活體檢驗 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [huójiǎnyàn]
活體檢驗 英文
test alive
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (生存; 有生命) live 2 [書面語](救活) save (the life of a person):活人無算 (of a goo...
  • : 體構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (查) check up; inspect; examine 2 (約束; 檢點) restrain oneself; be careful in one s c...
  • : 動詞1. (察看; 查考) examine; check; test 2. (產生預期的效果) prove effective; produce the expected result
  • 活體 : living body活體檢查 biopsy; 活體鑒定 [法律] identification of the living
  • 檢驗 : checkout; test; examine; inspect; verify; survey; check;checking;testing;[英國]jerque(指檢查船舶...
  1. In this experiment, seedlings of arabidopsis thaliana ( col ) were observed after being treated by verlicillium dahliae ( vd - toxin ), exogenous salicylic acid ( sa ), nitric oxide donor ( snp ) and nitric oxide synthase inhibitor ( nna ), then we investigated the changes of endogenous h2o2 content, the activity of the antioxidant enzymes catalase ( cat, ec : 1. 11. 1. 6 ) and ascorbate peroxidase ( apx, ec : 1. 11. 1. 11 ) and mrna levels of cat3 in different stress conditions, we also identified the localizations of h2o2 and no accumulated in the leaves of arabidopsis

    本實研究了棉花黃萎病菌?大麗輪枝菌毒素( vd - toxin )與擬南芥幼苗互作反應中外源sa 、 no供snp 、 no合酶抑制劑nna等不同處理對擬南芥幼苗h _ 2o _ 2含量、 cat和apx性及cat基因mrna表達量的影響,並對no 、 h _ 2o _ 2的積累部位進行染色測。
  2. Test 3 : detected activity of serum and immunoglobulin samples by indirect elisa test, rabbit antibody against foxes ' igg and hen ' s labeled with hrp igy was used in indirect elisa test

  3. Specially, although the personal energy, time and resource of the research is limited, a series of incomprehensive investigations and interviews that base on the theory of architecture planning still provide the big support for the applicability and correctness of the four aspects mentioned above. undoubtedly, the primary test of practice is provided for the theory system of the architecture language

  4. Recovery of this photoinhibition is a complicate but orderly course, including degradation of photodamaged d1, synthesis and assembly of new one, etc. using lincomycin to block the replacement of new synthetic dl protein into photodamaged one, the spinach leaves was exposed to highlight, giving rise to photoinhibition before the thylakiod membranes were isolated

    解除光抑制后, ps性恢復是一個復雜而有序的過程,需要d1蛋白降解、新合成d1蛋白和重組裝ps等。實首先進行菠菜葉片光抑制處理,加入林可黴素阻斷葉綠蛋白質合成,利用尿素sds變性電泳分離類囊膜蛋白,藉助d1蛋白抗westen免疫印跡、磷酸化蛋白快速測方法分析d1蛋白存在形式,並進行定量分析。
  5. Wang, female, 34 years old individual does business the patient to tell infects the blister measles virus in 2002, the initial period has made some simple treatments, but whenever the month menstrual period manifests suddenly a time, the vulva ache, is rotten to the core, has the water blister, nearly soon loses the treatment the confidence, after afterwards saw we establish the gram china to promote the organization the advertisement, the order establishment gram kj medicinal preparation, the establishment gram takes orally series medicine and so on the capsule, after takes orally the external use 2 treatment courses, the symptom vanished, after stops the medicine to make two examinations in the local hospital the pure blister measles virus to transfer cloudyly, thoroughly convalesced, makes a follow - up visit, the observation after more than a year of, until now has not seen recurs, respent on the happy life

