極低密度 的英文怎麼說

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極低密度 英文
very low density
  • : i 名詞1 (頂點; 盡頭) the utmost point; extreme 2 (地球的南北兩端; 磁體的兩端; 電源或電器上電流...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (秘密) secret 2 [紡織] (密度) density 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ形容詞1 (距離近; 空隙小)...
  • : 度動詞[書面語] (推測; 估計) surmise; estimate
  1. The method of obtaining high concentration of na2feo4 solution by quick electrolysis mainly contains four aspects : adoption of either a diaphragm or an ionic membrane electrolytic cell in which a thin anodic cell lying between the two cathodes, ( 2 ) using an iron anode that has larger specific surface area, ( 3 ) keeping suitable concentration of naoh in the anodic cell, adoption of lower current density and higher electrolyzing speed. the practical technique parameters follow a s below : the naoh solution of 14 - 16mol / l, the temperature of 303 - 308k, the surface anodic current density of 300a / m2, the unit electrolyzing speed of efficiency larger than 6. 0a / l

    快速電解獲取高濃na _ 2feo _ 4溶液的方法,主要包括四個方面:採用兩陰室夾一厚較小的陽室的隔膜(或離子膜)電解槽;使用比表面積較大的鐵網陽;保持陽室中有適宜濃的濃naoh溶液;採用較的電流和較高的電解速。具體工藝參數是: 14 16mol / lnaoh溶液、溫303 308k 、表觀陽電流300a m ~ 2 、有效單位電解速6 . 0a / l 。
  2. Very low density lipoprotein

  3. Aerostatic bearings have been applied widely on the ultra - precision in the aviation, aerospace and the main axes and the slide of the precision measuring instrument and inertial measuring apparatus because of high rotation accuracy, calm operation, low friction and long life - span etc. they can also be used in fields range from both high and low temperature to both high and low velocity, sometime even to environment full of radioelement

  4. When considering the subject " the administration of sale of land by public auction ", the committee are gravely dismayed that, in the sale of a site in siu sai wan, the director of lands, and the chairman and members of the district lands conference ( dlc ) had neither achieved the government s planning objective of lowering the development density in order to " thin out " the population, nor sought to obtain the maximum revenue at the public auction by upgrading the siu sai wan site to a class c site, for example, by requiring the provision of an extra street

  5. The scaling relations of conduction time and opening time with the plasma density, which are computed by a series of simulation results, show that, influence of plasma density on conduction time is greater than opening time. influence of cathode em itted electrons on conduction process, which is found to be more important when initial plasma density is low, is dependent of the initial plasma density. the penetration of a magnetic field into cylindrical middle - density ( 1013 / cm3 ) c + + and h + plasma with uniform and parabolic density profile, are examined with aid of pic simulation

    模擬得到的( 10 ~ ( 11 ) cm ~ 3 10 ~ ( 13 ) cm ~ 3 )條件下導通和斷路時間與等離子體的定標關系曲線顯示:對于導通時間的影響遠大於對于斷路時間的影響;陰電子對于peos導通過程的影響程與初始等離子體有關,初始越大,陰電子的影響就越小。
  6. The entropy or number of states of system or subsystem are closely related to interaction of particles and energy level distribution, therefore, to study the temperature dependence of the specific heat may supply some important and useful microscopic information which may play an important role in understanding electronic structure, density of state, phonon spectrum etc. the specific heat measurements at low temperatures also play important roles in the finding of the third law of thermodynamics, the quantum theory of solid and bcs theory for superconducting etc. moreover, specific heat measurements help us to understand the different kinds of phase transitions ( such as : structural phase transition, magnetic phase transition, superconducting phase transition etc. ) and the scaling behavior near the critical point

  7. Refractory fiber and product is manufactured by means of dry method and wet method. as an excellent insulation material, it has comparatively low volume density, good softness and very low thermal conductivity coefficient. sticking method, ancjoring method and folding method can be selected respectively. this product can be used in various industrial kilns & furmaces for lowering heat consumption

  8. In the third chapter, the influence of current density, solution concentration, erosion time and aging in ambient air on the pl spectra of ps suggests that peak would blue shift with current density increasing, and with erosion time and aging time prolonging ; with the increasing of solution concentration, peaks would red shift when solution concentration less than 1 : 1 but blue shift when solution concentration greater than 1 : 1. above phenomena can be explained by quantum confinement and light center model, but do not deny the action of si - h bonding and defect on the surface in the process of photoluminescence. at present, radiation mechanism is still one of the primary problems in the study of ps

