活體檢定 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [huójiǎndìng]
活體檢定 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (生存; 有生命) live 2 [書面語](救活) save (the life of a person):活人無算 (of a goo...
  • : 體構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (查) check up; inspect; examine 2 (約束; 檢點) restrain oneself; be careful in one s c...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (平靜; 穩定) calm; stable 2 (已經確定的; 不改變的) fixed; settled; established Ⅱ動詞...
  • 活體 : living body活體檢查 biopsy; 活體鑒定 [法律] identification of the living
  • 檢定 : docimasy; docimasia; verification; calibration; appraisal檢定報告 probation report; 檢定滴定管 [...
  1. The fluorescence of substrate immediate influences the sensitivity of fluoroimmunoassay. 3, 3 ', 5, 5 ' - tetramethylbenzidine and 2 - chloro - 10 - [ 3 - ( 4 - methyl - l - piperazinyl ) propyl ] - loh - phenothiazine ( prochlorperazine ) are used for the substrate of immunoassay. 3 ) a novel enzyme - link fluoroimmunoassay system using 3, 3 ', 5, 5 ' - tetramethyl - benzidine as substrate to determine the complement 3 ( c3 ) was developed

  2. Mri ct - guided stereotactic biopsy for intracranial lesions

  3. This kind of investigations have acquired some accomplishments at present, but much of these accomplishments were limited to resolve certain frondose application using certain fixed network model and were far from satisfying the minimizing forecasting faults demands of ids improving. the purpose of this theme is to establish a multi - net - model and make it generally applicable during the arithmetic realization process to content all application demands and thus minimize forecasting faults in the end of this article applying the advanced bp network to the es in ids minimized the false forecasting, further more it discussed the process of using visual c + + to realize these networks

  4. Test 3 : detected activity of serum and immunoglobulin samples by indirect elisa test, rabbit antibody against foxes ' igg and hen ' s labeled with hrp igy was used in indirect elisa test

  5. Recovery of this photoinhibition is a complicate but orderly course, including degradation of photodamaged d1, synthesis and assembly of new one, etc. using lincomycin to block the replacement of new synthetic dl protein into photodamaged one, the spinach leaves was exposed to highlight, giving rise to photoinhibition before the thylakiod membranes were isolated

    解除光抑制后, ps性恢復是一個復雜而有序的過程,需要d1蛋白降解、新合成d1蛋白和重組裝ps等。實驗首先進行菠菜葉片光抑制處理,加入林可黴素阻斷葉綠蛋白質合成,利用尿素sds變性電泳分離類囊膜蛋白,藉助d1蛋白抗westen免疫印跡、磷酸化蛋白快速測方法分析d1蛋白存在形式,並進行量分析。
  6. The second part, a renewable piezoelectric immunosensor is developed for the antibody of schistosoma - japonicum ( sjab ). after incubating 32 kd molecular antigens of schistosoma japonicum ( sjag ) on the qcm by applying the immobilization above, the nonspecific sites on the immunosensor are sealed by using bsa and nrs together. the immunosensor can detect the sjab with the linear range of 0. 54 ~ 32. 50 ug / ml

    以感染兔血清為測對象,採用聚電解質吸附固法,將日本血吸蟲分子抗原( siag32kd )固於石英晶振表面,再以牛血清白蛋白( bsa )和正常兔血清( nrs )聯合封閉晶振上非特異性性位點,可在0 . 54 32 . 50ug ml范圍內測感染兔血清中日本血吸蟲抗
  7. Some testing devices are of advanced ones, such as scanning electronic microscope, microfocus circular radioscope, water - immersed ultrasonic flaw detector, 3 - axis measuring machines, large - sized projector, etc. for the production of non - aero products, there are large - sized die - casting equipment, and nearly 100 pieces of specialized gear machine tools including worm - gear grinding machine, etc. it has some specialized production lines for piston, crankshaft, cylinder and housing, etc., as well as 4 flexible production lines advanced at home for motorcycle engine, and a complete set of automatic inspection test eqiuipment for motorcycle engine

