活體檢測 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [huójiǎn]
活體檢測 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (生存; 有生命) live 2 [書面語](救活) save (the life of a person):活人無算 (of a goo...
  • : 體構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (查) check up; inspect; examine 2 (約束; 檢點) restrain oneself; be careful in one s c...
  • : 動詞1. (測量) survey; fathom; measure 2. (測度; 推測) conjecture; infer
  • 活體 : living body活體檢查 biopsy; 活體鑒定 [法律] identification of the living
  • 檢測 : check; detection; test; gauging; detecting; sensing; [工業] checkout; measuring
  1. In this experiment, seedlings of arabidopsis thaliana ( col ) were observed after being treated by verlicillium dahliae ( vd - toxin ), exogenous salicylic acid ( sa ), nitric oxide donor ( snp ) and nitric oxide synthase inhibitor ( nna ), then we investigated the changes of endogenous h2o2 content, the activity of the antioxidant enzymes catalase ( cat, ec : 1. 11. 1. 6 ) and ascorbate peroxidase ( apx, ec : 1. 11. 1. 11 ) and mrna levels of cat3 in different stress conditions, we also identified the localizations of h2o2 and no accumulated in the leaves of arabidopsis

    本實驗研究了棉花黃萎病菌?大麗輪枝菌毒素( vd - toxin )與擬南芥幼苗互作反應中外源sa 、 no供snp 、 no合酶抑制劑nna等不同處理對擬南芥幼苗h _ 2o _ 2含量、 cat和apx性及cat基因mrna表達量的影響,並對no 、 h _ 2o _ 2的積累部位進行染色
  2. The fluorescence of substrate immediate influences the sensitivity of fluoroimmunoassay. 3, 3 ', 5, 5 ' - tetramethylbenzidine and 2 - chloro - 10 - [ 3 - ( 4 - methyl - l - piperazinyl ) propyl ] - loh - phenothiazine ( prochlorperazine ) are used for the substrate of immunoassay. 3 ) a novel enzyme - link fluoroimmunoassay system using 3, 3 ', 5, 5 ' - tetramethyl - benzidine as substrate to determine the complement 3 ( c3 ) was developed

  3. The sds - page results showed the fusion protein was efficiently expressed in the soluble form. 3 ) the expressed fusion protein was purified and cleavaged by enterokinase to release the mutation i of cmiv and the mutation ii, whiches exhibited antibacterial activity to the ecoli. k12

  4. This kind of investigations have acquired some accomplishments at present, but much of these accomplishments were limited to resolve certain frondose application using certain fixed network model and were far from satisfying the minimizing forecasting faults demands of ids improving. the purpose of this theme is to establish a multi - net - model and make it generally applicable during the arithmetic realization process to content all application demands and thus minimize forecasting faults in the end of this article applying the advanced bp network to the es in ids minimized the false forecasting, further more it discussed the process of using visual c + + to realize these networks

  5. Test 3 : detected activity of serum and immunoglobulin samples by indirect elisa test, rabbit antibody against foxes ' igg and hen ' s labeled with hrp igy was used in indirect elisa test

  6. Recovery of this photoinhibition is a complicate but orderly course, including degradation of photodamaged d1, synthesis and assembly of new one, etc. using lincomycin to block the replacement of new synthetic dl protein into photodamaged one, the spinach leaves was exposed to highlight, giving rise to photoinhibition before the thylakiod membranes were isolated

    解除光抑制后, ps性恢復是一個復雜而有序的過程,需要d1蛋白降解、新合成d1蛋白和重組裝ps等。實驗首先進行菠菜葉片光抑制處理,加入林可黴素阻斷葉綠蛋白質合成,利用尿素sds變性電泳分離類囊膜蛋白,藉助d1蛋白抗westen免疫印跡、磷酸化蛋白快速方法分析d1蛋白存在形式,並進行定量分析。
  7. The second part, a renewable piezoelectric immunosensor is developed for the antibody of schistosoma - japonicum ( sjab ). after incubating 32 kd molecular antigens of schistosoma japonicum ( sjag ) on the qcm by applying the immobilization above, the nonspecific sites on the immunosensor are sealed by using bsa and nrs together. the immunosensor can detect the sjab with the linear range of 0. 54 ~ 32. 50 ug / ml

