art telephone 中文意思是什麼

art telephone 解釋
  • art : n 1 藝術,美術。2 〈pl 〉(中世紀大學的)文科(= liberal arts)。3 技術,技巧;技藝。4 策略,詭...
  • telephone : n 電話(機)。 a dial telephone 自動電話。 a public telephone 公用電話。 a telephone booth [box] ...
  1. The business scope of china railway investments group limited is : the investment, design and information consultation of projects ; the research, design, development, installation and application of “ the television, telephone and computer three in one digital information system ” of the railway station and train ; railway mobile tv on the trains ; railway cable tv ; railway information website ; railway newspaper and magazines ; railway art performance ; railway movie & tv producing and issuing ; design, make, and issue railway satellite tv advertisement, railway cable tv advertisement, railway information website net advertisement, train television advertisement, train sponsoring advertisement, billboard advertisement on train, supplies advertisement on train, small articles advertisement on train, railway station billboard advertisement, railway newspaper and magazine advertisement, propaganda sheet advertisement ; the investment and construction of railway project ; railway passenger and freight transportation business ; railway chain tourist hotel and catering business ; material trade ; import and export of technology ; telecommunication operating business ; railway banking business ; energy sources exploiting and operating business

  2. The mega - mall contains more than 230 shops, a multi - cinema complex, and state - of - the - art technology and is one of the first buildings in hong kong to feature complete fibre optic telecommunications systems and dual telephone exchanges

  3. The telephone has almost killed the ancient art of letter writing, which used to be the only method of long distance communication