  8. The determination of human thymidine kinase ( htk ) in human serum, which is a key indicator of cancers can give information for the diagnosis and treatment of the malign diseases. the protein a layer was first self - assembled onto the gold electrode surfaces of quartz crystals, the monoclonal antibodies were then orientedly immobilized through the specific binding between the fc terminals of the antibodies and the self - assembled protein a. with this sensor, the affinity constant of antigen - antibody binding was estimated to be 1. 85 106 l / mol according to the scatchard ’ s plotting method, which proved the high bioactivity of antibody. finally, an amplified piezoelectric immunosensor was designed to determine the htk in

    實驗中將蛋白a吸附於鍍金壓電石英晶電極表面,用於向固htk單克隆抗,成功研製了測htk的壓電石英晶傳感器,並基於標準scatchard繪圖法,計算出免疫反應的親和常數為1 . 85 106l / mol ,證明該單克隆抗具有較高的免疫性;同時基於酶催化沉澱技術,設計了的測htk的質量放大壓電石英晶傳感器,該傳感器可在0 . 1 - 10ng范圍內對htk進行測,應用此傳感器成功地對5種癌癥病人血清中htk的濃度進行了測,實驗結果為癌癥的臨床診斷與治療提供了參考。
  9. Our leading varieties include more than 100 types of trucks such as water truck, fecal sucktion truck, garbage truck, refuse compactor, sewage sucktion truck, fuel tank, high - altitude operation truck, truck with crane, dump truck, instructional truck, van truck, semi - trailer, fire engine, spares, refrigerator truck, water wagon, tractor, high - altitude water truck, bulk cement truck, chemical liquid truck, concrete mixer truck, ect. our company has solid technology, flawless inspection, advanced equipments, reliant quality and flexible modes of operation

    湖北程力公司技術力量雄厚,測手段完備,擁有國內外先進的生產的設備,產品質量穩,經營方式靈,程力公司已率先全面通過iso9001 - 2000國際質量系認證,產品全部通過3國際強制產品認證,並通過出口產品的各項認證。
  10. In this article, firstly the background of the textile trade conflicts within sino - us or sino - euro are introduced, thus learn that how to discern and dodge the foreign trade risks, how to choose the appropriate investment projects have already become one of the most important questions for exporting companies on foreign trade affairs well - known as high investment and high risk. so the main text makes a risk analysis qualitatively and quantitatively on a textile - exporting trading company from three angles of statistic 、 game theory and portfolio theory, which is the main content that we studied. firstly, the statistic article adopts data of the transaction closing price of the textile clothing index in shenzhen stock exchange at the end of each quarter as well as several other kinds of data reflecting the macro - economic changes, performs an empirical analysis of these data according to the theory of co - integration test 、 granger cause test and impulse response function of time series in economitric, and learn that the impact to ti is more obvious by the economic index reflecting local commodity price level and economic prosperity degree home and abroad, as well as the impact degree and the time lag degree, and knows the macro - economic risks faced by textile business enterprises ; after that by the game theory angle we analyze exactly the managing risks faced by one textile export corporation named beauty. from the game expansion chart the system arrangement between censor ways by exportation goal countries and exporting strategies by the exporting enterprises has been analyzed. involving the benefit assignment between them both the limited rounds and infinite rounds negotiations of cooperation games have been studied, and then country responsibility and the enterprise managing risks on foreign trade affairs and so on have been analyzed exactly ; in order to realize the investment multiplication in the certain degree to disperse the risk, the

    本文首先介紹了中美、中歐紡織品貿易爭端的來龍去脈,由此可知在涉外貿易這種以高投入、高風險著稱的行業里,如何甄別和規避外貿風險、如何選擇合適的投資項目已經成為外貿企業的首要問題。因此,正文分別從統計學、博弈論和投資組合三種角度對涉外紡織品貿易公司風險進行了性和量的分析,這也是本文的主要研究內容。首先,統計學篇選取了深圳證券交易所行業分類指數?紡織服裝指數( ti )每一季度末的交易收盤價和若干種反映宏觀經濟變化的指標,利用計量經濟學中時間序列的協整驗、 granger因果驗和脈沖反應函數等理論做實證分析,從而得知反映國內物價水平和國內外經濟景氣程度的經濟指標對紡織板塊上市值的沖擊比較明顯,且可知沖擊程度和時滯度,進而分析出涉外紡織企業所面臨的宏觀經濟風險;接著,從博弈論的角度具分析一家紡織品出口公司( beauty )的外貿動所面臨的各種經營風險,該篇從博弈擴展圖入手,分析了出口目的國審查方式與本企業出口策略之間的制度安排;並圍繞雙方的利益分配,研究了有限回合和無限回合合作談判博弈,然後具論述了國家責任和企業涉外經營風險等問題;在一程度上為了實現投資多元化來分散風險的目的,投資組合篇從經典的markowitz模型著手,在一些特條件的限制下,給出了一個相應的投資組合模型。
  11. Although the increase in the patient ' s survival due to psa - based detection of early prostate cancer remains to be documented, it is generally agreed that the psa test along with digital rectal examination ( dre ) should be included in the annual physical examination for men 50 years of age or older