    王某,女, 34歲個經商患者自述於2002年感染皰疹病毒,初期做過一些簡單的治療,但是每到月經期發作一次,外陰疼痛糜爛,有水皰,幾乎快要喪失治療的信心,后來看到我們安立克中國推廣機構的廣告后,訂購安立克kj劑,安立克口服膠囊等系列藥物,通過內服外用2療程后,癥狀消失,停藥后在當地醫院做了兩次hsv單純皰疹病毒轉陰,徹底痊癒,經過一年多的隨訪觀察,至今未見復發,重新過上了幸福的生
  6. In this article, firstly the background of the textile trade conflicts within sino - us or sino - euro are introduced, thus learn that how to discern and dodge the foreign trade risks, how to choose the appropriate investment projects have already become one of the most important questions for exporting companies on foreign trade affairs well - known as high investment and high risk. so the main text makes a risk analysis qualitatively and quantitatively on a textile - exporting trading company from three angles of statistic 、 game theory and portfolio theory, which is the main content that we studied. firstly, the statistic article adopts data of the transaction closing price of the textile clothing index in shenzhen stock exchange at the end of each quarter as well as several other kinds of data reflecting the macro - economic changes, performs an empirical analysis of these data according to the theory of co - integration test 、 granger cause test and impulse response function of time series in economitric, and learn that the impact to ti is more obvious by the economic index reflecting local commodity price level and economic prosperity degree home and abroad, as well as the impact degree and the time lag degree, and knows the macro - economic risks faced by textile business enterprises ; after that by the game theory angle we analyze exactly the managing risks faced by one textile export corporation named beauty. from the game expansion chart the system arrangement between censor ways by exportation goal countries and exporting strategies by the exporting enterprises has been analyzed. involving the benefit assignment between them both the limited rounds and infinite rounds negotiations of cooperation games have been studied, and then country responsibility and the enterprise managing risks on foreign trade affairs and so on have been analyzed exactly ; in order to realize the investment multiplication in the certain degree to disperse the risk, the

    本文首先介紹了中美、中歐紡織品貿易爭端的來龍去脈,由此可知在涉外貿易這種以高投入、高風險著稱的行業里,如何甄別和規避外貿風險、如何選擇合適的投資項目已經成為外貿企業的首要問題。因此,正文分別從統計學、博弈論和投資組合三種角度對涉外紡織品貿易公司風險進行了定性和定量的分析,這也是本文的主要研究內容。首先,統計學篇選取了深圳證券交易所行業分類指數?紡織服裝指數( ti )每一季度末的交易收盤價和若干種反映宏觀經濟變化的指標,利用計量經濟學中時間序列的協整、 granger因果和脈沖反應函數等理論做實證分析,從而得知反映國內物價水平和國內外經濟景氣程度的經濟指標對紡織板塊上市值的沖擊比較明顯,且可知沖擊程度和時滯度,進而分析出涉外紡織企業所面臨的宏觀經濟風險;接著,從博弈論的角度具分析一家紡織品出口公司( beauty )的外貿動所面臨的各種經營風險,該篇從博弈擴展圖入手,分析了出口目的國審查方式與本企業出口策略之間的制度安排;並圍繞雙方的利益分配,研究了有限回合和無限回合合作談判博弈,然後具論述了國家責任和企業涉外經營風險等問題;在一定程度上為了實現投資多元化來分散風險的目的,投資組合篇從經典的markowitz模型著手,在一些特定條件的限制下,給出了一個相應的投資組合模型。
  7. Class9 : scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking ( supervision ), life - saving and teaching apparatus and instruments ; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity ; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images ; magnetic data carriers, recording discs ; automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin operated apparatus ; cash registers ; calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers ; fire - extinguishing apparatus

    類別9 :科學、航海、測地、攝影、電影、光學、衡具、量具、信號、(監督) 、救護(營救)和教學用具及儀器,處理、開關、傳送、積累、調節或控制電的儀器和器具,錄制、通訊、重放聲音和形象的器具,磁性數據載,錄音盤,自動售貨器和投幣激裝置的機械結構,現金收入記錄機,計算器和數據處理裝置,滅火器械。
  8. Focusing on above analysis and basic quality sustainable improvement theory and various quality sustainable improvement tools, from three aspects this paper describes tank shop ' s vivid and dramatic quality sustainable improvement approach. first, in conjunction with tank shop concrete production processing follow, strengthen employee ' s quality sense, self - inspection and mutual inspection through use of scientific inspection card covering tank shop whole production chain ; second, adopt scientific work site management 5s featuring tank shop concrete situation and work site inspection card to strengthen tank shop bottom management ; third, take full advantage of various quality tools to actively and efficiently improve tank shop processes, especially those processes which have serious influence to assembled product, frequently produce non - conformance products and seriously restrict whole tank efficiency improvement

