馬赫角 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiǎo]
馬赫角 英文
angle, mach
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 [動物學] (哺乳動物) horse 2 (象棋棋子) horse one of the pieces in chinese chess3 (姓...
  • : Ⅰ形1 (顯著; 盛大) conspicuous; grand 2 (紅如火燒) bright flaming redⅡ名詞1 [電學] (頻率單位...
  • : 角Ⅰ名詞1 (牛、羊、 鹿等頭上長出的堅硬的東西) horn 2 (古時軍中吹的樂器) bugle; horn 3 (形狀像...
  1. The various colours significant of various degrees of vitality white, yellow, crimson, vermilion, cinnabar : their degrees of brilliancy : their magnitudes revealed up to and including the 7th : their positions : the waggoner s star : walsingham way : the chariot of david : the annular cinctures of saturn : the condensation of spiral nebulae into suns : the interdependent gyrations of double suns : the independent synchronous discoveries of galileo, simon marius, piazzi, le verrier, herschel, galle : the systematisations attempted by bode and kepler of cubes of distances and squares of times of revolution : the almost infinite compressibility of hirsute comets and their vast elliptical egressive and reentrant orbits from perihelion to aphelion : the sidereal origin of meteoric stones : the libyan floods on mars about the period of the birth of the younger astroscopist : the annual recurrence of meteoric showers about the period of the feast of s. lawrence martyr, 10 august : the monthly recurrence known as the new moon with the old moon in her arms : the posited influence of celestial on human bodies : the appearance of a star 1st magnitude of exceeding brilliancy dominating by night and day a new luminous sun generated by the collision and amalgamation in incandescence of two nonluminous exsuns about the period of the birth of william shakespeare over delta in the recumbent neversetting constellation of cassiopeia and of a star 2nd magnitude of similar origin but lesser brilliancy which had appeared in and disappeared from the constellation of the corona septentrionalis about the period of the birth of leopold bloom and of other stars of presumably similar origin which had effectively or presumably appeared in and disappeared from the constellation of andromeda about the period of the birth of stephen dedalus, and in and from the constellation of auriga some years after the birth and death of rudolph bloom, junior, and in and from other constellations some years before or after the birth or death of other persons : the attendant phenomena of eclipses, solar and lunar, from immersion to emersion, abatement of wind, transit of shadow, taciturnity of winged creatures, emergence of nocturnal or crepuscular animals, persistence of infernal light, obscurity of terrestrial waters, pallor of human beings

    顯示出不同程度之生命力的繽紛色彩白淺黃深紅朱紅銀朱諸星之亮度一直包括到七等星以等級標志的諸星之大小諸星的位置御夫座沃爾辛厄姆路172大衛的戰車173土星光環螺旋星雲凝固后形成有衛星的恆星群兩重大陽相互依存的旋轉運動伽利略西蒙里烏斯174皮亞175勒威耶歇耳加勒176等人各自獨立地同時所做的發現波得和開普勒所嘗試的距離的立方與回轉次數的平方的體系化177多毛的眾彗星178那幾殆無限的被壓縮性,以及自近日點至遠日點那廣漠的遠心的重返大氣層的橢圓軌道隕石的恆星之起源年紀較輕的天體觀測者誕生的那個時期火星上所出現的「暗波」現象179每年在聖勞倫斯節殉教者,八月十日前後降落的隕石雨每月都發生的所謂「新月抱舊月」現象180關于天體對人體的影響的假定威廉莎士比亞出生的時期,在斜倚卻永不沒落的仙后座那三形上端,一顆不分晝夜散發著極亮光彩的星辰一等星出現了181這是兩個無光死滅了的太陽因相撞並汞合為白熱體而形成的燦爛的新太陽大約在利奧波德布盧姆出生時,出現在七星花冠星座里而後又消失了的一顆同一起源亮度卻稍遜的星宿二等星182還有約於斯蒂芬迪達勒斯出生時,出現在仙女座中之後又消失,小魯道爾夫布盧姆出生與夭折數年後出現于御夫座后又消失,以及另外一些人出生或去世前前後後出現在許許多多其他星座中而又消失了的假定是同一起源的實際存在或假定存在的星斗183 。
  2. The design point of the designed forebody / inlet is flight mach number m = 6 and flight attitude h = 25km. the three - ramp, mixed external and internal compression hypersonic / inlet is chosen as representative geometry to be designed. nine types of hypersonic / inlet model with difference forebody length and total turning angle are obtained that the incidence angle of the first ramp and height of isolator are given