    以感染兔血清為對象,採用聚電解質吸附固定法,將日本血吸蟲分子抗原( siag32kd )固定於石英晶振表面,再以牛血清白蛋白( bsa )和正常兔血清( nrs )聯合封閉晶振上非特異性性位點,可在0 . 54 32 . 50ug ml范圍內感染兔血清中日本血吸蟲抗
  8. Some testing devices are of advanced ones, such as scanning electronic microscope, microfocus circular radioscope, water - immersed ultrasonic flaw detector, 3 - axis measuring machines, large - sized projector, etc. for the production of non - aero products, there are large - sized die - casting equipment, and nearly 100 pieces of specialized gear machine tools including worm - gear grinding machine, etc. it has some specialized production lines for piston, crankshaft, cylinder and housing, etc., as well as 4 flexible production lines advanced at home for motorcycle engine, and a complete set of automatic inspection test eqiuipment for motorcycle engine

  9. The determination of human thymidine kinase ( htk ) in human serum, which is a key indicator of cancers can give information for the diagnosis and treatment of the malign diseases. the protein a layer was first self - assembled onto the gold electrode surfaces of quartz crystals, the monoclonal antibodies were then orientedly immobilized through the specific binding between the fc terminals of the antibodies and the self - assembled protein a. with this sensor, the affinity constant of antigen - antibody binding was estimated to be 1. 85 106 l / mol according to the scatchard ’ s plotting method, which proved the high bioactivity of antibody. finally, an amplified piezoelectric immunosensor was designed to determine the htk in

    實驗中將蛋白a吸附於鍍金壓電石英晶電極表面,用於定向固定htk單克隆抗,成功研製了htk的壓電石英晶傳感器,並基於標準scatchard繪圖法,計算出免疫反應的親和常數為1 . 85 106l / mol ,證明該單克隆抗具有較高的免疫性;同時基於酶催化沉澱技術,設計了的htk的質量放大壓電石英晶傳感器,該傳感器可在0 . 1 - 10ng范圍內對htk進行定量,應用此傳感器成功地對5種癌癥病人血清中htk的濃度進行了定,實驗結果為癌癥的臨床診斷與治療提供了參考。
  10. The deleted mutant pap gene was also cloned into yeast secreted expression ppic9k vector to form ppic9k ~ 3, then the vector was transferred into pachia pastoris gs115 strain. the specific expression protein was secreted into the medium after inducing with methanol and the protein amount reached about 50 - 60 u g per millilitre measured by uv - absorbed methods in the supernatant of the medium via high density fermentation. sds - page results showed that there was one protein band in the gel which molecular weight was about 34ku

    將缺失型pap基因克隆于酵母分泌型表達載ppicgk構成重組載,然後導入畢赤酵母( p8chianastoris )菌株gslls細胞中,在甲醇的誘導下,經過酵母高密度發酵進行pap的表達,經sds page分析,結果表明,在培養基上清液中含有一明顯的特異性蛋臼條帶,大小為34ku ,經western blotting分析,該蛋白與法國pap抗血清有特異性反應,表明該蛋白對tmv的侵染性具有高度的抑制性,說明該pap基因在畢赤酵母gs中也得到了正確表達。
  11. Sensors on the slopes of the two mountains - - anak krakatoa on the southern tip of sumatra and tangkuban prahu in java - - picked up an increase in volcanic activity and a buildup of gases, government volcanologist syamsul rizal said on wednesday