  9. This text completely and systematically studies the status and the development of the pyrolysis and the fluidization of biomass, which distill the bio - oil in the domestic and international area, as well as the existing problems. this thesis primarily include following aspects : ( l ), by experimenting and measuring the energy ( heat value ) and the content of c, h, n chemical element of right 20 kinds of common biomass, on the base of the experimental result, and respectively established the biomass energy predict experiment formula with the element of h and c is from change, and passed the ro. os examination, which provides the basis and convenience for flash pyrolysis fluidization device energy to convert the rate to compute with biomass energy utilization calculation ; ( 2 ), proceeded the tg and dtg experimentation equal velocity ( 10 ? / min, 20 ? / min, 40 ? / min, 60 ? / min ) heating and constant temperature heating by studying on eight kinds of biomass samples, according to the experimental data and arrhenius formula, we established the dynamics model of pyrolysis of, then, using the goast - redfern and p function, we also solved the dynamics parameters and analyze out every kind of biomass ' s frequency factor and parameters of activation energy, and established the every kind of dynamics model of pyrolysis of biomass, all of these provide the theories and basis to make sure the reactor ' s flash pyrolysis work temperature scope design and the describing of pyrolysis reactor dynamics ; ( 3 ), in order to study and ascertain the process of heat completely getting to pyrolysis time of varied size biomass particles, we observed and measured the ratio of length and diameter ( l / d ) with the varied biomass through electron microscope, we concluded the l / d ratios usually is from 5. 0 to 6. 0, the average is 5. 3 ; ( 4 ), we studied the process of biomass transiting and the theory of complete pyrolysis time with the theory of complicated heat field, we got the time ( t ) of the varied size biomass particles arriving to complete pyrolysis, and we knew that the complete pyrolysis time and the time which get to the biggest production ratio are identical, all of these studies provide the theory base for design and forecasting the flash pyrolysis reactor solid state resort time ; ( 5 ), according to the above experiment result, synthesize to make use of the engineering the mechanics, engineering the material, machine the design to learn the principle, deduce, establish the theory of rotation cone flash pyrolysis reactor material resort time ( t ) and reasonable rotation velocity ( or frequency ) relation theory ; and ( 6 ), we gave the reactor ' s smallest cone angle certain, reactor cone wall strength design theory, the reactor production ability theory, the power design method and the critical rotation velocity theory

    本文較全面、系統地綜述了國內外生物質熱解液化制取生物燃油技術研究發展現狀及存在的問題,主要研究內容有: ( 1 )實、測定了20種常見生物質的能量(發熱量)和c 、 h 、 n元素含量,根據實結果分別建立了以h和c為自變量的生物質能量預測經公式,並通過r _ ( 0 . 05 );為閃速熱解液化裝置能量轉化率計算和生物質能量利用率計算提供了依據和方便; ( 2 )選擇了8種生物質試樣作了等加熱速率( 10 min 、 20 min 、 40 min 、 60 min )和恆溫加熱的tg和dtg實,根據實數據和阿倫尼烏斯公式建立了生物質熱解反應動力學微分方程,並採用goast - redfem積分法和p函數對其動力學參數進行了求解,解析出各種生物質的頻率因子和化能參數,進而建立了各種生物質的熱解動力學模型,為科學確定反應器的閃速熱解工作溫度范圍及熱解反應動力學描述,提供了理論和依據; ( 3 )為研究和確定不同尺度的生物質顆粒中心達到全熱解的時間,在視顯微鏡下對不同粒度的生物質顆粒的長徑比進行了實觀察和測定,得出生物質的長徑比( l d )一般在5 . 0 6 . 0之間,平均為5 . 3的結果; ( 4 )採用復雜溫度場傳熱學理論對生物質傳熱過程及充分熱解時間理論進行了研究,解析推導出了不同尺寸生物質顆粒中心溫度達到充分熱解溫度的時間( t ) ,得出了理論推導的充分熱解時間與最大產油率的熱解時間相一致的結果,為閃速熱解反應器固相滯留時間設計和預測提供了理論依據; ( 5 )根據上述實結果,綜合運用工程力學、工程材料、機械設計學原理,推導、建立了轉錐式閃速熱解反應器物料滯留時間( )與轉速(或頻率)合理匹配理論; ( 6 )提出了轉錐式閃速熱解反應器的最小錐角設計、錐壁強度設計、生產能力設計理論和功率計算方法及臨界轉速理論等。
  10. Monitoring insulin in procedure of production and purification, determining insulin content from bio - tissue fluid and single islets of langerhans, and studying insulin molecular structure are all dependent on chromatographic analysis