    根據飛行任務要求,以飛行數6 ,飛行高度25km為設計點,給定前體預壓縮、隔離段高度,對具有不同前體長度和不同總壓縮轉的帶隔離段的前體進氣道進行了設計。
  3. The calculation results indicate that the starting performance of forebody / inlet with wedge - shaped lip is better than that with plane lip at low flight mach number. at high flight mach number, the performance of the forebody / inlets designed by the two methods is approximate. at low flight mach number, the starting performance of forebody / inlet designed by the method of constant shock wave intensity is better

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  5. On the basis of these results, the relations of total - pressure recovery coefficient or flow coefficient and flight mach number, angle of attack and the second movable wedge angle of the inlet have been founded by hypersurface fitting, then the mathematical model of the inlet is established

  6. Finally, the experiments on the rotor bvi noise are conducted both in an aeroacoustic laboratory and at outdoors, and the noise characteristics at different locations are measured on different blade - tip mach numbers, collective pitch angles and rotor configurations. based on the experimental results, some new conclusions are presented

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  9. The full flow field characteristics of a supersonic inlet are illustrated at design conditions ; the influence of attack angle on flow field of the inlet is investigated ; b - spline theory is used to model the inlet with attack angle

  10. On basis of the modeling results, the effects of mach number, attack angle and ramp angle on the inlet performance are analyzed

  11. In this study a primary method for designing a waverider configuration is developed based on the approximate solution of conical flow fields. the simplified cone - derived shock wave is discussed as the basic model for design. different shapes designed from different compression angles and basic geometric coefficients at the same mach number are put into analysis

  12. The relevance functions between total pressure recover coefficient and the parameters ( mach number, angle of attack, flow coefficient, angle of sideslip ) for subsonic submerged inlet in turbojet and turbofan engine were investigated

  13. At different attack angles, mach numbers and ramp angles, the numerical calculations of inner and external flow field are performed for an adjustable mixed compression inlet

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  15. Finally, the two dimensional flow in the diffuser is calculated, the results show that the change of ma makes an effect to the performance of the diffuser. owing to the accretion of ma, the action of oblique shock waves and the boundary layer pricks up, the flow separates from the wall where the shock waves impinge on the boundary layer more quickly, the cluster of diamond shock waves becomes larger. moreover, by comparing the change of flow field under different structure parameter, it is found that the augment of length of constant area section alter the structure of fluid field little, a smaller area ratio and larger angle of compression section make the diffuser working better

    最後,針對擴壓器中的二維流場進行了數值模擬,結果表明數對擴壓器性能影響較大,隨著數的增大,擴壓器管道內激波-附面層干擾加劇,流動從附面層分離相應加劇,激波串數目增多;通過比較不同結構參數下的擴壓器內流場,發現等直段長度的變化幾乎沒有改變流場結構,只是對局部流場稍有影響,並且在其它參數不變的情況下,一定范圍內減小面積比a2 / a1和增大收縮有利於擴壓器性能的提高。
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  17. The formula for mach number has been optimized with least - squres solution, thus the precision of a polynomial of power of 5 is better than that of 9. 2. after the solving of angle of attack and angle of sideslip, the theory of general inverse of matrix is used to simplify the nonlinear equations and to calculate the total pressure and the modified dynamic pressure ratio. these two parameters together with the angle of attack and angle of sideslip contain enough information to work out the dynamic pressure and static pressure

    其中包括: 1 .應用最小二乘法,對數的泰勒求解公式進行優化,優化后的求解公式採用5次多項式即可在精度上優于原有的9次多項式,可以提高運算速度; 2 .提出應用廣義逆矩陣簡化非線性方程組:在已經求解出迎與側滑的前提下,直接從原始的壓力向量中提取出總壓,並且提出了動壓修正比的概念。
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  19. After redistributing its surface, three - dimensional body - fitted grid is generated by solving elliptic partial differential equations, namely elliptic grid generation. the program of computing n - s equation is used to get the desiring results of varieties of attack angles and velocities. it is concluded that the results accord with the aerodynamics rules, so the computing results will instruct the experiment to some degree

    採用求解三維n - s方程的計算程序,計算了不同來流數下和不同攻下的布撒器的流場,並分析了來流參數對計算結果的影響,分析結果表明計算所得的結果符合空氣動力學的基本規律,計算結果對實驗具有重要的指導意義。