  12. Isolation and activity determination of somatic cells from trichinella spiralis larvae

  13. How to obtain the useful biochdrical informaton on this scale is the new tren in the research fie1d of analytical chehascy therefore, single molecule detection, sing1e cell detection, dna ~ and the shaple dna analysis were one of the main research direeons ofanalytcal chendscy nove1 molecular probe and ultrasmali biosensor for real tiine and in vivo detection has been the focuses in the research field of analytical chendstry according to the above mentioned advanced direetions, two pnd of inveshgations has been pdrirmed in thes thesis

  14. Studies of diagnostic values in smear and culture negative pulmonary tuberculosis by pathologic examination and detection of antibody in serum

  15. Several amino acid residues of sed have been proved to be important in the interaction between sed and mhc, but the mode of sed binding to mhc is not yet clear. this study is designed to explore the above issues. the main content and results of this study are as follows : firstly, the prokaryotic expression system of sed was constructed

  16. Microcalorinetric study on b. thuringiensis by using an lkb - 2277 bioacitivity monitor, the thermogenic curves of different b thuringiensis strains ybt - 833 and ybt - 833 - 2 - i, have been determined. the metabolism heat output revealed the heat output was correlated to the yield of the protein, the higher yield protein, the less heat output. a microcalorimetric technique based on the bacterial heat - output was explored to evaluate the effect of various promoters and different plasmid original replicons on the expression of gfp

    不同蘇雲金芽胞桿菌基因工程菌的微量熱變化利用生物器lkb - 2277研究殺蟲晶蛋白含量不同的兩株菌ybt - 833 、 ybt - 833 - 2 - 1的熱動力學變化,發現菌合成殺蟲晶蛋白的過程是一個耗能的過程,殺蟲晶蛋白產量高的菌株向外釋放的代謝熱少,反之亦然。
  17. To study the biological function of sh2a gene, we constructed its recombinant expression vec - tor, and investigated its function by cell transfection, kinase assay, subcellular localization and expression analysis. materials and methods 1

    我們構建了sh _ 2a基因的真核重組表達載,通過細胞轉染、激酶、亞細胞定位、表達分析和流式細胞儀等方法對其功能進行了初步的研究。
  18. Applications of animal ' s growth hormone are mostly studied by means of protein type, up to now, no other reports about gh gene directly used in animals have been found except one paper about the transfection of human gh gene into mice. in this research, we studied the changes in the bullfrogs after they are separately injected with the recombinant bullfrog gh protein ( re - bfgh ), bullfrog gh plasmid ( vb / gh ), grass carp gh plasmid ( vgcgh ) and expression vector vr1020 while the 0. 85 % salt - water as the control, for the purpose to determine the possibility of that the eukaryotic expression plasmid vbfgh and vgcgh are expressed in adult bullfrogs and affect their growth rate and plasma gh. we hope the results will help developing a new approach to promote the animal growth

  19. Somebody thinks, since aids cannot be cured, fish will also was not used, do not be willing to undertake aids virus antibody detects consequently, actually inchoate accept detect can get the following benefit : ( 1 ) decrease anxious ; ( 2 ) inchoate accept observation treatment ; ( 3 ) as soon as possible takes healthy way of life, delay the development of xiang aizi disease ; ( 4 ) as soon as possible adopts measure to protect family, prevent to transmit virus other further

    有人認為,既然艾滋病無法治愈,查出來也沒有用,因而不願意進行艾滋病病毒抗,實際上早期接受可以得到以下益處: ( 1 )減少擔憂; ( 2 )早期接受觀察治療; ( 3 )及早採取健康的生方式,延緩向艾滋病的發展; ( 4 )及早採取措施保護家人,防止將病毒進一步傳播給他人。
  20. When the bacterial strain of s. maltophilia 276 was cultured in the three media of lb, pda and kmb, and the sod activities of cell extracts were detected, it was found that s. maltophilia 276 could produce higher activity of sod when cultured in lb media than that in the other two media

    利用lb 、 pda和kmb三種液培養基培養s maltophilia276菌株,其細胞提取物中sod的性,結果發現在lb培養基上培養的276菌株中的sod性比在利用pda或kmb培養基培養的276中的sod性要高。通過對不同培養時間的細菌含量和sod的發現:在s