  11. The quick cable - releasing hanger of our company adopts many advantages of various factories at home and abroad, has the characteristics of operation is flexible, weight is light, cable - fastening is safe, cable - releasing is quick, every hanger undergone strict processing, assembly and examination, and meet a criterion of iso 9001 quality system, it was examined on tensile test before the products levaing the factory that can meet the requirements of safe and long time operations at ope wharf

  12. Aqueous fluid volume and [ c1 ~ j were assayed in samples withdrawn by micropipettes. intraocular pressure ( top ), pressure - dependent outflow, and anterior chamber compliance were determined from pressure measurements in response to pulsed and continuous fluid infusions into the anterior chamber using micropipettes. result : in wildtype mice ( gdi genetic background, age 4 - 6 weeks ), iop was 16. 0 ? 0. 4 mmhg, aqueous fluid volume was 7. 2 ? 0. 3 ul, aqueous fluid production was 3. 6 ? 0. 2 ul / hr, aqueous fluid outflow was 0. 36 ? 0. 06 ul / hr / mmhg, and anterior chamber compliance was 0. 036 ? 0. 006 ul / mmhg ( mean ? se, 8 - 10 eyes )

  13. Internal combustion engines. individually cast rings with boron. metallographic examination

  14. 7 herbicide resistant plants were obtained. pcr, pcr - southern blotting analysis showed that the target genes were integrated into the plant genome. the segregation ratio in t1 of two examed transformants was 3 : 1

    通過對標記性狀? ?除草劑抗性的及離(氯酚紅法) 、目的基因pcr擴增、 pcr - southern雜交等方法證實目的基因已整合到小白菜基因組中。
  15. Irrespective of the process of novel drug discovery, all drugs must undergo a lengthy process of preclinical and clinical review ; the first preclinical review tests the viability and usefulness of the drug in model organisms ( usually mice, rats or higher primates ) ; and the second review ( clinical trials, split into four phases ) tests the safety, efficacy and dosage of the drug in humans

    無論新藥開發過程如何,所有的藥物都經過一個漫長的臨床前和臨床;第一個臨床前是測試藥物在動物模型中的存力和藥用(通常是鼠或更高級的靈長類動物) ;第二次測試在人中的安全性、藥效和劑量。
  16. The evaluation before the execution is to ensure proper advertising appeal, positioning and strategies, and it mainly includes the evaluation of major strategies before the execution and the test of target audience ' s attitude towards the creative execution style. the evaluation during the execution is to know the feedback of advertisement execution in time in order to adjust the advertising plan, and it mainly includes the examination of media ' s communication performance and the test of target audience ' s actual attitude towards advertisement ; the evaluation after the execution is to assess the consequence of the advertising campaign through examining whether the goal set before the execution is achieved or not after the campaign

  17. The white is pure oringial liquid anne a series is french of bolanduo protect the skin research center again on leading the hairdressing item, the item is various original liquid cell live the body is to be really connected the supply by the bio - chemical graduate school development of switzerland a live composition is up to 80 % - 95 %, having to very and quickly show the effect, all products according to the standard microor gansim examinatoin of talllest pharmacy in country of france, strict quality management, assurance the qualityis prtfect

    白純原液瓶系列是法國博蘭朵護膚研究中心又一領先美容項目,項目各種原液細胞是由瑞士生化研究所培養直接供應,安瓶性成分高達80 % - 95 % ,具有極快顯著效用,所有產品都依據法國最高藥學標準微生物,嚴格品質管理、保證品質完美。
  18. However, one weakness of quantitative simulation is the difficulties of determining parameters with existing experimental results ; and the dynamical behavior of the system will change with different parameter sets. thus it is necessary to construct qualitative models to complement the quantitative models. we constructed the qualitative model with gna ( genetic network analyzer ) and analyze

    而且我們提出了可以用來pka的作用是通過cdc25 , mytl還是聯合作用的實理論依據,這樣的電腦模擬為繼續進行下一步的試提供了一個思路,如果精確的測量在mpf激過程中各個不同的激酶的性,就能夠鑒別pka的具作用機制,我們還研究了mapk的作用。
  19. Between april 20 and may 11, we resumed import of live chickens from the mainland on a pilot basis. all of the tests for h5 avian influenza virus conducted on the chickens imported during this period showed negative results and the testing results on the antibody level were also satisfactory

  20. The working efficiency of merger and acquisition includes micro - efficiency and macro - efficiency. the test of micro - efficiency emphasizes on the cumulative abnormal returns of both enterprise and market. the test of macro - efficiency focuses on enterprise performance, corporate governance structure and dynamic competition