    在第z三章中;通過對比,分析了電流、陽化時間、溶液濃以及自i然氧化時間對多孔硅光致發光光譜的影響,認為在一定的范圍內,多i孔硅的發光峰位會隨電流的增大而藍移,要獲得較強的發光,需z要選擇合適的電流;隨著腐蝕時間的延長,多孔硅的發光峰位會i發生藍移;當f酸的濃較小q : 1 )時,峰位隨濃的增大表現為向i能移動;而當f酸的濃較大河山時,峰位隨濃的增大則表現z為移向高能;多孔硅在空氣中自然氧化;其發光峰位發生藍移,而強i隨放置時間的延長而降
  9. The optimal cp potential shifted to negative direction in seamud containing active srb, - 1030 mv ( vs. saturated cu / cuso4 electrode, cse ) or lower potential was needed. accordingly, the cp current density was about 11 ma / m2

    在srb存在下,最佳陰保護電位移向更負的值, - 1030mv (相對銅/硫酸銅電, cse )甚至更的電位是需要的。在- 1030mvcse保護電位下,保護電流約為11ma / m2 。
  10. According the key factors we find, we bring forward a new conception : multilevel suppressor and design a new high performance suppressor whose ion - exchange membrane has bigger areas and using three electrodes including one cathode ( anode ) and two anodes ( cathode ), at the same time we fill the suppression compartment with one kind of ion exchange resin which has moderate exchange capacity. according to our experiment ' s results, we find the new type suppressor has quite high working current efficiency and suppressing capacity. in most cases, the suppressor ' s current efficiency is over 90 % ; the suppressor can transform the naoh ( concentration : 200mmol / l, flow rate : i. oml / min, conductance : over 10000 i - i s cm " ) to pure water ( conductance : 8. 9 it s cm in chapter 3, the high performance suppressor is applied in determination some trace - amounts ions in plating solution, sewage. in this chapter, we also have a research on the gradient ion chromatography

    第二章首先以xyz - 1型電化學抑制柱為例,分析了電化學抑制柱的抑制過程得出影響抑制容量的主要因素主要是抑制柱的電流效率和離子交換膜的限電流,因此採用中等交換能力的離子交換樹脂作為抑制室的填料以提高電流效率,在通常情況下電流效率可達到90以上;在選用同種離子交換膜的前提下,可通過增加離子交換膜的有效面積達到提高限電流的目的從而提高抑制柱的抑制容量,因此提出了多級抑制的概念並據此研製了共電式高容量電化學抑制柱,該抑制柱最高可將流速為1 . 0ml / min ,濃為200mmol / l電導率超過10000 s ? cm ~ ( - 1 )氫氧化鈉溶液抑制為電導率至8 . 9 s ? cm ~ ( - 1 )的純水,並且具有穩定性高、分析結果準確等優點。
  11. The apparent density of reticulated positive current collectors and parameter of the plate were decreased, and the utilization efficiency of pam and the cycle life of the batteries were improved

  12. The fluctuation of ion beam has been controlled within 20 %, significantly lower than that of 50 - 80 % for external - magnetic field mid of annular configuration and ion diode without magnetic field by using polymer anodes

    離子束的波動不超過20 ,顯著於同類陽的無磁絕緣和環型結構外磁絕緣離子二體的50 - 80 。
  13. We have made three - dimension electric conduct grid by hand and we have successfully used it as anode grid in lead - acid battery. this kind of three - dimension electric conduct grid can improve the utilization of pam by 7 - 9 % in different discharge current density and can reduce the plate electrochemical impedance to one tenth of the normal plate. also this kind of grid can improve the marginal reaction current density in a certain degree

    我們通過手工製作了三維導電體板柵,並成功的應用於電池的正作為正的板柵,這種三維導電體板柵能夠在各種不同的放電電流下提高正活性物質利用率7 9 ,能夠使電池正板的電化學阻抗降到普通板柵的1 10左右,使正板的哈爾濱j _程大學碩十學位論文限反應電流略有所提高,但是這種板柵的耐腐蝕性能很不理想,使得所製作電池的壽命很短。
  14. All but three appear, by their great size and low density, to be gas giants

  15. Due to their high aspect ratios and small tip radii of curvature, carbon nanotubes possess marvelous electron field emission properties, viz. low turn - on voltage ( e0 ) and large emission current density ( je ), and have good potential for using as materials in electron emitters of flat panel display

  16. Simulation results show that cathode over - potential under low current density is considerably increased because of methanol crossover, but its effect becomes much lower under high current density

  17. Construction of low - density parity - check code approaching the shannon limit

  18. Cloning and expression of very low density lipoprotein receptor fragments with binding function

  19. Vldpe very low density polyethylene

  20. The inversion results indicate the following phenomena : the lithosphere density beneath north china area is extremely inhomogeneous, which is the reflection of the feature of violent tectonic movement ; the density distribution is coherent with tectonic ; the density is different in different tectonic units ; there are low density regions in the crust ; the strong earthquakes in north china region mainly occur at this depth