極光頻率 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [guāngbīn]
極光頻率 英文
auroral frequency
  • : i 名詞1 (頂點; 盡頭) the utmost point; extreme 2 (地球的南北兩端; 磁體的兩端; 電源或電器上電流...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (照耀在物體上、使人能看見物體的一種物質) light; ray 2 (景物) scenery 3 (光彩; 榮譽) ...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(次數多) frequent Ⅱ副詞(屢次) frequently; repeatedly Ⅲ名詞1 [物理學] (物體每秒鐘振動...
  • : 率名詞(比值) rate; ratio; proportion
  • 極光 : [地球物理] aurora; aurora polaris ; [天文學] polar light
  • 頻率 : frequency; rate
  1. The key components in laser gyro is he - ne ring laser, and the reciprocal action theory between light and medium is the base in studying the ring laser, use the lamb half classical theory, and on the base of density matrix theory, the optical brounch equation was established, which described the movement of amplifying medium atom in the ring syntonic cavity, and according to the medium polarize theory the self consistent equations was deduced, which describe the light intensity and phasic of the counter - propagating wave. on the basis of this equations, adopted the simulation software matlab and virtual instrument programming language labwindows / cvi, we can do some simulated experiments in study the phenomenas such as amplify and dispersive characteristic of medium, mode pushing effection, burned hole effection and pattern competition, lock - in of frequency and the characteristic of light intensity and phasic of the counter - propagating wave in laser gyro

    陀螺的核心部件為he - ne環形激器,而掌握與介質的相互作用理論是研究激器的關鍵,採用拉姆半經典理論為主,在密度矩陣理論的基礎上,推導環形諧振腔中描述he - ne氣體增益介質原子運動的學布洛赫方程,運用介質化理論得出描述激陀螺反向行波的強、位相所滿足的自洽場方程組,在此基礎上,運用matlab模擬軟體和虛擬儀器編程語言labwindows / cvi ,對激陀螺中的介質增益色散特性、牽引效應、燒孔效應及模競爭、閉鎖效應及環激強和相位特性進行模擬試驗研究,並且運用全量子理論,對激工作原理進行分析,得出二能級系統單模輻射場的子數密度分佈,得出激場的子統計分佈,模擬激場的動態建立過程。
  2. The dissertation firstly discusses the reflectance of euv and soft x - ray in " multilayer system based on classical electrodynamics and optical characteristics of materials. the nns surface roughness in different spatial frequency range is carefully studied since scattering can seriously reduce the reflectance in euv and soft x - ray wavelength region. we discuss representative model of residual stress in

  3. Circular polarization is one of microwave equipment with broad application. its the mostly function is switch linearly - polarized wave into circular polarized wave. grating - circular polarization is one of circular polarization, its advantage is simple structure and ease of processing. it is prone to expand high power and high efficiency range. because circular polarization have expand application.

  4. At present, people usually use birefrigence and quasi - phase - matching methods to achieve higher effiency in the process of conversion. a significant advantage of quasi - phase - matching method is that the interaction is occurred through the largest element of the x ( 2 ) tensor ; the period of optical superlattice can be designed randomly, and any interaction can be matched without walk - off angle ; they are fitted to be used in frequency conversion of lower power especially. the quasi - phase - matching method has some advantages over birefrigence method, improving the efficiency of frequency conversion ; the range of frequency conversion covers its whole transperant wavelength

    由於準相位匹配技術有其獨特的優勢,可以利用非線性學晶體的最大二階化張量,如ppln 、 pplt 、 ppktp用的非線性化張量都是d _ ( 33 ) ,其有效非線性系數高出普通非線性學介質(如bbo 、 lbo 、 ktp )一個數量級,而且可以人為靈活設計調制周期,通過周期設計其變換范圍可以覆蓋準相位匹配介質的整個透明波段,選擇無走離效應,解決了常規pm難以解決的問題,拓寬了非線性晶體的應用范圍,大地提高了轉換效,已成為非線性學材料和固體激器的研究熱點之一。
  5. So qpm enlarge the application range of the crystal in existence. presently diode pumped all - solid - state lasers have been developing quickly, which provides an ideal pump source for qpm. so lower power all - solid - state laser frequency conversion by qpm has been becoming a research focus

    近年來,隨著激體( ld )技術的發展,小功全固態激器已經十分成熟,為準相位匹配提供了優質的泵源,因此,小功全固態激器的準相位匹配變換成為目前的一個研究熱點。
  6. All - solid - state laser is an advantage lamp - house. it has many important applications and potential commercial value in many fields, such as industry, scientific research, military. so it ' s always the research focus of laser field. diode end - pumped solid - state laser has many merits. including high efficiency, long lifetime, high frequency stability, narrow line width, compact configuration, convenient for use et al, which made her a necessity in many high level quantum optics experiments. in this thesis, a series of experiment research was done with regard to blue laser, green laser and infrared laser

