of a uniform b - spline

    並且分析了在各種端點情況下,在重節點的情況下,如何反算控制多邊形的頂點;如何在求出控制多邊形頂點之後,插值計算b樣條擬合曲線上的每一點;並通過結雙尾船的型,採用visualc + +和autocad2002為平臺,分別編制了相應的軟體,對提供的型值做出繪圖處理,取得了良好的效果。
  11. As a result of the require of cagd in airplane, automobile shipping and electrical appliance etc, fairing of curves and surfaces has become the hot subject in all over the world. this paper presents a new method for fairing of curves based on fitting the derivative of second order of curves. several practicality examples has been given to show the advantage of this arithmetic

  12. ( 1 ) from the considering of the probabilistic model being actually established by randomness of the average relations fitting into the test data, the appropriated statistical distributions for the fatigue lives are explored by the errors, which is different from the commonsense

    ( 1 )概率s - n本質上是在最佳擬合曲線(即均值s - n)的基礎上,考慮誤差的隨機性建立的。本文首次從誤差數據的角度研究了疲勞壽命的良好假設分佈模型。
  13. We propose a combined slf method to extrapolate feeder load growth by using feeder ' s history peak value and the merits of gray theory and genetic programming ( gp ). at first, we adopt load transfer coupling method to correct load history and its error for load transfer. secondly, we get the real power - supply area by using layer overlap analysis, based on practical feeder path and distribution gis map layer

    將gis的空間信息分析功能應用於配網空間負荷預測的研究:綜利用灰色理論及遺傳規劃( geneticprogramming , gp )的優點,提出了一種根據饋的歷史峰值負荷進行外推的組slf法:首先採用負荷耦回歸法來修正負荷歷史,消除由於負荷轉移引起的誤差;然後根據實際饋路徑和配網gis圖形分層,運用圖層疊加分析得到饋的實際供電范圍;接著採用灰色關聯度聚類方法對饋負荷增長進行聚類分析;最後採用gp來對灰色聚類結果進行符號回歸,分別得到每一類的最佳擬合曲線形式。
  14. The apparent activation volume calculated by the model is about 2500a3, which was ten times larger than that of usual amorphous alloy and was at the same range of the amorphous polymer. the model shows the main deformation mechanism of nanocrystalline ag is grain boundary sliding, which in some extent declares the similar forms of equation with amorphous alloys. with the ananlysis to the hrem of nanocrystalline ag, the discrepancy of the apparent activation volume between the nanocrystalline ag and amorphous alloys is interpreted by the loss of atoms participating in grain boundary sliding without enough reconstruction by the movement of atoms under the low temperature

    運用晶界滑移的熱激活理論對壓縮實驗結果進行了數值擬合曲線與實驗數據符很好,得到了晶界滑移的表觀激活體積(熱激活基本單位體積與局域瞬態應變的乘積) ,約為2500a ~ 3 ,先當于幾十個原子體積大小的瞬態變化,約為非晶金的10倍以上,與非晶高聚物的表觀激活體積相當。
  15. 6. a 3 - d flow and sediment model in curvilinear collocated grid is developed from 2 - d model

    ( 6 )非交錯網格三維水流泥沙數值模型,採用擬合曲線坐標和垂向坐標變換。
  16. Based on poission equation conversion, generated methods of curvilinear grids are presented. 4. 2 - d flow and sediment transport model with non - staggered curvilinear grids is presented

    ( 3 )以poission方程變換為基礎,建立擬合曲線坐標系下非正交和正交網格生成方法。
  17. Firstly the phase is extracted from interferogram by filtering and displacing frequency spectrum. then the wavefront and the line integral density are recovered by using fft or polynomial fitting method. lastly the radial local density distribution is calculated from the fitting curve of line integral density by the abel inversion

  18. The diffusion of polypropylene - g - poly ( ethylene glycol ) ( pp - g - peg ) segments in pp blends was investigated by means of atr - ftir and sem

    摘要利用atr - ftir光譜對聚物表面的組成進行定量分析,通過擴散動力學方程、擬合曲線和擴散系數考察了聚丙烯蠟聚乙二醇接枝共聚物在聚丙烯共混體系中的遷移擴散。
  19. A method, concerning screw mechanism, electronic scale and the way to obtain the fitted curve, to detect the hysteresis of cylindrical helical spring with micro - capacitance measuring technology and to compensate the hysteresis with micro - controller technology is introduced

  20. The main contents are as follows : 1 ) 3 eliminate error criterion method and step wise regression analysis method is used to analyze the errors of observation date. in the stepwise regression analysis, aging, loading and temperature which bulkily affects the dam ' s vertical deformation are selected as the regression factors, then regression equation and curve of each point are worked out