  12. The biological activity of purified lt 27 was tested with the assay system, and its biological activity was 2 - 3 107 iu / mg. pro. the cytotoxicity of purified lt 27 was in the same level with rhtnfp and lt international standard. it shows that lt deletion could keep its high cytotoxicity towards tumour cell l929 in vitro after 27 amino acids deleted from its n - terminal

    用建立的淋巴毒素生物性測方法對上述純化的淋巴毒素缺失lt 27的生物性進行測,測得其比為2一3xl口iu / mg . proo純化的淋巴毒素缺失lt 27的生物性與rhtnfp和淋巴毒素國標標準品的生物性大致相當,表明lt經n端缺失27個氨基酸后仍能保持很高的外腫瘤細胞毒性。
  13. When applying for export of protected species or its products which are also cites appendix i species ; for import countries which are cites members, a copy of a special import concordance issued by the cites management authority of the original country for protected species or its products shall be included ; for non - cites members, a copy of import approval documents issued by the authority of the country of origin shall be included

  14. When applying for import of live protected species or its products ; for export or re - export countries which are cites members, a copy of a special export concordance issued by the cites management authorities of original country or the re - exporting country for protected species or its products shall be included ; for non - cites members, a copy of a certification of place of production or approval documents issued by the authorities of country of origin or the re - export country shall be included

  15. Automatic tester for dial gauges is an intelligent instrument unified mechanism light and electronic. the grating displacement sensor that has high accuracy ( length gauge ) and camcorder is image sensor consummately automatic sampling is adopted. it is controlled and handled data by computer. so it has realized the intelligence and automation of calibrating course. the instrument has features of high precision, efficiency, flexible and convenient in operation, and so on

  16. Several amino acid residues of sed have been proved to be important in the interaction between sed and mhc, but the mode of sed binding to mhc is not yet clear. this study is designed to explore the above issues. the main content and results of this study are as follows : firstly, the prokaryotic expression system of sed was constructed

  17. For biopsy of a lesion seen on a mammogram but not detectable during physical examination, 2 needles or wires can be inserted via radiologic guidance to localize the lesion

  18. Introdution individual identification regard individual as research object, including living body, corpse and biology material from of the human body, which examine the material, use theory and technology of forensic medicine and anthropolgic to detect, analyse, and confirm its individuals body source

  19. To study the biological function of sh2a gene, we constructed its recombinant expression vec - tor, and investigated its function by cell transfection, kinase assay, subcellular localization and expression analysis. materials and methods 1

    我們構建了sh _ 2a基因的真核重組表達載,通過細胞轉染、激酶測、亞細胞位、表達分析和流式細胞儀等方法對其功能進行了初步的研究。
  20. Applications of animal ' s growth hormone are mostly studied by means of protein type, up to now, no other reports about gh gene directly used in animals have been found except one paper about the transfection of human gh gene into mice. in this research, we studied the changes in the bullfrogs after they are separately injected with the recombinant bullfrog gh protein ( re - bfgh ), bullfrog gh plasmid ( vb / gh ), grass carp gh plasmid ( vgcgh ) and expression vector vr1020 while the 0. 85 % salt - water as the control, for the purpose to determine the possibility of that the eukaryotic expression plasmid vbfgh and vgcgh are expressed in adult bullfrogs and affect their growth rate and plasma gh. we hope the results will help developing a new approach to promote the animal growth