  7. The primary aim of the single chip microcomputer circuit of this project is data collecting, it applied the invention monopoly of professor zhang guanghui and professor peng donglin of chongqing university, make use of the high frequency inserted pulse, and join together the software to constitute subsidiary calibration distributed on equal time, complete the task of on - line subdivision in the dynamic measure process, finally up pass the data to pc, pc handle it and get examination result

    下位機是硬體集成電路,利用重慶大學張輝教授、彭東林教授的發明專利「計算機對脈沖信號的細分與辨向新方法」 ,附加高的外部插入脈沖,結合軟體構成按時間均勻分度的輔助標尺,實現動態測量過程中采樣點的實時細分,最終完成數據採集任務;上位機主要是軟體部分,利用pc機接收下位機的採集數據並進行分析處理,得出檢測結果。
  8. Abstract : we have studied the polarization beats spectroscopy with phase - conjugation geometry in a cascade three - level system. it was found that the accuracy for the energy - level difference measurement is determined by the homogeneous linewidths of the optical transitions. under the condition for the occurrence of beating, the frequency difference of the beat between two independent light sources could exceed the laser linewidth. the measurement accuracy for laser absolute frequency could reach the same order of magnitude as the laser linewidth

  9. The actively mode - locked erbium doped fiber laser is very attractive among those potential sources which can generate broadband tunable near transform - limited pulse with high repetition rate and has been used as the ideal optical transmitter and all optical clock source in the future long - distance communication systems

  10. Laser - diode end - pumped solid - state laser has many advantages, including high efficiency, good beam quality, high frequency stability, narrow line width, long lifetime, compact configuration, convenient for using et al. especially, single - frequency solid - state laser sources are required for many fields of fundamental research and scientific application, such as gravity - wave detection, coherent laser radar, coherent communication and fiber sensing

  11. The principle advantages of vcsels over conventional edge - emitting lasers lie in ultralow threshold current, small far - field divergent angle, high modulation frequency, potential for wafer level testing and the ease for single longitudinal mode operation and two - dimension integration. as a result they show considerable promise for applications such as optical fiber communication, parallel optical interconnects, optical information processing and neural networks, etc. a direct coupling theoretical model in quasi - three - dimension for the gain - wave guide vertical - cavity surface - emitting lasers has been created in this paper

  12. The first order nonlinear hyperpolarizabilities in second - harmonic generation process and electro - optical pockels effect are computed. the basis set effects in ab - mitio quantum - chemical computation are mainly studied. the correction to the nonlinear optical properties due to the electronic correlation energy is discussed and the relationship between the first order hyperpolarizabilities and the frequencies of the external electric field is also investigated

  13. However, the most commonly used x - ray sources didn " t change much no matter in structure or theory, still using thermionic cathodes as electron sources. such conventional x - ray tubes have some defaults, such as big volume, low frequency response, demanding for supply to cathode that was also brittle

  14. Fiber lasers are very sensitive to environmental perturbations such as temperature fluctuations and mechanical vibrations due to their relatively long cavity length when the external environment changing. the cavity drifting produceing the phase noise and amplitude noise, this can cause the output pulse unstablely

  15. A diode pumped cr4 +, nd3 + : yag crystal self - q - switched laser is demonstrated with fiber coupled ld and the imaging system. the pulse laser with 1064 nm wavelength is obtained. the maximum average output power is 3. 36 w, and the pulse duration is 65 ns, and the repetition rate is 87 khz, the opto - optical efficiency is 15. 3 %, the slope efficiency is 23. 8 %

    纖耦合輸出的ld ,通過成像系統會聚,對二體泵浦的自調q激器進行了實驗研究,得到了平均功3 . 36w ,脈沖寬度65ns ,重復87khz的1064nm脈沖激
  16. This energy can be used to balance the polarities of the planet - and help move consciousness from third dimension to higher frequencies of light and love

  17. The normal glow discharge between the main electrodes and the rapid flow of the unpolluted gas mixtures are necessary conditions for the output of high average power for tea co2 laser

    主電間正常的輝放電以及使混合氣快速流動且不被污染是重復teaco _ 2激器實現高平均功輸出的重要條件。
  18. Using field emission cathode, x ray source can be made with several advantages : smaller volume and brighter, high frequency response, in - time turning on, etc. considering of the merits and potential markets, researching and fabricating miniature x - ray source is meaningful

  19. Laser diode end pumped solid - state laser has many advantages, including high efficiency, high frequency stability, narrow fine width, long lifetime, compact configuration, convenient for use et al, which made her a necessity in many high level quantum optics experiments

  20. Because quasi - fermi levels of a laser diode ( ld ) vary with the carrier density, it is predicted that a new type of hysteresis loop should occur for the current passing ld while a hysteresis loop appears on the power - frequency curve of the ecld. an explicit analytical expression for the frequency width of the hysteresis loop and the condition for the formation of the hysreresis loop has been deduced

    預測了由於半導體激體( ld )的準費米能級之差隨ld內線流子密度的變化而變化,因而,在調諧外腔半導體激器的輸出功?振蕩曲線上出現雙穩環的時候,通過ld的電流也應出現一個伴隨的新型雙穩環? ?電流雙穩環。